By Marianne Hagen

For quite some time we have been getting in communication, mostly in the USA, with new people who have obviously had contact with the subject of scientology in their last life or, even in some cases, more than one last life. It’s been 56 years since LRH wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and there have been many, many people who have gone a little or a long way in the tech and then left the body. And lately we’ve been having an unprecedented number of last-lifers appearing suddenly with almost a compulsion to get up the Bridge, though frequently with not a lot of reality on why they were so driven. I had been making observations about this for quite some time and a trend has emerged that I am a little concerned about, hence the title of this article.

First of all, there generally seems to be nowhere near as much recall of the time spent involved in clearing, the church, or whatever the interaction is as one would expect from someone who has done a thorough run of clearing or done the upper levels in their last life. Now this may simply turn out to be the fact that many individuals had a smallish amount of contact with the subject and maybe a little basic clearing and they either moved on or lost interest and never did anything again in that life and are now being drawn to continue.

It may be a result of quickying in various forms, or it might be to do with the fact that, as the technology has evolved since the ‘50s when Ron was most in research mode, there was no actual grade chart, a lot of the time people did whatever was the next process that was being researched, often without getting flat on the one they were working on at the time. And that therefore there were many versions and applications of the tech, which while frequently creating miracles and huge changes, nevertheless did not necessarily thoroughly clear out one area of charge before moving onto the next.

There was also a lot of push to get people through the Advanced Levels once they were available in the 60s, and this has resulted in all sorts of anomalies such as people being put on them without backtrack access, or with very minimal grades or preparation.

Or there may be things happening to beings between lives that are not being addressed in this lifetime, such as the between-lives implants still being very strongly up and running. LRH made a whole tape about this quite early in the tech development.

There is also the aspect of the body org’s influence on a being who takes on a body, particularly on Earth.

When one takes up a body, one has to get used to having a different body org usually, although some beings mostly keep the same body org from lifetime to lifetime, for quite long periods of time. . (We know that does occur, particularly with beings who have been in the Galactic Patrol or who have come to this planet on various missions.)

So, if someone who’s done a substantial amount of the Bridge in a previous life and bumped up their power considerably by doing so, then picks up a body with a body org which previously has had nothing to do with the subject and no clearing, this can create shock and difficulties for that body org, which might be something similar to having a strange alien life form from off planet arrive in a little tribal village that has never seen anyone even from another country. One of the analogies I like to use is that, when a being of a considerable amount of clarity and power takes over a body with a body org that still has its case and aberration intact, it’s something like installing a souped-up racing car motor into a Volkswagen and then the body of the VW can get shaken to pieces by the overwhelming power of the motor!

A thetan in very good shape should be able to harmonize and operate in .ARC with an unaudited Body Org, but in fact as most thetans aren’t yet aware of the true nature of the Body Org or even that they have a Body Org, they actually tend to disregard any attempted communication from it and forge on full tilt with their own purposes disregarding the invisible “team” they have acquired.

And I have seen this last situation of a processed being overwhelming an unprocessed Body Org, seeming to contribute to a lack of recall of the previous lifetime and sometimes it can create physical problems. It seems that upsets and lack of ARC occur when this situation arises and, the faster you can get the body org up the Bridge to more closely match the tone level of the being, the better.

However, there seem to be a lot of stops on the way of getting the body org caught up, one of which can be physical problems as mentioned. Sometimes the manifestation seems to be that the body org goes on strike in a sort of a revolution against experiencing unaccustomed handling and control that it’s not used to. A lot of the time, in someone who hasn’t any tech, the body org gets away with pretty much doing as it feels like or creating feelings that conflict with the being and that’s just considered to be part of life. Not that one is supposed to treat a Body Org like an army recruit, but in order to get it working smoothly with you and wearing its hat of getting the body functions done so you can play, ARC is needed as well as KRC.

The other big factor is, of course, the difficulty establishing exactly in previous life sessions, how much processing, what kinds of processes, and even whether it was done properly or was the auditor’s code kept in. In the early days there weren’t even TRs — which entered a potentially wild variable into the processing. One of the things about good processing, of course, is that it generally doesn’t get remembered because it virtually as-ises along with whatever was addressed. This makes it very difficult at times for an auditor to find out exactly what was done. Even in this lifetime, PCs traditionally tend not to particularly remember what processes and rundowns they’ve had, especially if they’re not technically trained.

In the old days, people ran processes out of books. They experimented, Ron was researching, and pcs came and went. They had a bit of this and a bit of that. They “went up the pole”; had huge releases then came down again because the unhandled case and overts and withholds keyed in and the gains were apparently lost. Their abilities probably improved, but there were a lot of variables in what was done with people who had processing during this era. And later on, as the church got taken over and run by those who do not have the good of the general population at heart, the technology got covertly degraded and altered so it was no longer as effective as it should be.

I have encountered very few individuals who came from the church who have had a thoroughly done standard lineup with few glitches. I can count them on the fingers of one hand.

One of the big things that I discovered is usually missing is the adequate running of service facsimiles. LRH states in one of his tapes that the average individual has about 25 service facsimiles. I think apparently he also has this quaint concept that if an individual had a bunch of service facs that they ought to be run out—novel idea! Yet I don’t think I’ve found more than a handful of people from the church who had more than one or two service facsimiles run in their entire working history, with the consequence that a lot of people who have supposedly done the OT levels are still running around making people wrong etc, by their emanation if not by verbal communication. And also their abilities are often noticeably still limited. It was that which led me to actually thoroughly review the subject directly from LRH’s own spoken words so there couldn’t be any mistakes in what he intended to be done as far as service facsimiles are concerned and develop a course devoted to just the understanding and handling of the basics of that subject for anyone.

Of course, in the early days, the upper Bridge had not been developed. So all sorts of processes were actually accessing into that area just because they eventually would lead to that charge anyway just because it was there as soon as enough charge was removed on the lower or basic levels.

And so as people peeled off layers of stuff, they started getting into other arenas. A lot of those so-called old processes, such as GPM running, spectacularly effective though many of them were, are not run in today’s lineup in the church, sometimes because other processes have been found to be more effective in achieving the same result and there’s no point in overkill; sometimes because they were too difficult to teach auditors to apply consistently. Either way, you will find people from the early days who have run into quite a lot of OT material, but it was rarely audited on them in a consistent and methodical fashion.

Ron said that if you get enough charge off a case, adequate TA action he will eventually get to OT, but of course it may take a lot longer and the bridge was intended to be the most direct route rather than the “scenic route”! One of the benefits of having the technology arranged in areas or levels and segments, is that you can take a particular type of charge and you can simply clear all of it off and then move on. And then a C/S knows clearly what charge has been addressed and cleared and it makes his job a lot easier. If you just hunt and punch and take a bit of this and a bit of that and a bit of the other thing off of a case, nothing really ever gets completed and it doesn’t make for a stable case. It’s like trying to level the ground for a house and leaving bumps and lumps and things sticking up allover the place. It’s going to be rocky if you try to build a house on it. It is certainly very challenging to work with people who have been into the technology in previous lifetimes and untangling what has happened with them and getting them on the road is very rewarding.

However, the biggest concern I have, as already expressed, is that leaving getting up the Bridge till next lifetime because it seems to be too late or impossible this lifetime or when the body is too old, or their finances just won’t get them there, or the church has gone bad so how can they get up the Bridge, does seem at the moment to be probably an error.

Processing that’s been done in this lifetime then has to be taken into account next lifetime and in the current conditions delivery is in, you really don’t know whether the technology is going to survive uncorrupted that long, so that by the time you get to next lifetime, and old enough and financial enough to get back on it, there may be a serious question of whether there are going to be individuals who actually know how to apply it and get the results. We do keep referring back periodically to the “shades of night” comments by LRH in the PDCs and we still do have that as a possibility. There aren’t hoards and hoards of trained people standardly delivering all over the place. One of the reasons, of course, is that the church actively, instead of minding their own business and getting on with doing the job properly, violates the constitution and its own creed by attacking various people who are doing it properly. And the better they’re doing it, the more likely they are to attack them.

So, I would highly recommend getting it while you can because every person who does is lessening the possibility that the proponents of slavery are going to get their own way and take away the potential for spiritual freedom which we do currently have. The technology is available and there are good people who know how to apply it and apply it to further the rights of beings rather than to create suppression and slavery.

Just in general terms, it’s better to do something like that sooner rather than later, but until recently I used to be quite easy about it one way or the other. “If you don’t get it this lifetime, well you can get it next lifetime” was the viewpoint.

But having put together all these different factors and finding that frequently in last-lifers memories of tech experience and clearing even so recently are severely obscured requiring quite a bit of retrieving; also that people are taking quite some time, apparently, to just rediscover the way to get the Bridge, seems to indicate that there’s a booby trap or two or three on the way between dropping one body and picking up the next.

It’s a good idea to run out the between lives implants, but you can’t necessarily do that on somebody who apparently comes straight off the street. Then there is the fun job of reconstructing exactly what tech has been applied to the person and, also, redoing the grades so that the body org catches up with them, and we haven’t even addressed the issue of what happens when we get somebody who’s never had any tech but their body org has last lifetime which, at this point, I haven’t encountered in any large quantity. It seems like the thetan still rules as far as whether the individual gets on the Bridge or not. And another thing is, we’re not exactly out front there all over the news media so that people can know that actual freeing tech is available. The only thing that is really up front is the Church of Scientology. I have had feedback from quite some number of people who have been in there recently and who have been in the subject before and it seems that the discrepancy between what they expected from their last life experiences with technology, and what they experience this lifetime and actually get, is quite significant. The general feedback seems to be that there is a strangeness and robotic-ness about the individuals who are supposedly going free in the church and the inability to actually think using logic which, apparently, is quite obvious to anybody who comes from outside and especially somebody who’s had a lot of experience in the subject in another life.

So the overall opinion I formed for dealing with these people and addressing these different issues is that it is a very smart idea to actually focus on using this lifetime to get up the Bridge. Which generally in the field isn’t likely to cost you more than the price of a decent house or a couple of new cars! The fact that you can even do it in one lifetime is nothing short of a miracle and you’ve spent trillions and trillions and trillions and more lifetimes doing all sorts of other exciting things and all sorts of things that might be in your interest line, but there are only a few lifetimes in which you can actually get out of the trap, having gotten yourselves into it. And I strongly suggest that you make this lifetime the one in which you do that. “Get it while the gettin’s good” as they say somewhere on this planet!

Marianne Hagen,
Senior C/S,
Contact phone number for RO USA: 1-602-284-7937.