If you are an ex-scientologist and value having access to free zone scientology, you need to be aware that the Church of Scientology applied to trademark the term “Ron’s Org” a year ago, and in January 2007 they published their intent to register the term “Ron’s Org” as an international trademark.The time limit to protest it is February 9th, just a few days away, but for some peculiar reason they have not published the date they claim to have started using the term “Ron’s Org” as a trademark.

We can predict that they are trying to get a definite date from anyone opposing their attempt to hijack the trademark and their technical capability to create magazines and publications such as Source magazine could well enable them to manufacture falsified publications claiming to be evidence of their prior ownership of the mark.

As anyone who has been in the scientology free zone for awhile knows, the name RON’S Org has been in use by people delivering the CBR Bridge since 1984. Though quite a few of the people who trained with Captain Bill don’t use the name RON’S Org for various reasons, the ones who do have registered the name in various countries. The RTC (Religious Technology Center)are currently opposing the renewal of at least one of these registrations.

We have been considering how to deal with the Church of Scientology’s blatant attempt to disrupt or prevent this segment of the Free Zone from getting on with the job of bringing people to spiritual freedom.

Normally we just disregard the church’s various vectors they engage in to suppress the Freeing Game. This time their intentions and activities could potentially have the effect of limiting the dissemination of the fact that freeing technology is still available to many individuals who are no longer in the Church of Scientology but who have invested considerable time and focus in their efforts to get up the Bridge.

The fact that the church of Scientology has been taken over and the Bridge has been turned into a false bridge doesn’t alter the fact that the ex-scientologists’ reach for freedom doesn’t deserve the betrayal of never finding out that there are alternate ways to gain access to the knowledge and application of the philosophy.

There have been conferences amongst the RON’S Orgs on this matter at various times, and it is generally felt that the name in itself isn’t significant – LRH himself said on an early tape that the most important thing was to get the tech applied, no matter what you called it. We’d really rather get on with the job and not have to engage in some kind of game with the Church of Scientology and its misled followers and hangers-on. We are sorry about their shortsightedness because their actions are jeopardizing the overall purpose of the game – the improving of the quality, quantity and viability of theta. It will come home to roost in a big way further down the track.

Now, there have always been some pretty strenuous backup precautions in case of the Church’s getting into attack mode. The church found that out down under when they started to try to prevent delivery well over a decade ago when the Independent scientology movement first begun.

And as more and more people have left the church, it seems that many of them in countries all over the world have been collecting and documenting huge amounts of evidence of horrendous and absolutely outrageous acts that have been perpetrated by the Church of Scientology over the last 20 years or so since the splinter group called the RTC took over the subject of Scientology and the churches and missions that were delivering it. Some of these activities are much worse than even, for example, the death of Lisa McPherson while in the supposed care of the Flag Land Base in Florida.

As far as we can gather, not many people have gotten around to making much of this data public so far. One reason may be because most of it is way in the past and and in most cases people are trying to improve the future not get distracted onto disclosing the Church of Scientology’s copious overts.

We know of a number of people though not by name who have just lodged copies of this evidence all over the planet with various lawyers as well as people who have no connection with the subject, along with instructions as to how and when to make them public. Like a contingency plan for a lot of different ex-crew and higher-ups who the church might try to harass. (And for any Church adherents or execs who might read this and contemplate how to discover who, what and where these might be – no, you can’t come and toast our feet in the fire to find out, or grab someone and implant them to find out — because it’s apparently deliberately kept strictly on a “need to know” basis so no one person knows any more than a small percentage of the terminals and locations.)

But with this fairly up-front attack on the Ron’s Org name internationally maybe it is time to bring out some of the resources so stock piled and apply LRH’s advice on handling attacks as he so brilliantly delineated in the tape called “The Overt-Motivator Sequence”. No, we aren’t going to get into what it says except you could summarize it as ‘the best method of defense is attack”.

There are also many other contingency plans to deal with an assortment of possible attack vectors. And actually a lot of people in the free zone just love a good fight! But the big picture demands that we had best not get too diverted into playing that game, so as far as Ron’s Org is concerned at least, all that stays in the pending basket unless we get REALLY provoked and the Church’s interference starts slowing production.

So right now we are informing anyone who has an interest in the continued accessibility to RON’S Org tech (meaning the bridge developed by CBR), or even just in the general survival and flourishing of the free zone, that it may well be that we in the USA at least will be changing the name under which we deliver those services. Because we may decide that protesting their takeover of the name is not worth the effort. Besides which, as long as the internet is alive and well it is difficult for the church to suppress the Free Zone. We’ll just have to redouble our efforts to make sure the ex-churchies know there is still hope for spiritual freedom without the Church of Scientology.

Another point that should be made is that the church is actually not delivering services under that name and may not really intend to do so – they just used the term “Ron’s Org” in issues of the Source magazine over a period of about a year but as far as we know it hasn’t been used for actual products and services. Which means that they are pretty much applying for the trademark so they can suppress what they perceive –inaccurately — as competition and try to establish a monopoly again. Overall it may backfire on them as the term Ron’s Org isn’t necessarily going to stop being discussed or mentioned – it only has to be not used to promote services and products.

By the way – if anyone wants to submit any more ideas – legal and ethical please! – that could help get the church off this tactic, please feel free to email Rons Org US at ronsorgus@yahoo.com. Soon!

Thank you for your attention!