by Astar

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Sector Operations Bulletin # 3: Non Interference Decree
  Telepathy Seminar Course
  Tech Briefing 1: Briefing on the OTC's operation in Frankfurt to set up a delivery center.
  Tech Briefing 2: Why Organizations and Ethics are necessary to help produce those products.
  Tech Briefing 3: What a product is and how that applies to what we are doing here.
  Tech Briefing 5
  Tech Briefing 6
  The New Civilization Game
  The New Civilization Org Board 
  The New Civilization Convention
  Logical Planning for 1992
  Logical Planning Charts
  The Bridge at RON's Org
  Admin Briefing 1: The Bridge
  Admin Briefing 2: False Bridges
  Admin Briefing 3: Your Bridge
  Admin Briefing 4: Omitted Bridges
  Sector Operations Bulletin # 22: Plans for Teegeeack
  A Poem, In the broad Universe...