Exchange and Finance Part 2

Captain Bill Robertson
Lecture held on 23.2.1991 in France

Now, interestingly enough, we have another interesting subject here concerning money and exchange. It's called havingness level versus ownership. Now, some people in the society, or just because of their case, because of their track, they can't have anything unless they own it. There is a difference. I mean, you can have the chair you're sitting in, the space here of the lecture, but you don't own the lecture. You can have the beautiful scenery in the country as you're riding along the road, but you don't have to own it. But some people are so down on havingness, that they have to, to really feel they have something they have to own it. Some of these are very rich people, by the way. They own everything. And that's their havingness. They don't let anybody else in there to see those valuable paintings and things like that. But I'm talking about the consequences of having just a normal person working for you or something, having this consideration. You see, he won't be able to have the business, because he works for you, maybe on a commission basis, but he doesn't own the business. So it's not his. And you find he's always going around, telling you how you should run it better, and that is the reason he can't make any money as a salesman, because it´s the way you run the business...and so on. In some cases what the guy is saying actually underneath all that is, "Give the business to me! And I will run it!" He's trying to replace havingness with ownership. And these guys also think that the salary you give them is what they deserve for being there. See, they don't have to earn it. You know, especially a guy like this with these kinds of considerations, he just thinks, "Well, I'll get in a better position to own the company." He doesn't do anything. He just complains. Okay, now, the thing is, you can catch these guys by making work on a commission basis — they don't get anything unless they sell something. But there's also another point you have to watch about these guys: they may show some mild interest in making commissions for you just to keep on your good side, so that they appear to be in the business, but all the time that they are there with the customers, they are actually taking your customers away from you. So the guy would go to the customer, and he'd say, "Yeah, well, I can do this job better, I can make better products than this, and so on, and so on, but right now I don't have enough money to open my own business." Or "I don't make much money with this job, by the way, do you have a job that I could be in?" So the guy is going around selling himself or trying to find a company he could get into and take over, and using your comm lines to do it. You don't see a lot of this in the salesman, because he is out of your sight most of the time. It's always good in those cases to check up by calling the customers every now and then, say, "How do you like this salesman?" Or going to see the customer yourself.

All right? So you've got to watch these guys. We are looking at, due to the flows and mix-up of flows and aberration in the universe, some overts on exchange, bad havingness level or ownership problems and a general mix-up on flows and honest dealing.

Now, what is next? ... the next thing I'd like to take up on this exchange and finance is that LRH talked about the basic conditions you usually run into in business. And he gave the formulas for handling these conditions. Many people think they apply only to making money or the org. But they're actually there in life on the dynamics. And if you don't apply them right, or if you apply the wrong one, you'll go down the conditions. Not because LRH says so. Because they're in the game you agreed to. And you can recognize this, if you know your conditions pretty well, you can see people going up and down the conditions. And making mistakes, and maybe making a correct decision, and coming up a bit but then going back down. All really a mystery to them. And that can be on any dynamic. But where´s an interesting place to apply it is on your third dynamic relationship with others on exchange. So you can study these outside of this lecture; I don't want to go into a whole thing on it, because there is a whole tape on it, called "Improving conditions in live", and it's an about four-hour lecture given in Switzerland recently. And basically I just cover a few of them. You all know Non-Existence, LRH says there is a formula for Non-Existence. And that basically is, "Find out what is needed and wanted — and do it or produce it." Give a product or a service on it. Now that sounds very easy, but when people don't do that, they don't get out of non-existence. And they may go many years, trying to find out — essentially — what is needed and wanted. Or by trying to have it come to them automatically. You know, such as the guy who waits for years to collect an inheritance when somebody dies. So all they know is, "Well, everything I can find is, that person needed somebody to leave his money to, so I wait for that." Okay, but then danger is so that you don't get started on something and then you get bypassed. So you take the hat of bypassing and handling any danger in a situation. And putting in whatever justice or corrective action you need. And believe me, a lot of new businesses are going to start off in a very dangerous position. They usually put a lot of investment into their first possibility of making money, buying a lot of this product or making a lot of it, taking premises at high rent, and then finding all kinds of extra expenses they never imagined, like taxes and all kinds of things. And so they get right away into financial trouble, especially if the post office has lost their promotion. And so nobody even knows about what product they are producing. So they have to pay all this money and they have got nowhere to get it from. And so what they usually do is go to a bank and make a loan. Against what? Well, your business. Or your house. They won't give you loans unless you give something to make it against. They want some security for this loan.

Ok ? So that is another pitfall in going up the conditions. Now when you get above that, you get into emergency, you're promoting along and you're trying to deliver as much as you can, it's actually promote, economize, prepare to deliver, stiffen routine and ethics. And a little thing of change or operating basis so that you can get out of emergency. And you can — working at that, you can get into normal. When things go smoothly and you have flows, these flows we're talking about, all going normal and so on. And I can tell you that the condition of, the usual condition in this game at this time is emergency. Or lower. People don't normally get into a stable, normal operation where everything's going easy and so on. Which the formula for that is don't change anything. It's going alright, and you do inspect things regularly, to see if anything starts to go down, you correct it, if anything goes up, you encourage it. But then it's not a static state of that, you have to have bright ideas on how to also increase your production and distribution. And in that, if you do that, very cleverly, you get into affluence. In other words, you get a whole bunch of money in, a whole bunch of exchange coming in, for all of the work you did on coping and handling and mail service and all that stuff you did before, now you've got a whole bunch coming in. Now what do you do with that ? I could say or collecting the bills in France, you get a little bit more coming in. It's not really an affluence, though, it's a backlog. That is differentiated in the formulas, wether the affluence is caused by collecting a backlog or handling a backlog or wether it's an actual condition caused by the business. But basically, when you get such an affluence, the first thing you should do is pay off all your outstanding debts. That way you then see exactly... you can find them all first and then pay them off. You might not get them all at this first affluence, but the point is to try to make sure you don't slip down the conditions into insolvency. Which would be sort of an emergency or below, danger. Why are you going out and buying anew car, you see ? Cause you think you just made a lot of money, but if you checked the books, you find out that, ooh, all that money's owed already. And maybe there's enough left over to buy a bottle of champagne. Ok, so the rest of the affluence thing is, after you see the affluence there you economize and you pay off all your debts. And then you discover what really caused the affluence. And reinforce it. Ok ? Reinforce it, or strengthen it. Now the case of the guy who's taking two years to collect the debts, remember to get the right why on this. The company you're asking to pay did not pay for two years. So, strengthening the affluence had nothing to do with that company. Cause up to them, they would leave you in danger or non-existence. The affluence was actually caused by who stood there and collected the bill on the doorstep. So maybe you give him more responsibility and promote him. You see what I'm saying, you have to discover the cause of the affluence. Not just say, "Well, they payed their bill, therefore, they're the cause of the affluence stats". You see ? So be careful on that, spotting the cause of the affluence, it's not always the name that appears on the cheque. It may be the guy who collected the cheque for you. So those are the normal ones that you'd apply in business and so on. And for more I'd refer you to the tape on conditions in life. The bettering of. Ok. We got — at what time do we have take a break here? Do you want a coffee break ? Because I want to start on the whole thing on world finance and so on.

This is part three of exchange and finance. We're moving on to the world scene and, as you know, we talked about how you can be affected by local things and how you exchange and your money. Postal comm-lags and the tax-picture in your area, and that isn't the only factors that can affect your exchange. Or your products or your income. See, these ones are the ones that most people know about and they can discuss and handle. And you see things about in the news-papers. Except for these ones that we talked about that come from case-handlings. But now we talked about like, what is the world-scenarios on this ? And how do we find a way to be successful in that climate or that area of operation ? Well, you have to be very clever, there is not many people who are doing it except the ones who are planning it ? So you must realize at first that none of these things happen accidentally. If you read Models and Scenarios, Sector 9, all these various things that are happening on the planet, you can see that they're planned very carefully. They're put in on such a slow, natural-seeming time-scale, that people think, oh, well, that's just the way it is. This is talked about in the whole thing of, Sector 9 book talks a lot about this, actually. How scenarios are planned over several life-times, and as you're going down the scenario-scale, so to speak, the news-papers pick it up at about the level of, this just happened a week ago, and we don't know why it happened. Or some guy that's on the inside predicts that inflation may go down. So you're only given a ... time of about one month or one week or even just today to plan your moves in the economic scenarios. So the world scene, let's look at some things. You can evaluate, however, and if you're aware of these long term scenarios and plans, then you can sort of go in a direction that doesn't throw you into direct conflict with. How many people, a year ago, after all this good news about Russia, and freeing up its satellite nations and so on would have thought that right now they're back in trouble again and they're denying them business and denying them aid, because they're still being that hard-nosed. Well, we would have. Because we understand it on a wider scale, that the western world was caught almost unawares by some of the developments in the east block. There was behind the scenes another power moving along. Not from Russia. But from what we call the Marcabians. The guys from Marcab in Sector 9. They had decided to break with the implanters. And so they became this sort of conflict between what type of one planet of one-world government shall we have ? Shall it be dominated by implants or shall it be dominated by economics and administration ? And right now you see this conflict is still going on. The Europeans, except for England, are staying pretty well away from all this middle east conflict. Russia, China, they're staying away. Japan. They give a little money, but they're not getting into it. What's happening here is a test , a one world government. It's pretty obvious which one this is being tested, because instead of hearing: The UN forces have just done this in the middle east, you hear, President Bush has ordered his troops to... . It's obviously not the UN doing this. It's obvious that the US are controlling the UN. And the other guys are in it just because they reckon that they're going to make mistakes and ... we'll take over the UN after they made their mistakes. It's the old story. You know. You have a sort of a plan, a nucleus of a one-world government there in the UN. But who's going to run it ? You see ? Now you've seen a lot of very critical newspaper articles probably of Europe, England and the US criticizing each other for how much participation they do in this middle east conflict. And I heard on a Swiss radio and TV the other day, an amazing half-hour long translated commentary where a former American government official gave an almost slanting criticism of the American way of life and the way that the country is going down-hill and there being a dictatorship, an economic dictatorship, and it was very similar to what LRH used to say about the Roman empire : Keep the people interested in corn and games, you know, and they won't pay any more attention on who's doing what in the politics. So, these kind of things are happening. And the Europeans are definitely taking one side of this and the English and Americans are taking another side. So in that situation, and, by the way, this whole Golfkrieg and all of this stuff was predictable and planned a long time ago. And it was only the stupidest people that didn't notice that in the German army they were buying desert camouflage paint. That was long years ago. Now, anyway, what this is setting up is the thing which is described in Sector 9, to make a thing so horrible that people realize they can't survive without some kind of overall big brother. So they need a one-world government, in other words. Now that gives a chance with every nation to lose its sovereignty. And it gives a chance for every nation who wants to to trust in its philosophy, and ... its philosophy into the rest of them. And eventually , of course its laws and its customs. So, with evil intention in there and intention to control, you can end up with a very, very bad one-world government and a very totalitarian planet. With a more liberal, conservative idea you could end up with something which is more representative of the various peoples on earth. Realizing that they do come from different planets in this sector, originally. So how does this affect your business, your economics, your ability to survive ? Well, first of all, you better evaluate your position. What country you're in. What is the political and economic situation ? Which way is the government drifting ? You see? You can start to get indicators, and, of course, what business you are in. You see, if you were in America right now, you could be a millionaire making bombs. If you're in Germany right now, you could be in court for having produced chemical bombs. That is why I say, you better evaluate your business, where it is, what's going to happen in the future. Right ? For that you need information. I can't give you all the information. A lot of it appears in your own newspapers.

I can give you the comparative data of what's happening in the world, I tell you there's basically two sides there, there's the Marcabian side and the Implanter side, and there's a few people who'd like a third alternative, for instance us and maybe some third-world countries as well. Ok ? That doesn't mean we would stop business overnight or anything, it just means that we would run a non-secret, non-secrecy and non-hidden scenarios on the people. We would tell them what — more or less — the future of the planet is going to be, and we would explain to them a little bit about the complexities and managing such a planet and allow them to take up their various ethnic and so on areas, because we know why they're there. We don't interfere with people's customs... way back. It would be just like there's a government or larger .. interfere with people's 2D. ... And you can get very, very differing opinions. Look at the one on abortion right now. There's half people for and half against it, and they're still trying to resolve this by having — they had the law, tried to step in and vote for it in different states or countries, you know. So, you have to evaluate and you have to examine what is the situation in your own country, and examine in relation to other forces which may be conflicting with those that are in your own country, and realizing there's a lot of competition on trying to sway the third world countries from one camp to another. And look at it very carefully, so you can survive through the next decade, remembering that this whole scenario of a middle-east war, it's not as serious this time as it could have been. The plan of it was to make people so disgusted with war that they would all want to join a one-world government. Now this time it's not working out so well like that. There is conflict. You see ? Now, especially if you're in an area which is, shall we say, roller-coastering or PTS to this whole control scenario, say, Russia, say Middle East, say middle east oil countries, well, it's not good to keep your money in those areas. And if you'd had it in Kuwait a few months ago, you'd have been wiped out. If you had had in Beirut several years ago, you'd have been wiped out. And if you'd have had it in the Iraq recently, you would have been wiped out. Ok ? So this calls into question the banking and insurance companies, remember, there are a lot of international banks in these areas. Now, they had losses, too. And insurance companies, they have losses. They can go bankrupt, too. And in America, there's a lot of savings and loanings companies gone bankrupt. So you're looking at a very unstable financial world. So it is wise to know what you're putting your money into, and how secure it is. Especially in areas where they have connections to these other areas, that can go under.So that you have to analyze too, to be successful. Now, ... in markets, stock markets and so on, which control actually, the stock market is merely a way of borrowing money from the public, it's really interesting, it's like the government tax situation, they always borrow money from you to do either good or bad things in your country, but the stock market is where businesses borrow money from you. And some of those businesses are actually financed mostly by the government. In good times, like when they're producing war materials, they can be very successful on the market. More profits. In bad times, it doesn't have to be that way, it can go bankrupt as well. You see ? So it doesn't matter exactly, you have to realize that the companies are borrowing the money from you, as the stock purchaser. So your confidence in the stock market is again the same confidence on money. You see ? So you think you're going to make a big profit on this, the stock goes up, I sell at a higher price, again there's inside and outside information on that. And recently I've been noticing in the last couple of years of the planet's financing, there's incredible know, like back and forth, where the stock doesn't rise steadily and it doesn't fall steadily, it goes up and down, like that. And that's where they get rid of all the little guys. You see ? They get rid of all the little guys in the market like that. They can't afford to buy enough stock to hold through the time when it goes down. But it looks good for him, so they encourage him to buy it, and then they crash him. So you see from that, that the markets are moving towards an one-world government as well. Or a very select few are in the one-world market. You see ? Get control. That's the name of the game. Unless you know the rules they're working by, unless you know all of these things from inside, you're liable to be wiped out twenty times over. Ok. So, again, that's the markets. Financial planning policy. Basically LRH said there's one major rule of that, make more than you spend. And it sounds pretty simple when you look at it as a rule, you never go bankrupt. And you never get in debt to banks. And you can actually hold your head up and be self- determined. Now that is the big rule and that is the law, and we're not going into financial planning here, that would be a different lecture, but ... make more than you spend. .. person a century ago must have known this. (There were no credit-cards!) Yeah, now they don't. It's quite alright to spend more than you make. Now LRH also had , that's a financial planning policy, he always has an income policy as well. And that is simply is, when times get bad or you start to see a slide, and you can't overcome it by just doing the emergency formula, in other words, it's inflation that's eating up your products. Your guys are working harder and they're doing more but inflation is eating it, or taxes. Or workman's compensation or other things like that. He always says to find alternate income sources. And that could be a different product, a different service, a different company, whatever, but you've got to find them. Alright ? And like the example we gave about the black workers before, and that was their alternate income source to survive with, and that's why they protested when the government says, eh, tell us about that. So, anyway, do find alternate income source, and there's no limit to this, it's just how much you can do, and probably get very clever and you can fit in your normal day. And it can be anything, like mail-order service, or working for somebody else in their off-hours, you don't have to have it in your own ... . Alright ? In England I've seen respectable house-wives start taking in knitting, and do knitting and sell it, yes, and even get clubs together and they make these things and sell them. All black money. I mean, who would ever think of a knitting club ? So, multiple sources of income. And that's what you've got to evaluate as well. And the last thing I have here — evaluation.. end of tape the evaluation. As you go along, you keep evaluating. Keep adjusting the data to what the news is, to what — the way the markets are going, the way the world news is going, the way it looks like, oh,oh, these guys are going to get in trouble. So keep, in your area especially, and areas you want to move in to, where something happens. Keep your ears open, your eyes open and there may be some even facilities for production in the back of your house. See, a guy thinks he's going to be laid off from his job at the factory. He worked for a chemical bomb factory and they're going bankrupt. Or they're in court cases and have to fire everybody. Well, this guy may have a lot of tools in his garage, and he knows how to fix cars or motorcycles. So rightaway he starts going around and getting people, yeah, look, I live in your neighbourhood, I will start fixing your cars and this is my rate. Tha's just a small example, but you see that if a guy's prepared to survive, he will. And the other guy who doesn't do that, goes on to welfare and waits for somebody else to give him a job. If he's making house payments, he's liable to lose his house. You see what I mean ? So, be ready for these things. These guys who are running these world scenarios don't give a damn how many people they hurt. As long as they win. They don't give a damn. They don't care how many businesses go bankrupt, they don't care how much money is lost, they don't care how many buildings are destroyed. You see ? As long as they come out the winner. So it isn't a matter of luck, it's a matter of staying away or out of or evaluating, where these, shall we say, bad scenarios are going to fall. And you can find more out about this by reading Sector 9 book and listening to the tape on conditions in life. Bettering up. You have to keep an evaluation going, especially in the current time. Be very alert to any data that may come in from whatever source about your job and your position. Or your type of business. I mean, these things are happening fast in this day and age. I can't possibly give you all the various evaluations that are going on on the planet, but I can give you the way to look for them. And that is to look at these data and the things we covered in tis lecture. And be alert for those local scenarios, national scenarios, regional scenarios and one-world scenarios. Now if you've also seen the UFO briefing, you'll be a little bit aware of the extraterrestrial scenarios, too. I think I should mention it in this context of a business lecture, that a few years back we had an inside line to a special bankers'briefing sheet. Very private. And somebody was going to send it to me and said, this is what in the nineties the bankers are telling each other, this is a good investment. The night before I got the inside information, I tried to guess what would be in it. I was totally wrong. See, I was fooled totally by what they were currently blah-blahing in the news papers. Everything that was on there was alternate sources of energy, green products, conservation, better ways to keep the pollution out of the atmosphere, making more projects to handle wild-life and so on. And I knew the tax-payers wouldn't go for that, even if the governments had to finance it, they would say, yeah, we vote for that. And since the government and the banks are closely connented I figured that would be their line of advance into the nineties, trying to make people think there's a better world coming in this one-world government. Well, I was totally wrong. The inside line, the real secret data was on inventions and high technology that they had captured from the — or stolen from the, or borrowed from the — aliens. It didn't have to do anything with this planet. And that's when I realized how strong the extraterrestrial control was. For the top of the org-board on this planet. And that was several years ago. The secret letter said, advise your banks to invest in super-cool materials that will exist in outer space, because the engines of various new style space-ships will be ... with these materials. Computers that operate with light-waves, so they don't get interfered with by electro-magnetic fields around, around flying saucers, extra-hard metal with very light weight, which they found in flying saucers also, it's diamond-hard, they call it diamond-hard and it's actually ... with a thin layer of diamond. And the old one we always suspected, of course, investment in genetic research. Now, realize, there are not that many genetic deficiencies on this planet. I mean, most people look pretty normal and at most there would be something like a cancer programme or something. The amount of money they were saying to put into this was almost like a genetic controlled population. Now all of these things I would not have guessed, had anything to do with this planet. This was getting circulated within the highest banking levels. Wow ! So, who's going to give the money for that ? How do you sell that to the average person ? Well, with a one-world government in place you don't need to sell it. Those guys control where the money goes. Understand ? And it can be like secret necessary governmental projects and all that. Or military secrets. You see what I mean ? So it was far out. And that was four, five years ago. Since then, a whole lot of UFO stories and UFO books have come out, which still the governments never acknowledge, but these bankers sure acknowledged it and they're not stupid. So realize there is a whole other level on goings-on, on a planetary and interplanetary scenario level. And if you keep your eyes on that one, too, there is, by the way, I gave a UFO briefing after that, it may look far out, people were excited about it, but I'm sure they didn't evaluate it in terms of their business. But very shortly you may have to. So that's what the top bankers on the planet are looking at investing in, and all the stuff about environment and green projects and all this stuff is a mere smoke-spring. And the latest developments in these extraterrestrial scenarios, of course, is that the ones, the guys backing the extraterrestrials, the not so nice extraterrestrials, I should say, they want to integrate them in the population of Earth. And if you do a little telepathical auditing and contact some of these aliens, you will find out they were promised a lot of things to come around this planet and help out the implanters. With this high technology. And that they are interested in getting an exchange for that, see, but nobody got any exchange. Which fits in perfectly, by the way, with the UFO groups'descriptions that these extraterrestrial body types are very, thin, weak, and don't have any second dynamic. They're actually grown in tanks. With genetic technology. Now all this fits together. And you realize there's a lot of extraterrestrial thetans on this planet. And so you get a horrible picture coming up of integrating extraterrestrial entities into the planet. Secretly, because they are actually thetans, too, I mean, the's nothing wrong with that, but sticking them into human bodies and growing them up and doing them in these underground bases and preparing them for life on this planet. Teaching them a language, but remember, you're giving them something they didn't have on their home galaxy or planet which is a new chance for new bodies. And a better game for them. If they help the guys who are trying to control the planet. Keep everybody else in line. And they do have much older technology and much more conformity. You know, their idea of fun is to watch a new body growing in a tank. You know, like they're doing now, babies in test-tubes, you know, watch their body growing, you know, and that explains a lot about all of these obductions and experiments with people and all these things. They're just waiting for the time when the one-world government says, ok, now we can start to — importing extraterrestrials under a secret ... and giving them human bodies, Earth bodies. And the genetic scenario is to make sure that works right and also to cover it up and call it some kind of genetic advance. Cause they will be a bit disoriented and not really like other people that have been on this planet for a long time. So, that's the one-world government secret, you see, there's nothing wrong with having a few visitors from outer space and nothing wrong with having a few of them even take bodies, but we won't know who they are. And that's why we have this conflict going on right now at the top levels of scenarios covered in the UFO briefing, which actually is being resolved right now by all of these conflicts on the planet. Shall we have a one-world government that is secretly importing aliens to control everybody ? Or shall we have a one-world government that is based on the old history of this sector ? With preferently to the people that wanted, with preferently Marcabian type administration and economics ? Now, neither one of them is a great alternative. They're both pretty conformist types of life. At least the Marcabians got off the kick of implanting. Realized that they were pretty implanted, too, but still there are, remember it's not a down of middle thing, there's a lot of Marcabians working over here with the implanters, a lot of implanters working over here, maybe have reformed and a lot of guys .... . Nothing is perfectly aligned on that yet. But I can tell you that's the direction it's going. Now the good news is, not everybody's convinced about all this stuff, especially the Saudi-Arabians and the, sorry, the Islamic nations. They're still trying to fight with everybody. And especially some of the oriental races and third-world countries and they are overpopulated. And they have other problems. And we are seeing right now a sort of a struggle for control of who's going to run the planet. Under which philosophy. And the thing about is is that neither of the philosophies that are currently been talked about, the Marcabian or the implanter one, are competely honest and open, they're trying to keep their secret. And this is almost as it was predicted in the sector 9 book, that there has to be a third alternative, not the book Alternative 3, but just another alternative for this planet. And the only people capable of understanding that alternativein full scenario from the top to the bottom, is the people who have studied under LRH and in the free zone. They can understand these alternatives quite easily. So there is a responsibility for us to show what we can do. For instance, this research project I was talking about, if we're going to prove the viability of bodies, and we would't need genetics. You could get in comm with your body and fix it up, you wouldn't need to put shots and drugs and pills and everything in it. So, you, a few of us had had — are tenants of stock, those kind of projects, because this last things that the other groups want to see happen, is that our projects become successful. So you can see the old world picture a little more from all of these levels of scenario, in your country, in your land, in your nation, in the europe area, in the regional areas, on the planet and actually now, off the planet. It's a big game and you have to know a lot to keep in touch with it. But you get little indidcators along the way, it's like this banking letter that circulated among the top bankers. And you know, there's one thing these guys are always afraid of is exposure. The people of this planet are very touchy about this mind of thing. And all these control groups, they know that an angered or upset earth person, or especially a group of them, a large group, they're very dangerours. You know, they go around and riot, tear down the bank buildings, and tear down the missile bases, and all that stuff. So imagine, if they got across that, ey, what are we doing here ? We are supporting the aliens to take over our country ? What ? I mean, all the patriotism would go — boom, like that. So you see, they're very afraid of exposure. Because they're running a secret scenario. Therefore you have to be very careful. So, we still have some time, I think, because of the conflicts between the two types of take-over, it'll go on for some time yet. Meanwhile, if we put in some truth into the society, we have a chance of getting everybody else so disgusted with the whole idea, that nobody votes for it. But funnily enough, there are rules, of interplanetary contact — uh — interplanetary conquest and dominion. There are rules. One group over here might not like it if some other group came in and took over this thing without the people's agreement. There are special degrees, listed in the sector 9 book, about these rules. On this planet, to let it develop until everybody can vote knowledgeably on what they want the future of the planet to be. So it isn't as serious as world war III or interplanetary takeover, that's not what we're looking at. We're looking at who's going to win the election. Cause they have to be swept into power by a majority vote of people on the planet. Otherwise they're going to get in trouble with other planetary groups that don't like these guys coming in here without agreement and they would be against it. (What would they do, the other ones, if they don't like it ?) What would they do ? They would drive the other guy down. (Well, let them come!) They don't have the same technology ! Remember, the galaxy has remained fairly much at peace for many, many millions of years. And there should not be upset in that part, they are very conservative, both galaxies, and ... this one. Very conservative. And they don't want any upset in the way things are going. And they have business, you know they have, you know, spaceships and things to do and so on like that, they're not hung up on war. Much more commercial. Free trade. And so there's a lot of, there are different groups and bits of conflict here and there, but it's already understood by the rest of the people. In the galaxy. That's it's better to solve things, shall we say, by vote, or all structure will fall apart. And there is no good for anybody. So one of the things that have to go in the one-world ... or whatever it comes out to be, is the idea of atomic or biological or chemical weapons. That has to be eliminated. And the only way it could be done would be covertly. So if you get a covert invasion from extraterrestrials, they would actually prefer to grab power on this planet to use it your own, the earth high-division and atomic weapons. Beacuse they are forbidden in the rest of the galaxy. They have lasers and all that kind of stuff, but ... blow up a space-ship. But they don't leave radiation lying around and poison gases and biological hazards. They try to keep it clea. And they may disintegrate everybody in the ship, but they try not to leave any radioactive... . You see, things have come a long way in intergalactic politics since star wars. People in intergalactic politics are relatively sane. But a lot of them are in this implanter idea where they got to keep secrets and try to control things and take over in covert ways. So that's what the picture is of what you're seeing happening on this planet, wether you realize all the levels or not I just told you about and you keep the eye open now and see what you see. If you want more information about it, I recommend you to see the video on UFOs. Because this stuff is now becoming in this time of the middle east war and so on a preparation for the "we hate atomic, biological and chemical weapons" and all this. You see, that's preparation of the public opinion. See ? The guys that end the war, get the praise, and they stay ethical and don't use atomical weapons. And the stupid guy who is running his own whole-track doesn't realize that so he's being encouraged and promoted there to do chemical and biological and atomic weapons, he's being made an example of why it's so dangerous and so bad. He's just part of the experiment. You see what I mean ? On that level scenario. World control level scenario. (But if we get Sadam away, then they're lost.) They want him there. Who's we ? (I. If we can get Sadam away, then they can't do it so easily what they want to do.) No. But who are you to get Saddam away ? There's American forces not even get him away. You see what I mean ? You're watching a play. A scenario. (Aber ich kann es ändern dann. — - Aber nur für vier Wochen, bis sie den nächsten Deppen hinstellen. — - Aber so schnell geht es nicht. ... The CIA stopped attempts to kill Saddam Hussein.) Yeah! Right. Of course. That's part of the scenario, too. The want him there as the epidemy of evil. If the kill him by the way,I mean, the war might stop. They haven't got all the points made, you know, on the voting and on the. Let's got to another level scenario, economics. Do you know what bombs the Americans are using in this "Krieg"? They're using all the weapons that they couldn't use in the cold war. There's an economic reason from the next scenario down, to revitalize the American defense industry. They almost choked on all the extra bombs they made. Now they use them up, every day, every night, every day... So a lot of guys are going to get rich, oh, boy, we got a new bomb contract, that's great, you know. You see, they were about to go bankrupt. What I'm trying to tell you here is, you're looking at multi-level scenarios on a world scale, they're very cleverly put together, so that all the guys that are meant to profit from this or meant to get something out of it politically, economically, militarily, they all get what they want out of it, then they close the door. That's what you're looking at. So that's why the CIA, in the beginning you heard a rumour they might kill Saddam and then somebody said, no,no,no, don't kill him! We haven't taught the world their lesson yet. They haven't learned yet that war is dangerous when you use atomic, biological and chemical weapons, neither country has used that stuff yet, but everybody is ready. So theyy want him to use those, so they can prove how dangerous they are, and they ought to be out-lawed when the one-world government regulates this planet. So, look at another one. Here's another one going on on the planet, maybe you never even realized it. Obviously Gorbatchow has some communication with the Marcabian guys from Sector- uh, from the Marcabian ares of Sector 9.

Why ?

Because he started giving a plan, administrative plan, and a financial plan with both Marcabians. When they have plenty of control in them, it's not free enterprise. They didn't just, like in the old days in America, open up the west and let everybody make their money. No, Gorbatchow will step in with troops if that isn't done precisely by the rules and regulations he set down and they don't follow his plan of exactly what administration and what documents to sign at what time. You've seen this, it's in the news. But he's also going for a one-world government then. And it's a Marcabian one. Because the interplanetary decrees in Sector 9 require that every person on the planet has to be able to freely vote about the fututre of their planet. (How do you do it when you're alll implanted ?) That's the trick! Well, it will be freely done, people will get word that, ey, there's a chance to do this, they will be asked in probably within the next ten years. They will have the evidence for extraterrestrial connections and they will be asked to vote on how they want their planet to be run. Do you want it to be connected to another group of planets, do you want it to be independent, do you want it to be under these guys or those guys ? This is what you see being prepared. All of a sudden the Russian empire breaks up and everybody's going to get a vote. It didn't really break up, it just became sort of modernized. That's why Gorbatchow is still holding that line of "You got to do it this way, you got to put in the admin and so on. I mean, my goodness, he's clever. He's even got himself positioned as a conservative. You see ? He's conservative, he's like Bush, you know, like the American government, they're conservative. SYou see ? No revolution, hold on to the old ways, don't make too fast of a change. The guys moving out of, you see, in America, conservatism is very right-wing. And in Russia, just coming out of communism, no matter how conservative it is, it's very left-wing. This is how news-papers and media confuse you. Give you a MU. You see, and now, if anybody writes a newspaper article, they always position Gorbatchow and Bush as the two conservatives of the world power. You see how people can be... ? That's all,preparation for the election. There's going to be a lot of tough election. But I'll tell you one thing, I think that the east block has, those people understand a llot more about suppression and about, you know, secret plans and all that. And they're going to be able to vote pretty factually. Examine the issues and so on like that. But in America they're going to use a lot of emotion and they're going to use a lot of TV advertisement and so on like that. And it's going to be inetersting, it's going to be interesting, watch for this, election results on all the major channels coming up around from 1996 to 1998, 1999, because they're now having the lesson, the lesson, yeah, you see, what did the world learn last year ? Communism doesn't work. What will they maybe learn this year ? Capitalism doesn't work. What will they learn during this war ? People who use atomic, biological and chemical should be stopped from work. You're being given a series of lesson in planetary management. You see? And meanwhile they're jotting their position into power in the most various areas where they want to show, we are the best guys, we are the best guys. So it's just like an election. All these are demonstrations of why you should vote for me. But really the, the one-world government of Bush and the implanters and the one-world government of the Europeans, who are much more laid back and where you see a lot of violence in business going on. So if you know all these scenarios, it's no surprise that the gas weapon producers in Germany are going to court. And Americans are using all their old bombs from the cold war, and they still have tons of a,b and c weapons stored in their centers. Nobody's making court cases against them. You see what I mean ? Different strategy, different viewpoint, different one-world plan. Personally, I put the money on the Marcabians right now.

If that level was open enough to be voted on by people. And mainly because the Americans — I mean, they couldn't have done it more cleverly, but they blew it all, as they alyways do it, on PR. They didn't have a good PR manager. The American Bush one-world campaign. We are the one-world police, dadada. They blew it. And they blew it at the very point where they didn't use the correct command and communication lines. As any galactic org-board person would realize, you see, the implanters are very self-centered and they think they run everything, you see. They don't like to follow any lines except control everybody under us. So what should they have done? To get real world agreement. First of all they should have issued no statements about the war unless cleared by the president of the UN. They should have asked all the reporters to go down there to the UN building and see what DeCuelha said. See? Otherwise he's just a puppet. Nobody listening what's they got their decrees through that they could do the war. It's all: President Bush decided this today, President Bush decided this, and he never talked to the UN again. Should have made an error in their command and communication structure. In the planning. And that's right where the European newspapers are attacking. They're saying: Is this a UN war or is this an American war? We kow it has a deeper significance than just oil. Oh, well, but that's part of the scenarios, sure, they make a lot of money with that and they're going to control it and so on. You see what I mean? If you can read these things, and a lot of it's coming open now, I'm talking about the secrecy is blowing off of these things. I mean, one year ago, yeah, about one year ago you never heard a thing about new world order. We have documents that show that voiced around in private and, you know, congrssional commitees and so on. And by the lead foreign affairs societies, but you didn't read about it in the local newspaper. Now you've got the new world order. That's the same thing, it's the one world government. That's their name, ok? It's coming out in the open. And that's why there's been so many changes and conflicts in the past couple of years. So I give you the top level of the scenario, so you can start understanding all the other levels below, everything from economic ones to the using of old bombs we don't need anymore to keeping the defense industrie going. Why the Europeans are staying a bit on the side of this and don't agree with the amount of force being used. You see, they're only admitting there is an overt there. But people can be just as disgusted by the overuse of force as they can by the overt that caused it. And Europeans are banking on the public revulsion or reaction of people to the current events on this planet that are being overdone with American and implanter enthusiasm for destruction. Yes, their economy is based on that, at the top, they have an obsession with destroying things. That's one of the resons why I left America. You couldn't teach a Philosophy of ARC in a place where every television programme is violence, every solution to any political problem is: Blow it up or shoot it! Even to the degree of shooting presidents. And the candidates for presidents. Until they finally got the ones in there they wanted. They had the agreements with the implanters. So you see, if you kept tracks of all these things, Sector 9 book, Teegeeack book, all these developments, now you see they are actually coming to surface. The UFO stuff, it's all fitting together. And it's true because there's a critical point being reached here. Space technology as to such a degree that this planet could export destruction, to the more peaceful, or politically more peaceful, areas of the sector, therefore becoming a danger, and they do need to settle down, realize what they're at, getting in their comm-lines for other civilisations, and realize that the others are not all war-like, and sort of key out this destructive engrams. Alright? So that's the future. That's what all of this is leading up to. But we are way ahead of everybody else in information and in what's happening, thanks to LRH, and the auditing and telepathy we can do to get more data, as I said the UFO lecture, I don't have to anymore, say I got the data in session, you know, and nobody believes you. You don't have to, it's right there in the newspaper. There's this lot, thousands of articles about extraterrestrials. They've even made catalogues about the different types of extraterrestrials. Here's the articles about the new world order. I mean, I don't have to, I don't have to do anything anymore that's based on an auditing, it's already right there in front of you. I just want you to realize it's there. And keep evaluating your future and survival along with using the technology of LRH. And of course going up the bridge, but also being one of the more informed people on this planet, knowing all the levels of scenarios. So that you can survive better. And so that you can become more viable, while everybody else is in a confusion. For that we have to thank LRH, because we would be in the same confusion if we didn't have this technology. Thank you very much.(He wants to know what's the role of China in this game.) Yeah, they may be playing a waiting game, to see who wins on the both sides. They would have to lose if they go with the wrong side. Some understanding of the side lines, that's true. And Japan, they are very ... They have their own planetary basis and culture.

(End of the lecture)