There seems to be some confusion about what constitutes a RON'S Org, so I'm going to write some background to clarify this.

The initials R-O-N-S are actually an acronym and the full name of the organization is "Ron's Organization and Network for Standard Tech". That was how the name came into being, suggested by one of the trainees of Capt. Bill Robertson after he had begun developing the upper bridge.

In the beginning, Capt. Bill Robertson began to co-audit on NOTs, discovered the NOTS tech had some altered importances and went on to develop the level we now know as Excalibur.(also originally nick-named Super NOTs or Super 7) Excalibur completes the bridge level known as NOTS and includes the OT Life Repair (equivalent to the C of S OT 8), but does not use much of its technology.

Subsequently, he discovered there were other levels of case to address, which showed up after each level was complete on the case, and he went on to develop upper levels up to 16, culminating in what was named the "Super Static Rundown". At that point, he believed he had achieved caselessness, or the completion of the audited part of the bridge, because he had a floating Tone Arm that nothing would stop, for two months. He continued to make notes, observe things and do research and then discovered there were other areas of case to be dealt with. Subsequently those notes became part of what is known as the Games Master Course. This course is somewhat like the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, in that it is a series of research notes and covers the whole development of that particular level.

Subsequently, he found more areas to be addressed and thus came about the Games Series Course, Games Basics Course, and the four Source Operations Levels.

The final level on the bridge was the "Viable Application of Source Training", abbreviated to "VAST", and there was one more pilot level which about half a dozen people actually did. This level concerned the body org and was titled "VAST +". All of the levels above Excalibur, which begins with a few audited sessions before Solo begins, are entirely Solo actions unless Review is needed.

Additionally, CBR created several C/S courses for the delivery of these upper levels. Firstly, an upper level C/Sing course for levels up to III, then the Super Static C/S Course, plus the Upper Level Review Course which encompassed all of the review cycles needed to keep the person flowing on the upper bridge up to VAST. Also, each level of the bridge has its own internship which is done when the person has actually done the training on the bridge level and is solo auditing on the level, at which point they can intern to deliver it.

Prerequisites to become a delivery terminal for the RON'S Org bridge are that one must be at least a trained Class IV auditor and C/S, then trained on Excalibur and started soloing the level oneself, interning on Excalibur, plus training and interning on the three C/S courses mentioned above. It was discovered in the early days that to attempt to train somebody who had not gotten good lower bridge training resulted in them not being able to handle the cases that presented themselves and consequently they quit delivering or changed the tech. I know of at least 11 people in this category.

Capt. Bill additionally ran and had videoed two courses for Class IV auditors and C/Ses in order to upgrade their skills and point out the importances in auditing and C/Sing. He also put out a course called "Case Analysis & Programming Course" for the C/Ses who were already complete on the Upper Level Review Course and Super Static C/S Course.

A Data Series Evaluator's Course was also created by him to fine-tune that which was presented as a Data Series Evaluator's Course in the Church. It is available from RON'S Org terminals who have done it.

A point to note is that CBR handwrote all of the upper levels except Tech Briefings that were taped. If one of the early trainees wrote something CBR thought should be included in the tech materials he OKed it with an initial and added it to the data. Since then many of his trainees have transcribed tapes and typed up his handwritten material to save space or make the material easier to read for students. The original CBR-trained Case Supervisors have handwritten copies of everything, and it has been an unwritten agreement among our C/Ses since the beginning that if another C/S didn't have access to their materials, e.g. because they were travelling, that other C/Ses would help out by getting copies to them so as not to interfere with the delivery of the bridge.

One poorly trained C/S, since left the body, altered quite a lot of the levels from Excal to 16 and enabled that material to be placed where it could be accessed by untrained people — I believe it was on the Internet at one stage. I inspected some of it and found that the key part of each level, which was the method used to access the charge of the level, had been altered so as to be incomplete and only partially workable. I encountered several of this person's pcs, and one supposed C/S trainee, who were attempting to apply it this way, and it wasn't getting the results it should. I like to go by the statistics — if we had proved by result that it could be given out to tech-trained people without specific training on it and they could and would apply it we would be very happy, because we are totally swamped with demand as it is and would love the assistance! But the results don't show that this works — in my experience some highly tech-trained people who have gotten hold of it and attempted to apply it have had some results, but not the kind of results the fully trained RON'S Org terminals get. However, people who have had access to it and got it partially right can be trained to deliver it the way Capt Bill intended, but they have to be pan-determined enough and free enough of service facsimiles to be able to say "Oops, I don't have it yet, and it's valuable, so I'm going to train on it properly." Someone who is really OT has no trouble admitting when they make a mistake.

To resume my story here, various auditors and C/Ses did their training on the RON'S Org bridge starting in the early 1980's. Many things were learned and corrections were made and various things were discovered.

In the beginning, Capt. Bill thought that all he had to do to correct the errors in the NOTS was to simply make a taped briefing, so he gave a talk of about 3 hours, to the people who were soloing NOTS and the NOTS auditors. Having done so, he expected them to start applying the discoveries he had made, but that turned out to not be the case. And when you hear the tape it is easy to understand why. I clearly recall the first time I listened to the first technical briefing of Excalibur, even with the transcript to refer to, thinking something like, "My God, how the devil do you apply this?!" — despite the fact that I was a very well experienced and trained auditor at that time. (It took me 6 weeks full time to train to deliver Excalibur and the SuperStatic C/S Course.) So we discovered that the essence of the levels cannot be duplicated without personal interaction with the trainer. It is also mandatory that the person delivering it has to actually do it himself. . There is no other way to get case reality. Apart from the fact that once their students are ready for the next level, the C/S needs to be trained and soloing on that level to be ready to deliver it to them!

So over the 16 years that I have been delivering the RON'S Org bridge I have seen many situations to do with the delivery of this tech. One of the first observations is that technical terminals given the material without proper training have simply set it aside and said, "Very interesting. I'll look at that sometime." One technical twosome read the whole materials, succeeded in getting a little bit of it done but subsequently came and trained on it because there was no way they could figure out how to do it completely. It's not that Capt. Bill is unclear; it's just that there is such a wealth of data that is in the "incredible" realm that you have to experience it and absorb it to fully understand how to apply it.

Excalibur handles other-determined case, that is a whole body of stuff that has to be dealt with. And the technology for delivering Excalibur basically divides the case up like a pie and you take out one slice at a time until the pie is gone. If you dive around picking out cherries and nuts and bits of this and bits of that here and there, you don't get the whole pie. There are a number of EPs to the Excalibur level, and all of those need to be handled.

So as the years went on a mini-hierarchy developed in the RON'S Orgs which involved who had been trained by Capt. Bill and who was trained by someone trained by Capt. Bill, and if you are actually planning to have RON'S Org bridge training it is smart to find out who your C/S and/or auditor was trained by so you actually know their skill level. (You might even want to ask for their certificates. The original certs issued by CBR were black, with his handwriting in gold pen.)

The terminology that developed was that somebody trained personally by Capt. Bill Robertson on the RON'S Org bridge is called a first-generation RON'S Org C/S. Somebody trained by a first-generation C/S is called a second-generation RON'S Org C/S. And somebody trained by that C/S is called a third-generation RON'S Org C/S and so on. Of course there are some complications in that some C/Ses trained partly with Capt. Bill and then subsequently when he left the body they then trained on the remainder of the bridge usually with a first-generation RON'S Org C/S who had trained with him. It is also significant the degree of lower bridge training they have also, because it is very useful to have a thorough grounding in the technology as delivered by the Church of Scientology even though it became very squirrelled.

As touched on above, there was also a situation where some people became renegades and splintered off from the RON'S Org, and additionally some have altered Capt. Bill's technology to an unworkable format. This has occurred with the bridge levels up to 16, with the individual who wrote up his own versions of how to access what to run on the levels up to 16. He also told me he had trouble on a couple of the levels himself, and after I had personally read these alterations I can vouch for the fact that they are not workable in getting a complete product.

The individual concerned has since dropped the body, and unfortunately what he did set the RON'S Org in the United States back about ten years as far as I can establish. He contributed many wonderful things in his lifetime, but due to a number of misunderstandings and inadequate training that he had, because Capt. Bill never trained him personally, he perpetrated a number of less-than-wise actions upon the integrity of the RON'S Org technologies. Then he subsequently trained individuals who claim to be RON'S Org trained, but who are not and probably don't even realize it, and the products are not what they should be. I repeat, we are really happy if people apply this stuff and get the results that they should and if anybody can take it all and read it all and do it right and get the results that we do, we're really happy about that too. We get to be unhappy when it's knowingly altered or applied by somebody who doesn't know it's been altered, and then they complain that they don't get the results that are claimed for it, but don't make any attempt to get corrected.

In my experience I found that people attempting to do it themselves in the field, would be incomplete on Excalibur, or would stall on Phoenix and never get going again, or would have problems with OT 13, and often 14, 15, and 16. And it was almost too late to correct. We have also had problems with people who have read the entirety of those levels and are basically acting case-wise as if a stampede of buffaloes has run over them. And if still on the bridge, taking way too long compared to people exposed to one level at a time. My experience with people at lower levels who have read tech they are not ready to run is they are harder to audit and require a lot more time compared with those who haven't. I have specifics, but will not make them known unless it is in a more private communication.

An analogy is, if you are a business and you advertise an amazing sale and have people flocking around your front doors and sleeping in the streets at night waiting to come in in the morning, when you open the doors they will practically stampede the store flat. And if they don't get what they want they will probably be mad. It is the same thing with reading several upper bridge levels, possibly accessing the material to be run, and then instead of a controlled stream of case getting restimulated and being run in an orderly fashion, you get the stampede. I have seen this occur in a number of cases, and I have seen reports of it in a number of cases, and I know that at this moment it does not appear to work to handle the charge terminatedly. The case needs to be handled on a gradient, piece by piece, otherwise overwhelm and confusion occur. Reading about several areas of highly restimulative material can be like plugging yourself in to a number of power outlets simultaneously. And each case is different, and some students can handle more than others — which is where the skill, judgment and experience of the C/S comes in.

I am aware that many people feel that there is an attempt to keep the tech under wraps by labeling it confidential, just as the Church did, and for some kind of financial monopoly, but believe me, we are swamped already with people wanting this technology and we do not have enough delivery terminals to adequately handle the demand. (I personally would have a higher income, shorter hours, and way less responsibility if I went and did a regular job — I am a very capable consultant.) CBR was way less fixated on confidentiality, but he correctly identified the areas that could cause over-restimulation and spoke freely about the rest.

Opening a case area without being properly prepared and trained will result in overwhelm as I have stated above. There is no intent to deny people their way out. We want them to do it correctly, and in proper gradient order. I would be very happy if people could read it and apply it and do a thorough job. However, that appears to not be the case. Complete preparation by correct case analysis and thorough review auditing when necessary, combined with proper training and C/Sing will get the results.

I have seen the most extraordinary results from the upper bridge technology developed by Capt. Bill. I have trained people to deliver it and have seen amazing results from their students also. This technology is very, very workable and opens up areas to be handled that have only up to now been touched upon. Massive amounts of tone arm action are available by cleaning these areas up thoroughly. There was lot of spiritual attack on delivering these areas, because there are still those in the game who would prefer beings to be controlled and not free. Implanters and enslavers didn't just give up and go away just because LRH developed a technology to undo their work.

What we like to do is watch the statistics, and if it isn't consistently working doing it a certain way, it needs to be corrected.

Many of the RON'S Org terminals, because of attacks from the church and from individuals in the independent field who do not understand fully what is being offered, have chosen to go very underground and not be accessible on ordinary communication lines. They continue to work away, freeing beings, and we are very grateful they are there as we, the ones who have chosen to stick our heads up, let people take potshots at us. One day, hopefully, the "Hidden RON'S Orgs" too will be able to come out of the closet and make what they are doing known to all. In the meantime, we who are out in the open, unless we decide that the safeguarding of tech requires that we too retreat, continue to watch and see how spiritually aware people get, and how able they are to differentiate the truth from the falsities. Putting ourselves out in the open somewhat helps us to establish who has still got some learning to do.

We hope this is going to be a learning experience with many wonderful results, and we will certainly do our best to make sure that all who come in contact with us have that rewarding learning experience.

The answer to what is a RON'S Org is that it has at least one individual trained in Capt. Bill's technology by either a first-generation RON'S Org C/S or second or third or however far out it goes, but that they actually have been properly and thoroughly trained in the technology of delivering and C/Sing the RON'S Org bridge. The C/S at first will only be able to deliver to Excalibur, but they will have to have done the Super Static C/S Course and Upper Level Review Course in order to qualify to be a RON'S Org C/S. They are the Senior C/S for their area, and continue to be C/Sed and trained by their senior RON'S Org C/S on their upper levels as they move on up the bridge. People working with that person then become part of a RON'S Org. They are the Senior C/S for their org and when experienced enough can train C/Ses and will be their Senior C/S until those trainees are fully interned and qualified.

A RON'S Org is not a RON'S Org if it does not have a trained and qualified C/S. If an individual says he is a RON'S Org C/S or on RON'S Org lines, ask what bridge level he is on, who is his Senior C/S and trainer, and how much experience he has.

One of the things that is probably not generally known among ex-church going Scientologists and Independent Field practitioners is that the majority of RON'S Orgs' students and pcs have never been in a Church of Scientology. They come in and get their clearing and training from the bottom up, and are way less resistive and difficult to handle than people who have been messed up by the suppressive environment in the church. So the RON'S Orgs don't really NEED the hassle of trying to deal with the enturbulation and H E & R (Human Emotion and Reaction) of individuals who have been in C of S and who are still trying to figure out if the subject works ( ie, in a condition of Doubt regarding the Tech itself) or if LRH has any credibility or not. But, there are still many people who love the Tech and respect and understand LRH and the size of the job he tackled, and who have poured their heart and soul into the church and subject for many years, that upon recognizing the condition of the Church and how management has been taken over by those of evil intent (refer Sector 9 book on the German Free Zone site), are now out, and wondering how to get on with their spiritual freedom. Some RON'S Orgs, are willing to assist them, despite C of S attacks and attempts to suppress. Others continue their work quietly, lots of production and not much time for chitchat.

The ideal scene in all this, would be for people who have been partially trained or perhaps not adequately trained in the technology to actually upgrade their skills by getting proper training from a qualified RON'S Org C/S and becoming full-fledged RON'S Orgs so that we enhance the people who've shown the interest and want to get that technology or perhaps have read alter-ised versions of it and attempted to apply it themselves. Anybody who discovers that their C/S is in that category should encourage their C/S to get properly trained so that their delivery can be all that it can be by the results that we already know can be obtained from proper application of the correct technology. We need to apply "Keeping Scientology Working" to safeguard the correct technology for future generations.

Senior C/Ses with RON'S Org then train other C/Ses to do the bulk of the routine C/Sing so that they can just focus on the tricky cases or the review C/Sing and that way the group expands.

And now some information for anyone who is not aware of it, to outline my qualifications for writing this article. I was personally trained by Capt. Bill Robertson to deliver the RON'S Org bridge up to the level called "VAST+." I did this over a period of several years, starting in 1986, in four individual visits to Europe to train and apprentice with him, totalling five months full time training in all. I have spent many hours with Capt. Bill absorbing data like a sponge. (I have always been good at that, I rarely had to study at school.) That was probably one of the most valuable aspects of the training. Bill used to travel from center to center all over Europe, usually on a large motorcycle, and spent time in each center, training and checking people out and C/Sing. He covered a lot of ground in those days. Things have changed, but the basics of the technology that he developed to take us further up the bridge than the Church was ever able to, are still available.

One of the things that set me so firmly on the CBR route is that while in the church I encountered a number of extremely strange case phenomena and perceptions that no one had any explanation for. One of these perceptions while on my OT 3 at Flag was a massive realization about the nature of the MEST Universe that flattened me for several days with its overwhelming magnitude. When I got with Captain Bill, all the things I had run into were already documented in his briefings and when I told him all about it he understood exactly what I had perceived — most of which was from levels from Phoenix and above. This accompanied by the fact that he was training people to deliver his upper levels were compelling reasons for me to make sure I obtained and mastered this universe-changing tech for myself and my groups.

None of the above is meant to imply that we don't make mistakes or are some kind of "mecca for technical perfection", a claim that was made by Flag despite the logic that "Absolutes are unobtainable". The thing is, as LRH said, we are attempting to "build a world with broken straws", so failing to at least do something is probably worse than doing something badly, as long as one corrects it as one goes so it can be done better, which is what ethics formulas are for. And we are all attempting it without the massive hierarchy and resources of the church which has so badly betrayed so many. So it seems only logical to do it with the best training we can manage, not to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" and reduce training to such a minimum that we lose our tech results. I have the utmost admiration for anyone who is still reaching for and applying the tech rather than just giving up and waiting to die. But I want to see them fully empowered, by getting ALL of it, and not just a pale shadow of what it can be. And the upper levels delivered by RON'S Org are not available in the church, and are not like anything they deliver. NOTs was developed as a correction, and was never intended to be a bridge level in itself. Excalibur, fully applied to those who are ready for it, is the development that can complete handling what was termed the "NOTs case", to a full EP — the case doesn't come back.

A final note for those, especially delivery terminals, who seem to have considerations and counter-intention about paying much, if anything, for training to deliver services. It is a very short-sighted and illogical view of it, because you will recoup your financial outlay very quickly if you do an excellent job. One of the problems I observed in the Independent Field a long time ago was that if a person is delivering full-time, and they cut their fees to the bone, or don't charge at all, they can then end up doing a skimpy job because they are now looking for new clients as a source of income to catch up with their overheads and expenses that haven't been covered. They also then can't afford to pay for help to handle the myriad org board posts that they end up wearing, which makes them more overloaded and less able to deliver a good product. Then people don't come back for services, and so it goes. We have gone that route, and we quit doing that awhile ago. I personally paid thousands of dollars for my training, and it was worth way more than what I paid. Our public are pretty much up on the Havingness scale at "Create" and "Contribute", rather than "must be contributed to", etc. And therefore they more and more exchange back to other beings in the game as they move up the Bridge. Those whose havingness may not quite be ready for this will continue to play in the game as they have chosen.

Marianne Hagen
Senior C/S,