Meeting at the Crown Hotel, East Grinstead

October 1983

Lecture by Capt. Bill Robertson
New Civilization — Introduction
Video-Clips about the Meeting

....that's very good. I like people to express their opinions, guaranteed by the creed of the church. Also anyone here is free to form their own scientological base group or they are free to express their own opinion... we would like to be finished at the time that we're supposed to.

We do have a message for you. Right. And may I introduce myself as Captain Bill. And I am the first one who will tell you that I do not create anything new here in terms of technology. Nothing. All I am giving you is an alternative way to be free of having your technology and your knowledge suppressed. You cannot find the technology in those buildings any more. That is the problem. We all ran into this problem. Where do you find your technology? In the books, in the lectures, in the tapes and so on. We're advising anyone we can to make a storehouse of this technology or technological materials, policy letters, bulletins, tapes, everything they can find, against the time when the government succeeds in its takeover and goes around and does a Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 on everyone they can. That means burn your books.

We are a bigger threat to the people who are secretly trying to control this planet than any other group on this planet. If you do not believe that, listen to the Debrief-tape (128 kb), read the issues written called "Models and Scenarios" which tells how the planet is being run out, is being controlled. Listen to Ron's Journal 1967 and then go push on those lines for yourself, knock on those doors for yourself, and if it's all hallucination, my friends: Nothing will happen.

However, if there is truth in it, you will find there is resistance there. If there was just a nice science fiction story like Ron talked about on this tape, we could all "haha" laugh about it and go on being slaves. It is not that. I personally found that out for myself. I invite you all to find it out for yourselves.

Operation Phoenix is Scientology. It is the actual rebirth of Operation Phoenix Ron did in Phoenix, Arizona in 1952 when he had to do the breakaway from the Dianetics research people who had taken over his research in this whole operation in Dianetics. He writes about this in policy. What did he do? He started Scientology in Phoenix, Arizona. Whenever he was threatened, or whenever the thing was taken over by suppressive interest and held in by legal enforcement and so on, he just exteriorized off the top of that organization and set up a new one with the same technology, the same principle, the same policies and the same road to freedom. Haha. Yes. And all the theta that he could. Right.

Now, not only tonight do you have an alternative. The actual alternative, the only alternative, to the fear and the hiding... of being disconnected from each other as OTs. You have an alternative on the third dynamic that John was about to tell you. We have the alternative on the fourth dynamic too, because the reason to form a third dynamic was able to be suppressed was because the fourth dynamic engram was not handled. And that engram is not just a past track incident, it is being kept in in PT intentionally on this planet to keep it a slaved, controlled, conforming planet of one-life bodies.

Now, this is the alternative that Ron started in 1974 to handle that fourth dynamic. He tried it from within the church and he was so heavily attacked in the first two month by government agencies. Arthur Hubbard was on this with me. We were threatened with assassination after six weeks of promoting this plan. We were threatened with assassination by government agents.

After another week, the meeting that we were having in Vancouver — has anyone of you been there — it was entered by a gang of 40 motorcycle-jacketed punks. And they tried to break up our meeting. They had been given drugs by psychiatrists who worked for the government, told them that these people are out to rob money from people. Go and break up their organization and take these drugs as payment. They ran into this place swinging motorcycle chains and 700 Scientologists arose at the call "HCO bring order". They threw all of these assholes out the door in three seconds. Now, they were so — that had never happened, it was incredible to them — they didn't see any fear in that auditorium- they didn't see — and nobody ran from them — they ran into the auditorium and they marched them out of the doors — they couldn't even move. Ok. They grabbed the leader outside — he was white — he came in. He said: "y-you must be a real church — no one could could — could a-act like that. I apologize. I'm sorry".

He ran up against the seventh dynamic fellows. All right. You're not just a third dynamic, you're not just a fourth dynamic, you are all dynamics. Take dynamics and the tone scale. The bulletin that was written off that tape that David referred to just a few minutes ago tells you that. You are all dynamics. Ok.

So, what is the plan? The alternatives, the way on the fourth dynamic so that this can never happen again. Yes, the third dynamic is the multiple source-point. But what they do: go around and start Fahrenheit 451 — burning your books. Legally. Sequestering your materials because of some little organization that the government now controls that says"we have the copyright, we have the copyright." Ron never authorized RTC. He is not on the founding board of that RTC. We have their incorporation papers. There is nothing in there that Ron authorized.

RTC was set up as an idea. Seeded in to the top management of the CMO by an SP government (agent) named Allan Hubbard. MI 6 MI 5 who was Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles — still is. His idea was given to Miscavige and Miscavige set up RTC non-complying with Ron's order to keep all the organization of Scientology totally separate so that they cannot be hit by legal action all at once. I remember as he moved back of the lines for legal reasons he said in a dispatch that I read to them: "Keep the organizations separately incorporated." It was a project to do this. And after he was out of the way, RTC put it back together so it could be hit by the government in one place, and it would all fall.

Now, why can this happen again? Because the leaders over there are not just after the church, they are after the whole of this planet. The enemy is not just after Scientology — well, they are trying to hit the Catholics and Mormons — everyone. The entire religious movement. You go to those people; you will find out they have the same problems. They are not only after you. They are after governments. They handle with economic duress. Listen, listen, take a look. It's exactly the same thing.

You want to know why we are so dangerous to them?

Imagine a cell. Six walls. A cell, no door, no window. A being inside that cell. However, the cell is 20 feet across and 20 feet high and 20 feet wide. But the being, his diameter is only 19 feet. His awareness is only 19 feet. Does he see the walls? No! Now, if you are suppressive, what you do is, you give the guy in the middle some drugs and you give him some "bumpf" (like a hammer on the head) on the TV and you make him think he is a one lifetimer and his awareness finally goes down to 18 feet. And when it goes down to 18 feet you move the walls in to 19 feet.

Am I tracking with you? Have you ever experienced this? On this planet? And finally when you get him down to about this size the walls are about this size and everyone is nuts and really compartmented and conforming nicely all over the whole planet — one lifetime bodies and we got this whole planet. And if anybody jumps out of line, anybody non-conforms — well, we got the methods of lobotomy, shock treatment, implanting, Siberia — whatever you want, baby, it's there.

That is the mechanism by which this planet is being controlled right now and the thing they fear most is people who can only see the walls. But they even fear something else more, because the person who can only see the walls is still a piece in the game. And he can be controlled, as a piece, by cutting his 2D, by cutting his economic security, whatever you have to do; you can try and get his awareness back down to where he can't see the walls anymore. Right? Yes! Ok.

But the thing they fear the most, is a guy that sees the walls and goes right through them. Because, right outside the walls is freedom. And there is no fear. But not only that, the guy has now graduated from a piece to a player. And when he is a player, he can handle other players who are playing this suppressive game.

You can't handle supressives who have a lot of earthly power and money. You can't handle those guys as a piece. You have to handle them as a player! And I invite you all, as OTs to get your case gain in application, as well as the knowledge, as well as the processing. There are three areas of case gain — you know Ron said — 50% from auditing, 50% from the training and 50% more from application. You want to get big; you are going to run into the walls first. You go right through them. There's no more fear; you realize: "Hey, I am a player too!"

Those guys that are on the other side are not as big as you. That's why they are afraid of you. All right. So what do you do? What game do you play there? What game are they playing? Putting guys in smaller boxes and putting them down? That is the old civilization we've got.

So, our game is simply the new civilization, and that is what Ron called it in 1974. He found out that it could not be pushed from inside the church. It has to be pushed outside the church as we are all members of this planet's civilization. It is a fourth dynamic game. He ended off the cycle — he didn't end it in the church — but he never ends that cycle — but he always comes back to finish those cycles. All OT projects in 1967, all of them lead up to this particular game called " the New Civilization"; all of them fit under it. Everything that we are doing on this planet fits under this game called "the New Civilization." I want to read it to you; it is not very long.