It has been 20 years since the overt takeover of the Church occurred, and since then many thousands of individuals have left the Church or simply dropped out quietly, and, apparently without Scientology technology, have simply taken what they have gained and moved on, making no further reach for the Bridge.

It used to puzzle me quite a lot how people could obtain enormous gains from the subject and then later on move away from it and go on living their lives as if nothing momentous had happened. For me, of course, my life has been fairly much built around the technology and philosophy since my 21st birthday. So when I was forcibly ejected from the Church where I was on staff in 1983 by being declared suppressive for squawking too loudly about out-tech, I sat around for months wondering what else there was to life after this occurrence!

Fortunately, I was soon in contact with the newly forming Independent Field as it was then called, and fairly quickly made contact with the Free Zone movement started by Capt. Bill Robertson. Therefore there wasn’t much of a period of wondering "where the tech had gone." For me, I clicked that I didn’t need a licence to help people with the tech I had learned, and that was a turning point; I never looked back.

However, there are many, many people off Church lines, doing other things, who apparently don’t seem to notice any lack in their lives as a result of losing the connection with the apparent only source of Scientology philosophy and tech — The Church. Of course, as we know, the church management no longer delivers the tech with an intention that gets it to work as fast and thoroughly as it can, and that is off-putting for a lot of people. It is not my intent to go into the reasons why people are now in the field, but with the availability of clearing and training in the Free Zone, one would think there would be more drive to acquire the technology while it was available, given the Church’s constant threats to stamp out any kind of independent Scientology activity.

During my training and apprenticeship with Capt. Bill Robertson, I became aware of phenomena that can cause a person to stop reaching for the technology to be applied to themselves. These are not just the normal case outnesses and so forth that can occur from misapplication of tech, out-lists, etc; this is something very deep-seated and fundamental, that can underlie all their auditing and training history.

Without going into details about it, there are areas of the far back track that approximate rather closely the conditions that arose in the Church of Scientology in practices that were reminiscent of the delivering and training of Scientology auditing the way it is currently being done. When these areas get restimulated, the end result is a person who is backed off auditing, and generally no longer interested in the subject, or with an extremely overrun feeling – as though their auditing had "gone on too long". Often they can have a high TA, sticky needle, and even though they logically might know that there is a way to get up the Bridge, in the field, they just somehow can’t make that happen because of this strange revulsion towards the subject.

When the technology is correctly applied, this usually does not key in, but when it does, no amount of resistive case handling or general clean up seems to be able to budge it. The transformation of the case when it is handled can be quite remarkable.

One of the symptoms for someone who has gone a fair way up the bridge, is a back off from soloing even after they have been soloing successfully. Sometimes there can be a sense of extreme depression about the technology and the subject and where it is going, sometimes there can be a sense of being totally stuck in a rut, like being on a railway track and being unable to get off. This feeling is sometimes thought of as "destiny" or "fate".

The main and most important point is that it is a case phenomenon and it can be handled. There is a fairly detailed program that takes around 10 — 20 hours to complete, which cleans up this charge bit by bit on a gradient.

The reason we do not go into great detail about the charge, and treat it as confidential, is that for those that it is not keyed in on, it can then produce results similar to what I have been describing. I have seen people who were inadvertently exposed to the material without it being audited, go into a sort of death-like illness for 3 or 4 weeks. And refuse any auditing to fix it.

And for people that are keyed into it and need the auditing cleanup – some "SuperStatic Review auditing", briefing them on it without doing the review can plunge them into more charge than the body can deal with, even if the thetan can cope!

My attempt here is to bring to people’s attention the fact that there is often more to the disinterest in the subject of Scientology and upsets and hassles with the Church, than merely ARC breaks, problems, missed withholds, suppression etc. There is a heavy duty case phenomenon that can underlie all that, and it is handleable by someone properly trained in that technology – a SuperStatic and Upper Level Review Course C/S.

If a person is in that type of charge, e.g. feeling it is all hopeless, there is no future, auditing seems to be a long dreary grind like an overrun, and they cannot for whatever reason get to a SuperStatic C/S, there is some possibility that a well-applied high gradient Communication Course might snap them out of it. Obviously any 'back-off" feelings about the tech would have to be overcome first.

Just a note about something that has frequently been discussed and argued about in the people who have left the Church, and that is the subject of people reading all kinds of materials on the Internet that are above their current case level.

The general thinking on this, is that there should be no secrets. As a general principle, that is correct. However, anything that affects one’s ability to become spiritually free, has to be evaluated in the light of what results you get from what action.

In the light of the overwhelmingly large task that we appear to have, and the rather large amounts of counter-intention that appear to be on this, it would be very delightful if we could simply publish the entirety of the "how to do it" of the Lower Bridge at least, and have people just get going and co-audit.

It would be equally delightful if we could then publish the Upper Bridge and have people do the same. There have been cases in which this has been achieved, but the results on a broad basis do not speak well for that particular approach. I have experience with a number of cases, who have read Upper Level materials when they were not ready to run them, and there have been a variety of interesting results from their exposure to these, most of which resulted in the person becoming either fairly bogged, or simply so over-restimulated, that a level that would take a person who hadn’t read the stuff a certain period of time, could take them up to 4 or 5 times as long. Not to mention the review that had to be done to get them in shape to run it.

My general way of trying to explain this to people, is that if charge were something that one could just permeate, view and blow on the spot, there would be no particular harm in reading materials above one’s level. Unfortunately the very nature of charge itself, is that it is charge because it is not yet confrontable, or has not yet been confronted. The meter reads on charge that is accessible and able to be run though not necessarily yet perceivable by the client; it does not read on charge that is not yet ready to run.

Therefore if one is informed about an area of case on which there are no available reads, it does not necessarily stop it from getting restimulated, but there is no ability to discharge it.

The same goes for the fact that if an individual is shown the materials that will deliver him to freedom from some particular big area of charge, but does not have the tools to bring about that freedom from the charge, i.e. the ability to operate a meter and solo audit, or an auditor trained on the material, then he can become effect of that charge.

My analogy for this whole area is to liken it to plugging oneself into an electrical outlet, and then another, and another, and another, and another, and obviously, that volume of charge would probably kill off one’s body. It is very hard to handle one area of charge that is confrontable, when surrounded by or being battered by lots of other charge at the same time. I generally use another analogy of getting keyed into several thousand engrams all at the same time, so then how does one go about discharging something of that magnitude? People who get into this situation can end up in mental institutions, and other situations such as taking drugs.

I have seen several extreme cases who have read data on the entire bridge, without ever having even done up to Advanced Level 3, and there is one case who wound up basically on the operating table dying (with copious telepathic clearing required to save his life), and another case that went crazy. Neither of which then reached for the Bridge once they keyed out a little, and a number of others as I have said before have taken a very long time to untangle the charge. Those ones were normally cases that had already gone a reasonable way up the Bridge, so therefore it wasn’t as deadly as the ones who were at the bottom of the Bridge when they read the material.

I am perfectly well aware that the detractors from the RON’S Orgs and from any independent deliverer of the tech in general, claim that all this confidentiality and secrecy is motivated by the desire for money. And if I were to make a return communication to them, I would just first of all acknowledge that yes, money is needed to deliver a good product, and secondly the financial benefit from attempting to try and deal with the messed up cases that result from the situation mentioned above, is not worth any amount of money in terms of stress and hassle. There have been times when we have come very close to making it a firm policy never to deal with, or audit, or repair any individual who has deliberately read materials above their level despite the fact that they knew perfectly well that they were not trained or ready to sit down and run them.

Of all the cases on our lines, the only ones that give us any difficulty, are those that are still connected in some way with the Church of Scientology, and those who have gotten over-restimulated from reading or being exposed to material that they weren’t ready to run. I actually view this entire phenomenon as a rather diabolical attempt on the part of those of evil intent to get cases of those who reach for the bridge so restimulated that they can’t be easily freed this lifetime. Not to mention the effect on their Body Orgs, which are the innocent recipients of all this rather insane attempt to short-cut the procedure of removing charge.

I wish it were otherwise, in fact one of the things I was really happy about when I first got out into the Independent field in 1983 was the idea that finally we could just simply publish the technology and people would just happily go ahead and apply it. I found in practice that that was not necessarily so. Even now as we speak, it is frequently difficult to get somebody to simply find a co-audit partner and co-audit. That is the reason we run SuperLearning style trainings, so that we can bring people’s level of clearing skills up to a point where they can pair up and co-audit. Even then, they need some form of third terminal to either supervise or prompt them into getting it done, aside from case supervision.

The other idiocy I have heard around this whole business of reading materials and knowing about materials above one’s level is the concept of "well it doesn’t bother me". My reply to that normally was "well, if it doesn’t, you’re not ready to run the level yet." The fact is, that when a level is ready to run it usually starts to key in, at least a little, and if the person is apparently happily and grinningly unaware of it or it is "no big deal", my experience is that it is not real to them when they come to run it and they weren’t actually up to that level at that time. Of course this particular datum has been misrepresented in the Church to mean that any time someone gets keyed into anything they are ready for their next level. There has to be a degree of common sense about this whole evaluation.

The basics of all of this are actually contained in two bulletins "The Time Track and Engram Running by Chains, Bulletins 1 and 2." These issues contain the "State of Case Scale" which is a C/Sing stable datum for deciding where a case is at in general as far as clearing is concerned. A case can be quite low on the State of Case Scale, but if they have got a whole bunch of Upper Level material keyed in, that has to be gradiently destimulated for them to actually make progress in any kind of orderly fashion.

The Bridge is not really a bridge, as in a straight path. The Bridge is an expansion of one’s abilities and awareness, and a pervasion of that which has been unknown in the universe up until now. Done on the correct gradient, it produces a broadening of one’s sphere and scope of influence. Done out-gradiently, it stirs up things further out in a way which can tend to bring the walls crumbling in on one.

The reason that it has been divided into a series of steps called a "Bridge" is that this provides an orderly method of selecting out the next area of confrontable charge, or achievable ability, and consistently and systematically handling that so that once it is done, the next type of charge can be tackled. This also enables somebody supervising the case to track exactly what the individual has confronted and dealt with, and what is yet to come, without a whole lot of checking out of individual procedures and processes.

This does not invalidate at all the fact that in the old days the old-timers used to run anything and everything that LRH instructed them to, whether they were interested or not, whether it was reading or not, and they often used to get humungously great case gain. They also sometimes used to fall on their heads rather dramatically, if Ron had at times not fully evaluated the effects and results of the process.

A lot of it in those days was experimental — of course that is the case when one is researching as LRH was for many of the early years. The old-timers were the guinea pigs, then he developed more smooth and stream-lined systems of dealing with charge, but it doesn’t alter the fact that many of the things done in the early times were very, very powerful.

I hope that this communication makes sense to those who are contemplating reading materials without actually getting audited or auditing them. My experience is that reading alone does not give one the reality needed to actually run them. The drilling and training and immersing one self in the subject is part of the actual process.

We have initially pared down the learning process to exactly what is needed to get our people in the chair clearing. Sometimes there can be far too much written material and it becomes an overwhelm which is not translatable into practical application. The "too long on the runway" has become very applicable to Church training of recent times. There is also of course a "too short a runway" which is one of the pendulum swings that appeared to have occurred in the field after the take-over of the Church.

So one last final word on this, when an individual states that it doesn’t restimulate him or it doesn’t bother him, that is maybe the case as far as he is personally concerned, but his Upper Level case is way more far reaching than just him personally, and that can key in and because it is what we call "other-determined" have an effect on him whether he chooses to have that effect or not. I don’t know how to put it any plainer than that without getting into a whole bunch of confidential material.

I hope this helps to clarify some of these areas and phenomena that are seen in this very wildly varied delivery situation in which Scientologists of good will and intent find themselves.

The bottom line is, always look at the intention behind the activity. In my opinion, those who spread and disseminate Upper Level materials that are designed to be run on a case, at a particular case level, without any attempt to make sure that those who are reading it are actually going to be ready and trained to deliver it, or to receive it, or run it, are acting suppressively, and attempting to restimulate rather than destimulate. The material will be kept safe, so that when you get to it, you can safely be taken through it or trained to take yourself through it.

I hope this is of assistance to any who are contemplating this as a solution to not being able to get on the Bridge.

Marianne Hagen

Senior C/S