July 2003

There is an article I wrote entitled “What is a RON’S Org”, in which I attempted to give some reality to assist people who were considering doing services with us.

One of the things that article did not really encompass is what to expect of this American RON’S Org.

This is not the only RON’S Org in America, but it is one that is up front and relatively easy to access.

Various constraints, such as C of S suppression; people purporting to be RON’S Orgs when in fact they have not trained properly, either on CBR’s bridge or on LRH material, and perhaps have been influenced to attempt to destroy any valid source of delivery; various attempts at infiltration, etc. make USA probably the most difficult geographical area to operate in.

This RON’S Org doesn’t have enough personnel to spend long periods of time posting on the Internet or answering a lot of questions. It’s not that we don’t want to communicate, but as always, delivery comes first, so our time of communicating to people who are interested is limited by that necessity.

One of our main focuses is the delivery of high quality tech, rather than the presenting of a pristine perfect, superficially upstat environment wherein very little actual productive clearing or training gets done because of suppressive constraints on the clients and hugely inflated prices to pay for that pristine environment. We concentrate heavily on the tech side which is mostly “invisible” and most everything takes second place to that.

One of our main policies is not to push people to do things. There has been far too much of that in other organizations in the past, and although we do need to support people in getting their clearing when their case gets in the way, there is no fun working with people who didn’t want it in the first place and had to be “strong-armed”. I saw that a lot in the old organization, and much clearing time and money was wasted handling out-rudiments on people who had been forced or intensively persuaded to buy or do services they often didn’t need. We are here for those who recognize the value of the tech and the RON’S Org Bridge, and who have already done their Doubt formula on the former organization or are new to the subject. There is adequate material on our website ( for one to get a fairly good idea of our intentions, objectives, and activities, and there is plenty of material and experiences around to show the Church’s intentions, objectives and activities.

In our experience, it works much better for us just to focus on people who have an understanding of who we are, what we do and the CBR tech we can deliver.

So, when we send out a workshop schedule, or some notification of events, don’t expect that there will be a lot of phone calls reminding you or telling you about it. We may not even get a chance to call once. If you decide you want to do a course or attend an event, that first communication is your notification, and it is not a case of sitting around and waiting for someone to come along and “reg” you. We don’t have a person devoted to that activity. What we usually get along with is straightforward communications, word of mouth referrals, answering questions when we need to, and accepting that not everybody is going to want what we can bring. The ones who do will simply read the communication and go “I want to do that”, or “I want more information” and call us or e-mail us to that effect.

It should also be noted that we do not just deliver in one part of the United States. We travel. It is often easier and more cost-effective for some of us to go to a group of people than them to come to us. We also deliver overseas. It just depends on what is needed and wanted, and it is also part of being Fabian — hard to locate — and attack! This is a result of an advice from LRH, and because of the suppression from the old organization. So if you don’t receive immediate responses to your e-mails or communications, it’s not that we are ignoring you, it’s just that we are either on the road, training and clearing , or dealing with any one of the other myriad things that come with getting the tech out there. Despite considerations and opinions to the contrary, we do not charge high fees that will support a huge Dissemination or Distribution division. We do not do mail-outs as a regular event, though we occasionally send out a newsletter or an e-mail to inform people of various things. Most of us are not fast typists, long comms are not practical for us.

I would advise anybody considering doing anything with a RON’S Org to read the article on this website entitled “Communication from a RON’S Org Missionaire”. With particular reference to the last 2 or 3 pages. There are less stressful things to do than deliver the technology, believe me! We are doing it in the face of quite a bit of suppression and we are doing it because it is the right thing to do, and because most of the time it is fun. When the fun goes out of it, the fire and the motivation tends to go out of it too. I have seen delivery terminals eventually worn down to a point where they just do not feel like being on the receiving end any more of the world’s woes and dramas, and have simply gone into something that is less stressful on their dynamics and their bodies.

One of the things this particular RON’S Org attempts to maintain is a balance over the dynamics. In the former organization, the 3rd dynamic was considered to be king and all other dynamics had to take a back seat. This is not a generality, simply an observation from my own experience with them, and from copious quantities of feedback from others who have been with them. The 1st dynamic is the basis for the 3rd dynamic, you can’t wipe it out or continually suppress it and expect the 3rd to flourish and prosper. If you heavily suppress the 1st D, the 3rd D then does not have a good example of how to do well and expand.

We also attempt to make sure that our team members do not drive their bodies in the same way that individuals in the Church used to do. We have specific and sacred days off, which are specifically designed to make sure that our Body Orgs (refer “Body Org Basics” by CBR) get to do whatever they feel like doing without appointments, schedules, or constraints. It may be noted that the time schedules and the goals and objectives of a big Thetan are often very different from those of a Body Org. This is something that we have been successfully remedying, and it is part of how come we can continue to deliver without “burning out.”

Anybody who has spent some time with us or communicated with us for very long will be aware of the fact that we actually are individuals and have lives, that we are very dedicated to the delivering of the technology and the furthering of the RON’S Org Bridge in the future, but that we do make time for play and also have a very definite policy about team members continuing to move on their own Bridges. Regular auditing occurs for all team members, whether solo or audited. Team members are also paid for delivery that they do. They need to not be burdened with present time problems about continuing to be able to survive and deliver on this planet.

Most of the team are full time so do not usually have alternate stable sources of income. We do have some part time team members and we have different arrangements with them.

Ron and Captain Bill Robertson gave us a massive amount of wonderfully workable technology which is practically an overkill as far as getting people up the bridge. It works when someone is thoroughly trained and it is properly applied. In fact, applying the tech in general at the lower levels is far easier than has been represented by another notorious organization. And people as they are applying it need to be properly exchanged with. The ideal scene of at least one auditor in every street, far fetched as that may seem, would be achievable as long as the exchange was in and there was a recognition of “auditors as the most valuable beings on the planet”. This last in quotes is a statement made in an early LRH reel to reel tape I heard. He also said they should be paid better than anybody on the planet and that somebody else should be taking care of the enrolling of people into the subject. Some of his statements were then I believe twisted into the current strange practices of registrars that we see today.

One of the biggest outnesses that is noticed in the Independent field, or Free Zone as it has now come to be called, is the lack of volume training. Training is of course half of the Bridge. As a PC only, you are powerless unless there is an auditor there; as a trained auditor, you have something to exchange and bargain with, and you have a whole bunch of awarenesses and abilities from doing that training. In the early days, a “Doctor of Scientology,” or a good Class 6 was considered capable of developing processes or evolving the tech, having mastered the subject. I know that there are groups and organizations doing training, and I also am aware that there are sites that give the lower level technology in a very useable and workable format.

It is still my observation that ease and familiarity with the action of auditing is best done in a hands-on practical format. Much technology can be absorbed by reading and listening, but the actual doing happens best in a workshop format or training format.

Since I left the Church, this problem of training has been a big one. It was very easy to run an academy in an organization, all day and all night, because staff members were paid very little. The supervisor may be sitting in the Academy getting paid $10 a week, moonlighting in his spare time and attempting to live also. That situation does not occur in the Free Zone, because people not “on staff” have a free choice about doing this. Consequently it is very hard at times to get a supervisor to be willing to be there all that length of time in case a student needs help or wants a check out.

One of the solutions has been to have them do the study themselves at home, and then get their checkouts and do their drills all at once in a courseroom environment.

Another solution was developed that has handled a considerable amount of this problem for me as a trainer personally. I saw that the problem with training is that it is time-consuming and that you could not possibly hope to get an adequate income to survive in the field if you only did training. That left the auditor either auditing or training and many of the people in the field have chosen to audit only or do very brief training because that is where the higher income is and that is what they need to survive.

In 1990 I did a course in which I saw for the first time a presentation using a training style called SuperLearning. This is a educational technique which changed the face of how lecturers, teachers, and educators in general could get their messages across in a way that actually got duplicated and used a lot easier and faster.

Instead of the one or two streams of perception incoming, such as audio coming from a lecturer, visual from perhaps photographs, movies or videos along with verbal, this technique combined many of the perceptic channels, plus had a lot of interaction with the trainees, and the beauty of it was that you could train many people at once. It used pictures and colors on flip charts, it used music in breaks and as background when learning cycles were occurring or people were studying. It used interaction with other students, discussing concepts, bringing about greater understanding, sorting out where the misunderstandings were. It involved all the senses in the learning process. It kept the attention on the material. Nobody had a chance to go to sleep, because the presenter would be asking questions fairly constantly!

One of the RON’S Org C/S’s who was in Australia at the time, began to develop courses in this subject based on the SuperLearning technique and tailored the technique into an interactive learning style specifically to deliver our technologies. One of the biggest problems we have been running into, was that people did not have time to spend all day, or every night and weekend, constantly for weeks at a time doing courses. The only reason it was able to be enforced in the former organization, was probably because students were led to believe that they would lose their entire spiritual future or freedom if they did not do it. The penalties for non-attendance were stringent.

In the field, with new people, we do not have that leverage or threat to hold over people. Not that we would want to. So the need for faster training showed up. This interactive learning style sped up the beginning bridge training significantly.

Ron, before he left, developed and put out a course called the “Key To Life”. This course was entirely bar a few simple explanations, done in pictures. He was attempting to bring about an easy way to conceptual understanding. As I looked at this and I looked at the SuperLearning system, I saw that there were faster ways to train people in the basics of clearing. I saw what my colleague had done and I was very impressed with the results. It did not take away the need for ongoing practice, apprenticeship, internship, and all that stuff. It did provide a way to train new raw public to do clearing very quickly.

So we now have a series of Interactive style training courses that bring about a product of somebody learning communication skills, how to clear traumatic incidents on each other, how to run repetitive procedures on each other, how to find and run out survival computations on each other, and a variety of other technical things that have been distanced from the jargon and now serve as a bridge for new individuals to come in and become comfortably acclimatized to the whole concept of clearing. This at the time appeared to be the only way to continue to forward the objective of getting people trained in the basics of clearing.

With the small numbers of people who have managed to go full time into this subject, this seemed to be the best way to quickly bring people up to a point of being able to confidently get into a session and deal with anything that showed up on a non-resistive case. It has been fairly successful, of course there are always people who learn it and then drop it, just maybe because of their personality style or where they are playing in the game. We find it is a very easy springboard to kick off from as far as then training people further and getting them onto the RON’S Org Bridge. An intensive training over 2 days, 4 days, or a week, is a lot easier for someone to confront than going somewhere for 3 months and working diligently and slowly through a long, long check sheet.

To those who would scream “squirrel”, I would point out that there are plenty of LRH references on this subject, and he also wrote an issue called “Keeping Scientology Working,” in which he talked about teaching correctly the correct technology. The fact of the matter is, not only the old organization, but very few people in the Free Zone are able to teach correctly the correct technology, because of the financial constraints and suppression from the old organization that they are encountering. If they pop up their heads and say that they are teaching it correctly and delivering the lower bridge as done in the organization, then they have been likely to be attacked by a barrage of lawyers or a bunch of infiltrated OSA agents who get onto the Internet and discussion boards and generally cause enturbulation and chaos. If they change all the terminology and rewrite tech, they are called “squirrel”. So it has been a Catch 22. However, there is nothing legally against a person taking knowledge that they have gained and have experience with and transmitting it to others in their own language but adhering strictly and closely to basics. You can’t copyright a principle.

These training programs are great fun to do and to run, but of course they only work if you have enough numbers, hence we only do them when we have a certain minimum number of enrolments. Again, this is right back to my original theme which was if people want it, reach for it, commit to it, they’ll get it. If they sit around and Q and A and ask a zillion questions instead of doing their Doubt formula and looking and seeing what they see and hearing what they hear, especially on the Internet, then they’re going to miss out. We have other places to go to, we have other countries to which we can retreat if it gets just too impossible to deliver here in the United States. There are many areas crying out for what we can bring, and they don’t have any politics around it either.

A while ago I was in one of the Asian countries running a simple little 4 hour intro course called the “Communication Game”, and my assistant asked “If I got you some people to do this would you be able to run this for some people of mine?” Naturally I said “Sure”.

About a day or so later she came back to me, having faxed out a promotional piece about the training, and informed me she had about 25 people ready to do it in a couple or three days! And we did! No more questions, just commitment. That can be a major difference between here and Asia. They are thirsty for knowledge and they are very, very focused on continuing education and self improvement.

We are still attempting to “build a world with broken straws”, and somehow even more so without the massive resources and backing of a church that should have remained uninfiltrated and unsuppressive. Of course one of the things we have instead, is an absolutely miraculously expansive technology that was bought to us by one of the greatest heros of all time, Captain Bill Robertson. He took our understanding of the game, our understanding of the physical universe and many, many other universes and dimensions to an almost incomprehensibly huge level. And he gave a technology to access and reach those areas of our games tracks that have hitherto been barriered from our awareness by various factors, and gave us simple technologies, technologies from Ron, which could be applied to those areas to make sweeping and huge changes throughout the known and unknown universes. The RON’S Org Bridge has a total of fourteen courses to get one to the top of that Bridge, and there are seven auditor, C/S and admin courses as well, for those who wish to deliver it. I am sure that anyone who has read much on these sites, and anyone who has read Admin Briefing # 4, Omitted Bridges, will have some inkling of what this means.

There are apparently people who have somehow accessed some of his material or altered versions of it — or read it on the Internet — that their case was not ready to run at this time, and I would be prepared to guarantee that they have not been able to actually apply it to a proper completion even if they were at a case level at which it did apply. Experience is one of the things about becoming an expert. That is why the church had internships. One of the key things about the RON’S Org Bridge and the material Captain Bill gave us, is that the individuals who deliver it, must have actually successfully audited it on themselves for case reality and they cannot or should not deliver a level which they have not done themselves or are not on themselves under a qualified senior C/S. There are people who claim to have done this bridge up to the top and found gaps and problems with it. I can assure those people that the individuals who are delivering it currently who are applying it according to their training and apprenticeships, and have not delivered it to anybody unless they are on it or have completed it themselves successfully, do not have these difficulties. Captain Bill Robertson developed 3 courses to ensure that the C/Ses had a sufficiency of material to handle any glitches or review situations that would show up in people doing this Bridge. Those courses are the OT C/S Course, Super Static C/S Course, and the Upper Level Review Course. He hatted and apprenticed C/Ses personally. Your RON’S Org C/S should have done these three under a qualified C/S. There is one other advanced course in Case Handling that is done later.

Sometimes, for me, it would be a lot easier to just go and get a regular job! Stable hours, not too much responsibility , and not really worrying about the responsibility of the entire group. Obviously my passion for that is not there, though needless to say one can probably make massive transformations in the business world via such a move. We don’t need to do this, but the joy and satisfaction from bringing this to those who badly need it, or who have gotten stuck at the so-called top of the Church Bridge and have no way to apparently advance further, is not a thing one can take lightly and just throw away. When the known Bridge that the organization puts out comes to an end and there is an apparent recycling, illness, getting nowhere, that is when the RON’S Org Bridge is needed. It needs to be borne in mind that when the New Era Dianetics for OT’s, a.k.a. NED for OT’s, a.k.a. NOTs, was originally developed, it was a repair procedure for those who have been audited on Dianetics a lot past the state of Dianetic Clear. Subsequently, it was turned into a level in itself. For someone who has just gone up a standard Bridge and gone clear and had it acknowledged and continued, NOTs is not necessarily needed and wanted. It certainly gets gains. However the level on the CBR Bridge called Excalibur, is the level which, when done correctly, basically tears that case out by the roots, never to return. The NOTs procedures themselves, merely tend to “mow the grass” and then it grows back again. This is not an invalidation of the many wonderful gains people have had from it, but it is not the end of that area of case. In fact it is probably to some degree simply the beginning of a far greater adventure which takes you finally out and free of these games and the sabotage and implanting that has occurred in them.

So to return to my original theme, I very rarely get a chance to communicate things of this nature. If people have done their Doubt formula and decide that the RON’S Org Bridge makes sense, they are welcome to communicate and ask us what we have to offer. We will communicate back. And if we don’t — use TR 3 and repeat the question or comm!! For someone who is serious, we will even make ourselves available by phone, for a consultation to sort out what works best for them. We will whenever possible refer them to a close RON’S Org. This will not necessarily be done by directly giving them the contact data, unless such contact data is already a matter of public knowledge. We will simply have the RON’S Org get in touch with them.

Please be patient if you don’t get immediate responses to e-mails or phone calls; we have numerous cell phones, various destinations that we are going to or from, we have stable bases in places, but we are very busy and very fluid. Once you become an established client, then you will have full access to us. Additionally, there are often interesting hiccups in our e-mailing or phone call systems which are of course part of modern technology and its joys and woes. Do not “write script” i.e. make assumptions and try to figure out why no comm if you don’t hear from us, simply when in doubt “communicate”, let us know you did not hear from us, squawk!

At any one time, we usually have a backlog of 10 or 20 vital phone calls to make or get done somehow, and probably around the same in e-mail. We are attempting to cut this down, and deal with those who have a mission here, belong to the Galactic Patrol and want to get on with their mission, want to get trained or be a RON’S Org C/S, want to add value to the game, and who don’t just simply want all the answers for no exchange and want to tie up time with questions that are already answered by simply looking on our website or the German website,, and also bypassing and ignoring areas of enturbulation on the Internet, and those which claim to be RON’S Org but which in actual fact aren’t. My personal training and delivery experience makes the training and apprenticeship of RON’S Org C/Ses and delivery terminals one of the things I am best at.

A last comment, if you have not already done so, I strongly suggest that you read the transcript of Captain Bills videos entitled “Body Org Basics”, and “What is a RON’S Org?” on this site.

If you desire a list of training courses that are delivered in the Interactive format, please e-mail us at or leave a message on 602 284 7937.

Marianne Hagen, Senior C/S
RON’S ORG, Americas.