Improving Conditions in Life

Captain Bill Robertson


Welcome to the lecture. I was going to call it "Conditions in Life", but it's really, "IMPROVING Conditions in Life". Because just by telling you the conditions in life, you might get all downtone and disappointed, but if we also tell you how to IMPROVE them, and make things go better, then you can APPLY it.

Now, the interesting thing here is that many of you may have some resistance, or some feeling that this is not really true, about what I’m going to tell you. Or you may have had bad experience with some of it. Well, it’s never been put in such a broad form as you’re going to hear in this lecture. And everyone in the game will find that what they’re worried about does have a condition, and does have a way how to improve it.

Before we say more about that, let us define the word. (writes on board) Okay, that’s the title: "Improving Conditions in Life", and now we’re going to define "Condition". Okay: (writes on board)



And number two is:


Now, we’ll give you examples of this, so you really understand what it is. "A state of affairs or a present set of circumstances". Let’s say that you look at the condition of this room, and you notice that it’s painted, and there’s a few cracks in the ceiling tiles here, and places where they’re falling down. You see, little holes there, and the carpet has some little hairs coming out, and so it’s not in PERFECT condition, you see? So you might say: "Well, it’s in a state of, or a condition of, NEEDING MINOR REPAIR." Do you understand? You can see the condition of the room. And if you don’t like the colour of the walls, well, you might say: "Well, that is not a good condition, of..." If you were buying the hotel, you might say: "Well, I don’t like that colour, and that makes a bad condition in here, and I’d rather have it yellow." You understand? So what you’re looking at is the observation of what IS, of what’s existing.

Now, that was a PHYSICAL example. Now, suppose we talk of something a little more, shall we say, not geistig, or spiritual, but not so obvious. You come up to somebody, and you say: "Wie geht’s?" or "How are you doing?" And he says, "Well... okay". Or, "Not so well today". You’re actually asking him to give you what he feels his condition is. Now, that may be a combination of his body health, and where he is in his spiritual health, on the Bridge and so. Or he may be referring to his economic problems. Or, he may be referring to how he’s getting on with his wife or her husband on that day.

Now, we’re talking here about a simple thing you say to people every day. And you can almost start with the answer, and unravel their entire life, or solve it – if you know the technology of how to do it. So you see that when you ask somebody: "How are you?" or "How’s it going?" you’re asking them what is their state of affairs or present set of circumstances. Or, in other words, you’re asking them: "What is your condition?" "Es geht schlecht", or "Es geht gut", or "It goes bad" or "It goes well". Okay? Do you understand that? We’re looking at what is right there in front of you, what do you feel, what is visible. Okay?

Now, number two definition: this is used like the word conditionAL – a condition for something else to happen. We use a lot of that with the word "if" in English. That would be like this. You see, we’ll do it in the negative first. We say: "IF you don’t put the key in the ignition, you won’t be able to start your car." Now, what we’re saying here is that a condition for the car to operate is to turn on the ignition, and you can’t do that without a key, so the key is required for the performance or operation of the car.

You won’t be able to drink the water without opening the bottle. So you know the old joke: they talk about the guys starving on the mountaintop, and they’ve got canned food, but nobody brought a can opener. So they don’t have the thing required to eat. They can’t eat the food because they can’t open the can. So the condition of having that tool to open the can is very important. So, you might say that the can opener is conditional, or the condition required for the cans to be opened so they can eat.

So, so far, do you understand this? As a sequence, so "Condition" had two meanings: one (where’s that pen?) That’s required before I can make a mark here... so we can look at it in terms of, one: this one up here, requires: (writes on board)


It’s a present set of circumstances or state of affairs. You have to look at it, get data on it, WHAT IS IT? The first time I looked at the room, I didn’t see the cracks up there in the ceiling and I didn’t see this in the rug, until I looked at it as WHAT IS ITS CONDITION? And now, aha, there, ah there, there – you see? If you just take a glance, you don’t see it. So, first thing we know is, if you’re going to later on apply to improve conditions in life, you’re going to have to be able to confront.

Now, this one requires, you might say, knowledge. You have to know about the key going in the ignition before the car will start. But the way this is worded, let’s add a little bit to that, and say: (writes on board)


Okay? Knowledge of Correct Sequences. Okay, so those are the abilities that you have to have before you can even get into this subject. Now, therefore, confront and knowledge of correct sequence are two things that every player in the game, or every person living in life, is trying to do all the time... they’re TRYING to do. You know, you always try to put on your sock before you put on your shoe. You don’t see many people going round with the sock on the outside of the shoe.

When you have your car started, you’re supposed to look in the mirrors and see if anyone’s coming before you pull out. You have to confront what is there: is there a car coming, or not? That also comes from Knowing the Correct Sequence. You don’t pull out first and then look. Oh, I have seen people do that. But – remember, they’re not winning at the game of life, or they won’t win very long, doing that. So far, we’re talking about very simple things that you do every day, but you don’t know it, you don’t... I assume you DO know it, but you don’t recognise it as a very important factor in the game of Conditions, and Application of Conditions.

So, let’s see – this is already something everyone is trying to do in the game. Now, suppose they also had the technology to do it 100% correctly, all the time – or very close – 99, or 98, I mean that’s good enough. Think how well they would do? Think how many wins they would have, think how much fun they would have, and how much acceptance they would get in the game!

Let’s look at it from, shall we say, the auditing, or C/Sing, or case viewpoint. What are you really, what are you REALLY, handling, when you begin your auditing and you start to have cognitions and get some of these things handled? What are you doing? You’re handling conditions that have stuck there – and you still have them because you never confronted them, and you didn’t know the correct sequence of what had happened or what was done there so you could say: "Okay, now I understand that I don’t need to hold it there any more."

Now that is why when I train C/Ses, I tell them that you can look at a case as just adding up all the incomplete cycles that a person in the game ever ran into, and making sure they complete them. You see? Now, so let’s look at, if we go into that a little more in detail, because everyone is doing this. All right, we have: (writes on board)



Now, you have heard of the cycle of action as Start, Change, Stop. But there are other cycles of action. There’s big ones like Create, Survive, Destroy, that the people doing the war in the Middle East do. But we’re talking about the normal WINNING cycle in the game. The WINNING cycle. So, you come in the game and you get interested in that, and you want to start something with that, and you want to handle it, and you want to complete it.

Now, you can do that as many times as you like. I think in one of the earlier lectures, I told you about how is it possible that people can enjoy food every time they eat, without getting overrun, or doing it too much, because they do Start, Handle, Complete the food, and then tomorrow they can do the same thing. The same thing might be said about sex. In all the second dynamic relationships, people like to start, handle and complete each sexual action in there. You can do that as many times as you like.

Now, let’s look at the other side of this, and where the case or the problems come from. Okay, so we’ve got: (writes on board)

CAN’T, OR WON’T (i.e. cannot or will not):


So, now let’s look at this. Every one of these can give you a problem that will stick there until you resolve it, or somebody helps you to resolve it. So, somebody fells in love with another person and they go to have sex together, and they can’t start. Or, they have a consideration about it, and they say, no, they WON’T start. Yes, the same with Can’t Handle, or Won’t Handle. Or, Can’t Complete or Won’t Complete. I mean, doctors and psychiatrists make a lot of money on people who can’t do these things in the 2D, or in their life, or whatever. Personal relationships.

The most normal is one of these is that only one combination is necessary to mess up the entire cycle. They start the relationship okay. They do handle some of it and they get a good 2D relationship going. But then one of them wants to complete it – the whole relationship, not just one encounter, but they want to complete the whole relationship sooner than the other person does.

So, let’s say, the first person wants to complete it here (draws time track on board) and the second one wants to carry on and complete it down here somewhere, when they’re dead or something. Now, you have the problem of divorce cases, ARC breaks in the marriage, runaway husbands, abandoned children, all these kinds of problems. Ach!!!!

You can say the same thing about eating. The complete cycle on eating is that the food energy gets to the body, and the waste products go out. Now suppose they can’t complete that cycle. You have lots of doctors making a lot of money! You know, on trying to get people to complete that cycle, you know, eat the right food to get energy to the body and try to get that opened up so it will come on out, you know, especially when they eat a lot of pasta!

I knew one girl, who told me in a moment of closeness, she said: "I must tell you something. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in three months." She ate lots of pasta! And you know, I was trying to make light of it, and make a joke... I said: "Well, my goodness, I’d better get out of the room before you explode!!" We had a big laugh about that. Because you could imagine, you know, there’s Scheisse all over the walls, and everything! But I put her on a diet recommended by Ron, to have a lot of grains, and bran, and things like that, and finally it started to come through. No harsh laxatives or anything, but just the normal cleansing. And as soon as we discontinued, ended, completed the relationship on a mutually agreed basis – we did agree to complete the relationship – and she went up the Bridge in another RON'S Org, and the C/S called me one time afterwards, and said: "Hey, you know that condition, she’s now done it again, she’s not taking the bran and stuff and eating lots of pasta again."

So, what we’re looking at there is with my help, I could get her to complete the cycle on eating. But what she could not do by herself was confront what was there and do the correct sequence. In other words, she was not aware of the condition, or, if she WAS aware of the condition, she was not aware that the handling was the handling. Therefore she could not improve. Okay? Therefore her condition of health, and body health, and a little belly coming on there because the intestines were swelling up with this stuff, was giving her a loss in life.

Okay, so those two things are very important: knowing, or confronting the condition, and knowing the right sequence to handle it. By "sequence", I mean something that you start, you handle it, and you complete it. And you may have to do several sequences to get it all correct.

Let’s take the car again. You can take the key, and you can stick it in the ignition, and you can jiggle it around, to handle it, but it won’t start. You can turn it one click, but it won’t start. So you did start, and you did do a handle, but you didn’t turn it to the third position where it goes r.r.r.r.r.r.r.r.r, to complete the cycle, and get the engine started. (Has trouble with the pen writing on the board.) What’s the matter with this guy? He’s not completing his job. Ah, here he comes. The condition was he got dried out, so I put the cap back on him, you see – that’s handling him, so he doesn’t dry out. When I’m waving it around in the air I’m just drying it out, so I should do that with the cap on, so you see I’ve learned something right there. In other words, otherwise, we have a non-survival, or a bad condition with the pen – it doesn’t work any more. And you get the inclination: "Ah, we should throw it away, it doesn’t work", you see.

Now, what I’m telling you there is, you start, you try to handle, you start, you try to handle, and don’t make it... well, there it did, but the first time it didn’t make it, see, so you put the thing together, and you throw it away. That’s how you complete. Now, that is one of the biggest problems in this game. The non-utilisation, or throwing away, or discarding of things which appear that they don’t work any more, or they’re not useful any more. Look at all the reports you’re getting now on the television and in the press about the environment. I mean, all the pollution and everything. All of that is stuff that was just thrown away without taking care of it, without handling it, without completing the cycle on it. Now, they’re starting to do little handlings on that. You can buy recycled paper. You can buy gas to run your car that is made out of garbage. All the farmers have known for centuries that you take all the waste products of the animals, all the offal, and you use it on the fields for fertiliser. You don’t just throw it away. So, suppose, I mean you could even imagine, that the entire MEST universe might have gone through one of these cycles and it’s just the discards of the garbage of other games. That’s why as spiritual beings or OTs we can’t really get in good communication with it because it’s very very hard to handle when you just throw it away and you don’t use it any more. Because it’s a confused mess. See?

That’s why you can see it there in the use of one of Ron’s earliest demonstrations, remember, the "Mock up a cat" demonstration. He asks the guy, "Do you see the cat?" He says "Yes". And then he says: "Well, who is looking at it?" The guy says, "I am", or "Me". That is how he used to differentiate the person from the body. You see, that was his little trick, he had the guy mock up a cat. Now the thing is, he could also tell the guy, "Okay, you’ve finished with that, now just take a good look at it and realise you made it". And it vanishes. So, he did a complete cycle on it. Now, very interestingly, what do we find in lower level processing, in engrams? We find mental image pictures that are still there. Of moments of pain, unconsciousness, low tones, secondaries – remember under duress, under pain, unconsciousness – so the player, the person in the game, did not confront what it was because of so much pain and unconsciousness, he did not confront what it was, and he didn’t know the correct sequence, so he couldn’t do the cycle on it – he couldn’t start, he couldn’t handle, he couldn’t complete that mock up of that accident.

So, you have to put him in the auditing, to go back, and do it right: "Go to the beginning of the incident. Go through the incident, telling me what you see." Several time, here – finally, he gets all the knowledge out of it, and what was really there, and what the right sequence was, and he goes pffff! And completes it. So what is he doing? He’s confronting an unhandled condition! Now you see why I can see that most of people’s cases are just the incomplete cycles of handling conditions in the life, or in their past. You see? All fits together, doesn’t it?

But, that’s an application in auditing. Now, we want to look at how do you handle this in life? How do you recognise conditions in life, and complete the handling on them? And get an improvement?

Okay, now I come to one of the unconfrontable parts of this lecture. Since I’ve got you all grooved in on the words, and the definitions, and all, it probably won’t hit you so bad this time, because you have knowledge. But this whole subject is called ETHICS. (talks to the pen...) Come on you guy, write that, write that, come on, come on, come on, come on... this guy, he’s blocked out of this – he’s out-ethics. It’s ETHICS! PERSONAL Ethics. It was always MEANT to be personal. And Ethics in relationship to your playing in the game.

Right. What is ethical in the game? It is:


If you have a game where everyone has their own first dynamic possessions, and it’s agreed that those are yours and these are mine, and each person has their own things, then if I come over here and take this bag, that’s out-ethics, see? It’s not mine. How mad do you get if someone breaks in your car, when you’re parked in Italy, and they take your radio out? You see what I mean? That’s out-ethics.

You know that, right, I mean you KNOW IT. "Hey, that’s not by the rules of the game. I don’t like that! Ach!" Okay. So, by the way, what IS the correct way to get rid of something if you don’t want it any more? You could SELL the radio. Or you could GIVE it to someone, maybe your child, your kid, who has a new car, but he doesn’t have a radio, and you give him that one, and get another one. But that is an OFFICIAL change, or start, handle and complete cycle, on possession. It’s mine, now it’s yours. Bomp. Here’s the exchange, or it’s a gift – or, a present. So those are in the game already.

These conditions, these rules, are sitting there. Every country has laws about stealing, about taking somebody’s life when they don’t want to lose it! I know in Switzerland that people obey these very well and they make these arrangements here to do everything is a very good, civilised way. But you go to some countries – or some cities – in Europe, and the rest of the world, and immediately your whole attention, and your whole game, is protecting what you want there. You don’t have any fun, and you don’t expand on to other dynamics, and you don’t outflow because you’re just watching your car all the time. Or watching your where you purse is, so that nobody steals it.

You know how Italians enjoy their pasta and their spaghetti dinners. I went into a restaurant there with this friend of mine, one time, in Rome. When I walked in the door, I noticed over here a coat rack, in full view of everyone so that no-one would steal their coat, and over here was a big strong metal rack. I wondered what the hell that was. What was that for, I wondered, and I went and sat down with the guy, just talking. We were there a bit early, and then the restaurant started to fill up. I noticed some of the people coming in, and they were carrying these big heavy things. The most heavy one was usually in the right hand – it was the battery of their car. And they would put that in the rack, you see. They could all see, inside the restaurant.

The other thing was that they usually had their radio out of their car. They didn’t trust that to the rack. They would take it there and out it on the table. That was the only way they could enjoy their spaghetti! And not have to worry about somebody stealing their car, or stealing the radio out of the car. That’s an actual incident! Happened five, ten... ten years ago. That’s amazing! You see what people have to do to protect their own first dynamic possessions. In some places, just so they can enjoy a little bit of a good meal, and maybe conversation with their second dynamic terminal, or something, without worries, without having to collapse back on to the first dynamic.

Now you start to see, when people break the rules in the game, and when they don’t apply the right conditions, or they’re in a lower condition and don’t handle it, they become criminal and the rest of the game starts to get aberrated. You see, aberration is contagious. You see? So, that comes from what we talked about in the Dynamics Lecture – interference in the existing game. People come into the game, or they recruit people in the game, to break the rules – essentially. And to mess up the agreements, and change them around, so everyone’s confused, and so on. Or so that people become at effect of the interference. Therefore they become under control by the interference.

Now, I’ll just give you a small example of that – how it’s done by even the best of people in administrative ways, and by changing your agreements and changing your awareness of what is, your confront, of what IS the game, to something they want. Out of that come many, many, many violations, and breaks, of the rules of the game. We’ll give you several examples here, because I want you to see it on a third dynamic and fourth dynamic basis: (writes on board)

a) 900 – 1200 AD: THE CRUSADES.

The so-called Crusades...


Now, we don’t blame anybody for that, really, but it was the Catholic Church of Rome that did all this. Or somebody there was a real Interference person in the game. Now, what did they do? They gave people the concept of this: (writes on board)


Anybody else...


Now, also, if (the condition)...


Now, they stuck that in the game, and there happened to be another major religion going on at the time called Islam. They had the SAME THING! The same things! Except they even had: (writes on board)


...this (points to board): kill you and take your possessions – we who do it...


And of course before that you had another postulate put in there, or a belief put in there, that there was two ways you could go: when you die you could go to heaven or you could go to hell, and this was the IMPROVEMENT.

Now, both sides had this belief. They were spreading it around. There was a lot of interference in the game. What happened? Thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people were killed. And all their possessions were taken. And not only that, but after. The Crusades sort of got a little unpopular, or too expensive. There was nothing left to rip off, you see. They then started to do an Inquisition in Europe to make sure that NOBODY said anything against the "truth" – in quotes! And another many thousands of people got killed, and their possessions taken. You imagine living at that time, you didn’t have much chance to expand on your dynamics. Remember how the families protected themselves, the noble families, the business families? They promised always one son or one daughter every generation to go INTO that Church and be part of it so they would be protected. So, it was a form of blackmail, or protectionism. Far away from the regular game of exchange and production and granting beingness and dynamics to another person.

Now after that, came the Dark Ages – 1100-1400 or 1500. Another interesting bunch of lies came into the game: (writes on board)

I'll put in (referring to the previous summary on the board)



They did that one, and now, we have: (writes on board)

c) SPAIN...

Now let’s look at Spain. This was: (writes on board)


Now, after America was discovered in 1492, there was a whole bunch of Spanish nobleman, and other people, even church people, that went over to the New World. Now, maybe you don’t study American history, not US of America – but the whole of America, North and South, history, over here – but there was a lot of, shall we say, out of game agreements made and done over in North and South America by the Spanish. The Portugese, to some degree, too. But mainly these guys.

And the church people brought over the same thing. The noblemen worked right along with them. Anybody that would convert to the church religion was given over to the Conquistadors. You know, Pizarro, Cortes, Ponce de Leon, you know, those guys. They would then have free permission from the church, to go in there and kill them all, take all their gold and wipe them out, and give 10% to the church – or whatever percent, 40% or whatever. Besides taking their land, as well.

Now, the Spanish – just taking... looking at the Spanish, because we already know what this one is – they were after two things. The Indians found out this very soon, and they could get the Spanish to move on just by telling them two things. And those two buttons on the Spanish that the Indians found out very soon were: (writes on board)


Do you know that most of America – United States, and all of Mexico, and most of South America, was explored on the basis of Spanish Conquistadors looking for these two things? That’s right. They didn’t go, like today’s explorers, to Antarctica just to find out what’s there. Or climb Mount Everest just because no-one’s done it before. No, all of Spain’s explorations had to do with getting gold or the fountain of youth. They travelled, incredible hardships and thousands of miles across this whole country, North and South America, looking for these things, because the Indians said: "Oh, yeah, it’s over there." They didn’t want to get ripped off any more so they said: "There’s some over there." El Dorado, they called it, the City of Gold. Yeah! Those were the two ways that Spain used those as the rules of their game which allowed them to destroy everybody else’s dynamics.

Now we get: (writes on board)

d) ENGLAND, 1700-1850.

Now, we’re talking about the largest powers in the world at these times. They were other scenarios, but these were the big ones. And these were the datums they were working on, these were the "rules" they were working on. And England worked on this basis for quite a while – it was a little closer to the real game, so they didn’t have too much trouble... (writes on board)


World, I should say, world trade. Now, you remember the clipper ships, and all the English controlled the sea, and they had all the fast ships, and everything – very fast sailing ships. They would go to these poorer, what we would call third world countries – India, the Far East, and all that. And they would set up their administration on a partial slavery basis: as long as you do what the British want you to do, you’re okay, but if you go against us we’ll kill you. And there was administrative and economic slavery in some places, and then they would take the products that were made there, like the tea from China, and the herbs and spices from India, and opium – don’t forget that – they would put it on their ships and they would come back to Europe and sell it there, and sell it into Spain and all the countries of the New World, and so on. And they also had a trade, a very good trade going, in full slavery, from Africa.

That’s what produced this thing called the – I forget exactly what they called it – but it was some kind of a very profitable sailing triangle they did, and if we take England here (writes on board, drawing the triangle) it was ENGLAND, AFRICA, WEST INDIES. West Indies, the Caribbean. This was great. I mean, just look at the profit margins. The ship would start off from England with nothing in it more than a bunch of chains, down in the ballast, right? And a little bit of money. They go down to Africa, where the Arabs had already collected up a lot of black people out of the middle of Africa to sell them as slaves. So, they would pay them a little bit, and take these slaves off their hands, from the Arabs. Then they would take the slaves over here, to the West Indies, in the chains that they had on the ship, and then they would sell them to the farmers and the plantation owners over in here and all over the southern coast of America, who get very cheap labour. See? They would then use the money they used for the slaves, or some of it, to buy the sugar cane, and the rice, and the different things they made on the plantation. Each time, after this, they made a profit there on the slaves. It didn’t cost as much to buy coffee, and sugar cane, as it did to buy a slave, so they would make a profit on that, you see?

Now they would sail back to England – oh, and cotton, too, cotton was another one, they used a lot of slaves on the cotton – now they sailed back to England, and they sold that cargo of sugar cane which they make into rum. They sell the cotton to the fabric mills in England who make clothing out of it, and since the West Indian guys were bringing them tea, they sold coffee to the rest of Europe. And don’t forget chocolate, too. Anyway, the profit they made there was ENORMOUS. So they had full or partial slavery, partial in the east, full in the Africa, West Indies trade, where they made full profit on the slaves as well. And they go back to England, and England became the most powerful nation in those years, because they were gathering up all this world trade, money and profits. But a lot of people, or some people in those times, didn’t like this, because it AGAIN was not the real game.

So you see the progression here: belief in rip-off, and we can kill you, and then it’s gold and fountain of youth, and they don’t kill quite as many, and then we have: don’t kill them at all, make them slaves and make money on them, and make profit on the trade, make them work there and make money for you.

Now we get to Modern Civilisation. Nice progression here! And it is: (writes on board)


See? You notice that most countries have abolished slavery now, Most countries do not like you to go about and kill people, even if you are in the church. They allow people to have their own possessions. They allow you to do that... but! They put economic and administrative duress on you in place of all this stuff. Now some of it is of course, useful. I mean, it is good that they have laws written down against some of these bad things. Everything that is good about this modern civilisation is because it is in line with the real game. But everything that people protest about and don’t like too much is not in line with the original game agreements.

So we can see here, economic duress – non agreed-upon, excessive taxes, for one thing. And you have to have so many papers before you can be a... whatever. Or do... whatever. Or have... whatever. When they becomes too much, people protest. So you notice that the handling of this change of how do you control the world, so to speak, has become more and more on a gentle gradient. So you don’t notice.

Now, this means that inflation can gradually eat away at your money, but it’s only a matter or a percent or so a year. The taxes have to go up, of course, we all know that, but they only go up a little bit every year. Yes, there’s going to be more paperwork required when they have the Common Market in operation, but they'll just put in a little bit here and a little bit there, and then later on, everybody has to do it.

Some countries have already had this in their tradition, like Spain, for instance, after this period – they went into an administrative control of their people in Spain. If you go to get a driver’s licence in Spain, for instance, you have to go round to about four different buildings before you can actually have it. It’s just an example, but it’s an incredibly long and boring experience. Even to get a new licence plate on your car, it takes at least two days of time. People hire others to go and do it for them, and the guy calls them on the telephone when they’re almost at the end of the line so they can come down there and sign the paper. All they care about is the paper, the stamp and the signature, that’s all! They’re not really testing the guy or seeing if he’s honest, or whether he can drive a car or not. They don’t care about that. So again people get protesty about that. It’s not really the right game. There’s no exchange. Oh yeah, you have to pay the government for doing all this, but if you stand in line yourself, you lose two day’s pay! You see? So you feel out-exchange somehow. Or you have to pay another guy to go and stand in line for you. It’s an amazing system! In Germany it’s much faster to do these things.

But, that’s just an example of how administrative duress, and economic duress, can sort of grow, and get obnoxious and not liked. Now, look at your Common Market policies. How did anyone get interested in it in the first place? Because they promised to TAKE AWAY some of the administration and some of the economic duress. They said open borders, free trade, and no long lines for the paperwork when you’re going across and have to show all your papers, or a truck driver has to wait two hours to get his things all checked – or two days! However, this has not occurred. Only in a couple of places, for public relations purposes. You can go to Strasbourg, for instance, and freely move across the border between France and Germany. But that’s where the Common Market European Parliament is in that town. So that’s a nice public relations thing.

But in other places you see the trucks backed up for miles, and they’re sleeping in their trucks, waiting to do all the paperwork coming between Germany and France, just maybe a couple of hundred kilometres away. And remember, those truck drivers are being paid by the day as well. So what is it going to do to the profits of their company? And you may be sure that in 1992 you will hear of a whole list of new things you have to do to be in the Common Market! More paper, more taxes, somebody’s got to support all those politicians, and the bureaucracy. So, somebody’s got to be taxed somewhere. So the idea there was to let the people work, you know, not be slaves, let them work, let them make SOME money, but take the rest away from them. In other words, don’t give them the freedom of choice, of "I pay my own bills". So you have to pay the tax – on a general basis. They say they’re going to build you better roads. But suppose a person is working, and he’s handicapped, and maybe can’t see too well, and he can never drive a car. Well, he has to pay the tax anyway.

Okay, so you have these different things that people protest about, the rules, and about the agreements of how they are controlled. If they would ever come up with a list of "this is what we’re going to spend the money on, and tick in the box whether you want to pay that percent for your roads, for your schools, for your this, for your that, for your that", then they come to WEAPONS OF WAR and you say, no, I don’t want to pay for that. You see, they don’t allow you that choice, You have to pay the tax and they spend it on whatever they want. In America, half of all the tax money from all those two hundred million Americans, HALF of the tax money was going, for many years during the cold war, to weapons. Now, there was no exchange for the taxpayer on any of that.

Okay. What we’re getting an idea of here is: conditions under which you live, on different dynamics. I’m trying to get you to confront those and to understand what the sequence is here, through history, of this control method that is in some ways going along with the game, and in some ways against. And why people feel they cannot do anything about it. Because it is, remember, Start, Handle, Complete. There isn’t any way an individual, by himself, can really do anything to handle and complete the cycle on it, even if he starts.

I mean, you’ve seen that in the UFO lecture I gave, because there were a couple of guys in America that started to expose all the government’s connection with alien races. They were protesting that first of all, it was being kept a secret, and second of all, a lot of tax money was being spent on making underground bases for the aliens. It was supposed to be a democracy, a free country; we were supposed to know what our money’s going for... and they were keeping it a secret. And if you recall, the guy who was one of the main speakers in that, William Cooper, he said that they had tried to assassinate him two or three times already, and they had sent around things saying he was crazy, and all that kind of stuff. They had tried to contain him, and actually, do what one of the earlier control scenarios was – just kill him! In other words, he was a modern-day heretic.

Now probably, one of the biggest modern-day heretics there ever was, was L. Ron Hubbard! Because he started breaking down all of the lies that were being used to control people, like the belief that they were a body, that they couldn’t improve, that your intelligence could never improve – these are all scientific FACTS, you see! And that you only live once – you see, that makes a guy try to get out of it what he can, and he knows he’d better not make any trouble for the government or they kill him, you know... so all these things went right into the face of these control scenarios that are STILL GOING ON TODAY. They're going on on a very hidden level, and sometimes the OPPOSITE of the truth is being taught to you in science, and taught to you in schools, so that you believe it from when you're very young all the way through your life.

Now, these are conditions. They are existing circumstances, in the game right now. You’re lucky to be living in Switzerland, because it has probably one of the better ratios of game truth to lies. But, as we will continue after dinner, I want to tell you: it doesn’t have to be a matter of luck. It is not just luck whether things go bad, or whether things go better. It has to do exactly with, either knowingly or unknowingly, doing the RIGHT HANDLING for the condition that IS THERE.

Now, the purpose of the rest of the lecture after dinner will be to get you to understand what the conditions are, how to recognise them, and how to KNOWINGLY do the right thing to handle, and improve. The right thing to know what the condition is, and then to do the right thing KNOWINGLY to handle and improve and complete that condition, so you improve in the game.

Okay? Are you ready to do a little handling on your dinner? Yes? Very good! Okay, that’s it for this portion of lecture. Thank you. (Applause...)

* * * * *

Okay, welcome to Part Two of Improving Conditions In Life. Good.

Now, here is a surprising datum to most of you. You may have heard about policy letters written by L. Ron Hubbard, about Ethics Conditions. And many of you who had association in the Church may have had those conditions misapplied to you. In other words, maybe they didn’t work for you. Or you felt by-passed charge. Couldn’t complete the cycle. Didn’t help you confront and find the actual sequence to handle what you were having trouble with. Well, one of the reasons for that is that the use of conditions is an individual ability, and it’s an individual undertaking in the game. So no-one should assign you a condition. That is almost like evaluating for the player. All they should do is help you to FIND the correct one. The one that when applied, does handle and bring to a complete cycle the condition that you’re in. In other words, it helps you improve your life.

Okay, so that’s a very personal thing for each individual in the game. All this assigning business, and saying "you’re this, and you’re that", is usually, in most cases, if not evaluation, it is giving you a wrong item. It’s like, telling you how you should play – but you haven’t really agreed to that rule. Now there is another subject in that area, which IS applicable when a person cannot follow the rules and does not wish to improve, and that is called JUSTICE. That is when a group of people who are supposed to be in the game then decide for the person what should be done. That is usually SUPPOSED to be based on the rules of the game, and for the best survival, or improvement on all the dynamics. And as we discussed earlier, that is reflected in some of the laws in different countries in the planet. As we gave before, you shouldn’t steal from another player in the game, you shouldn’t take away their body or their life, and so on.

In the Free Zone, the only real justice matters that are brought to our attention are things that prevent a person or other people from going up the Bridge. That is really all we have to worry about, because everything else can be handled if the people are permitted to do the Bridge correctly. But that’s justice, and you may say it’s ethical justice, based on what OUR game is. We’re trying to improve players in the game and they come to us to get the auditing processes done so they will realise some of the cycles they have, and to complete them and so on, and that’s called auditing, and that’s what we do. By the way, that’s also a proof that people do want to improve – it’s one of the basic purposes of the game. Because if people didn’t want to improve, then they would be happier, you see. If they’d wanted to not improve, then they would be happier with all these incomplete cycles on them because then they would be certainly winning on not improving.

But we are not talking about that – that is not the subject of this lecture. The subject of this lecture is how can you apply conditions in your own personal way, by your own personal observation – how can you do this in life?

Now, the first thing I have to tell you is, because it can be confusing if you don’t know this... not out-ethics pens again (writes on board with difficulty)... so...


Okay? Now, since we know this game has different dynamics in it – and I game a lecture about that, there are at least twelve of them – so they can be applied: (writes on board)


But you may have more than one goal or purpose on a dynamic. For instance, on your first dynamic you want to save up enough money to buy a new car. You also want to save up enough money to buy a new house. You could apply conditions to each one of those purposes. You could. Yes? Or you could put it all together in one sort of a financial purpose. And work it out of one purpose to make enough finance to afford all this, and this. See? Again, that is YOUR decision, on where you want to apply these, or observe and see the sequence, and apply these conditions. I think by the end of the lecture you will realise that you’d better do that, or you might not GET to the purpose or the goal or the ideal scene you have on any dynamic, or anything.

And the reason for that is simply this: this is the surprising datum. I don’t think it’s been stated exactly this strongly – but I will state it this strongly because I’ve found it out that it is there, and anyone that’s gone past OT 16 knows it is there too, in these games. Now we’re looking at the whole universe here, as being part of one game. There may have been other games before that, where there were other objectives, and other purposes in that game. And there may have been some games PLANNED to happen, which had other purposes and things to understand in it. Remember, I think it in was the Dynamics Lecture, we were talking about what makes you INVOLVED in a game is interest, intelligence, and improvement. Now, those will make a successful game, and, as long as somebody doesn’t come in and hide the basics of the game, you will be able to win. That did happen in this particular one.

Now we have uncovered some of the real basics. Because of doing the Bridge and because of LRH’s work, we have discovered some of the real basics underlying what these games were supposed to accomplish, and what improvement you were supposed to feel. Let’s look at it like this. If you have a business, or a company, you might have an overall purpose for that company. Let’s say, it’s a milk business. You know, you have a dairy, and you want to produce good quality milk for the children of Switzerland, or of this canton. Okay? But in that business, you would also have sub-purposes, such as to have very clean and sanitary tricks to carry the milk in. And either clean the bottles, or produce or make milk cartons that won’t slip down and come apart when the people buy the milk. Of course, you have to have quality control so that nothing dangerous gets into the milk, it’s all very pure, and there’s no impurities in there. And you have to have responsible people in the dairy and on the deliveries, so that they don’t break the bottles, or they don’t put pollution into the milk. All of this goes to make the overall purpose of the dairy.

So you see, you can have an overall purpose and several sub-purposes. That’s very similar to this, and you can have different purposes on dynamics. But, what we’ve found out, is that in all of this, the interest of the player is in improving on whatever these are: (writes on board)


Okay? In each of these games there is an underlying thing that you’re supposed to find, and use. You’re supposed to find it by observing what’s happening in the game, and you’re supposed to understand what the sequence is, and you’re supposed to, in other words, see the condition; and you’re supposed to realise, or cognite, that that is the condition, this is the handling, and that is the successful way to finish, or to complete winning in the game.

It’s almost like the story of pollution on this planet. Think back a hundred years or so, and small communities and people didn’t have scientific measurement, and to them it didn’t really matter if they threw waste material in the stream. It goes downstream and they didn’t think about the other towns downstream, and if they had beginnings of engines and stuff, they didn’t worry about what it did to the air. You see, they were unconnected with the others.

But nowadays, with all the communication and the worldwide measurements of these things, it suddenly becomes very important to do conservation. In other words, not let these pollutants go up into the air in such volume, and to try to conserve some of the waste products. You see what I mean? Just by the progress of this game on this planet, all of a sudden conservation of resources and handling of pollution becomes a very important thing, otherwise it hurts the survival or everyone. What I’m going to tell you is that it’s even more important, because it was one of the agreed upon games basics which is underlying the truth of this particular game. We’re talking here about an agreement that was made that this would be one of the parts of the game, and it would have this importance in it, and we would get to find out what it was all about. And this was agreed to BEFORE the game started. Okay?

So it’s very very basic. And very very important. And underlies all of life. And it’s been confused by all this interference and so on. Now, what is the basic that everybody was supposed to learn in this particular universe game here? And by the way, you couldn’t get out of it, you couldn’t finish with this part of the game until you did find it. You know? It’s like in a game where it’s your turn to do something. In one of these little board games, if you don’t do it, you don’t move, you don’t roll the dice to get another number, you don’t pick up the card, you don’t buy the little house there, whatever, in Monopoly or whatever game, you can’t come off of that place unless you do the next cycle.

What you were supposed to discover in this game, in life – not in auditing, particularly, but in LIFE! – you were supposed to discover the condition. The condition which this game was based on. And the formula of how to improve it to the next condition up, which would be the next part of the game. And if you didn’t do it, or if you got interfered with, you would start going to the previous, the earlier conditions downward. You will understand more of this as we go on.

So I will put to you know, what is the condition that you’re supposed to discover in this game, right now? It’s called – as an orientation, let's give it a "Zero" – it’s called the Condition of Emergency: (writes on board)


Now, that gives you the feeling of, well, there’s a lot of excitement, there’s a lot of emergency, people move around a lot and they handle things, and what is this condition anyway? It means: THINGS WILL GET WORSE UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. In a data or graph form, it would be something like this: (draws graph on board of a line going down gradually.) It would be a line which is going down slowly. Even if it was level, it would eventually start going down because nothing was done about it. Now let’s look at the graph, so you can understand it in your life: (points to graph of downslope) This is time, going on here, and this is improvement. So you see, as time goes on, improvement is either none, or it goes worse. The downslope.

Now. First, let's look at it in auditing. It means you’re not getting any gains, or it means you start to feel you’re losing your gains. Or if you’re not getting any auditing, it means that life is just starting to overwhelm you a little bit more every year. Or these guys that I talked about, the control groups, on your administration and economics lines, are making sure that every year you have a little bit less and less money for yourself. Or, in the health context, your body is just not as healthy or you’re less active, or you can’t ski any more, every year you have a little bit less ability. You see? You were supposed to discover the reason for all this, and how to handle it.

We know today that science, medicine, government, have either not discovered it, or are deliberately keeping the secret of this from you. People do get old and die. You buy a car, and it gradually gets worse, and you have to junk it. You keep having a little less spending power each year – our money’s not worth so much. Many areas, many areas – there’s more confusion in the world every year. You used to know how everything was very stable, in Switzerland especially, but now there’s different possibilities of the Common Market, or the economic problems, or even terrorists influencing your civilisation. As we said before, it used to be safe to live in the cities and even leave your doors unlocked, and your car parked on the street, but NOW... you might get your radio stolen, you might get your house robbed, you might get mugged on the street by drug addicts. Or if you’re a teacher, you might see that the children of today are watching more and more violence on TV, and they’re starting to try to experiment with drugs and everything, and their mental capacity is going down.

Now all of these are examples, and they do exist right now. So why didn’t anybody see this, and find the formula for this? Well, some people tend to do better in some areas than others, and you do see people overcoming this in certain areas – BUT NOT ALL. Some people have gone to natural medicine, and they feel better – for a while – but they still don’t live much longer. So they didn’t discover the whole. Maybe just accidentally, they did something right. Some people have worked very hard and do two jobs and maybe make some wise investments and come up above the economic scenario – for a while. And some people have kept the old traditions and make sure their children do not associate with the criminal elements, and the drugs, and they do well in school, even better. But if you ask them: "What is the condition you saw, and what is the formula you applied?"... "Well... I just knew I had to do this..." They don’t really know.

To know what it is, you have to know what the real game is. The real game of the dynamics. And the real game of what the players wanted to create on these dynamics, what purposes they had. If they don’t know that, then they MIGHT just try to follow the interference people, and think that they are winning because THEY must have the right formula, and so they COPY them, you see. They figure, "Hey, the guys who sell drugs are making a lot of money, so I’ll sell drugs at night." But they go against the spiritual health and the physical health of the other people they sell the drugs to, which makes them a disagreement or an ARC break with the dynamics here – everybody’s supposed to improve – so they make the money for a while, and they beat the economic scenario. The next thing you know, maybe they’re arrested by the police, even lose their freedom, or even worse, they got in some scenario with other drug dealers, bigger ones, and they get killed because they’re competitors. Or, they find out suddenly that since they’ve been having drugs around all the time, their own children start taking the drugs, and think it’s okay, and they go down the tubes. Or, finally, they themselves start taking the drugs, and then they start experiencing all the different insanities, and mental loss and everything, and they just become psychotic. So that is obviously not the right formula.

Now, what about all these guys who are running the scenarios – did they have the right formula? Well, they still have the problem of the body ageing. They haven’t found that one out yet – they just take another body. They do keep the secret from everybody about changing from one body to another at the end of a life – and that’s the only secret they have, they keep going like that. Now that is definitely a mystery secret in the history of the planet, but it’s always been an off-planet secret of how to control people: you maintain your control lines through several lifetimes. They have little groups of secret societies who do this. And they make very sure that no-one in the earth education system ever hears about this. So they don’t really have the formula, because they’re keeping it a secret, and of course in any game you want the others to win too, or you don’t win on your dynamics.

So, with these examples, what have we noticed that is part of this slowly sliding-down condition? Remember one guy, we found he could beat it and improve his financial condition by working harder, or by getting another extra job, as long it wasn’t selling drugs. Okay, so there is something to do with: (writes on board)


Now this is not the formula yet, these are just the components of this condition. Remember, the other guy, who went to sell the drugs, and so on, or imitate the criminals, he went out-ethics – not supporting the dynamics, he went out-ethics, all right? – so ethics has something to do with it: (writes on board)


Yes... and, also, we know that the teacher or the parents could promote to their children, or talk to their children, and give them the right advice so that they could remain successful in school. So we would look at that as promotional idea, or a communication idea: (writes on board)


And we notice that all of these people were in a state going like this (points to graph of downslope on board), so they had to FIND TIME to do something else to handle it. Do you notice that? They had to CHANGE. They had to find time to do some more things to beat this downtrend. So they had to: (writes on board)


On time, and on expenditures. Because remember, the money didn’t buy as much, and they had to have time now to teach the children the right way to do things. So economise... (writes on board)


And they also had to change something. They had to do something new that they weren’t doing before: (writes on board)


Do something new that is successful. That handles this. Now Ron actually gave us the written down formula based on his analysis of this, which was exactly what I’ve told you here. So the formula is, if you analyse it: (writes on board)



And that means, in the right area. I mean, fit with the dynamics and so on: a good product, more quality, a good communication of what service or product you can provide, or a communication, say, to your children to make sure that they follow the right path. See, Ron gave this in sequence, so that if you do it in the proper sequence, it succeeds easily.

So, let’s take a business, for example. You could find new customers for your business to improve the volume of your sales. You could produce a better quality product that more people like, and you could start making, for instance if this was money (points to graph of downslope), you could start changing this from going down to start bringing it back up again, you see? Or, in many communities like they’re doing today, they could form teachers’ groups to train children on what the harmful use of drugs is, and to try to get them in special classes to understand better why it’s important for them to have an education.

Okay, and the second thing is: you’ve got to have time to do this. If you start doing this right away you realise you've got to drop out some things that you were doing before. But watch out – don’t drop out the things that were at least keeping it this high! You want to economise on time and finance to be able to do this and to be able to sell a better product, or promote or do the things to get out of it. So it’s economising next: (writes on board)


And since you’ve put more attention on this, and taken out some other time that was not productive, and put it to number 1 (points to "Promote or Produce"), you have found out you have changed your operating basis. So you have to organise that change: (writes on board)


And you must prepare – because there’ll be some more time you need to prepare to deliver more. You need more time to deliver to the children who need the education, you need more time to deliver your product if you’re improving it, you need more time to concentrate on getting new public to buy it. So: (writes on board)


And the last thing, of course, is that you must stiffen the Ethics, all through this, so that you don’t fall into this trap (points to graph of downslope), or the trap of supporting the infiltrators, or the people who interfered with the game: (writes on board)


Now, this (points to formula steps 1 through to 5) would be the successful sequence of the formula. Whatever you apply it to, you would do these rapidly, one after the other, and then keep them all going, like juggling balls, you see? Now, you can see that if you didn’t do this (points to "Promote or Produce"), if you didn’t promote or produce more, or try to get into communication better, with whatever you were trying to handle, you would economise yourself to death! You would just start saving, not buying this, not doing that, not doing that, and you wouldn’t have anything to do! So you've got to put in this first (points to "Promote or Produce"), and then it automatically economises your time, and shortens down on the other things that weren’t helping you.

You notice that by doing those two things (points to "Promote or Produce" and "Economise"), you’ve already changed your operating basis, and now you’ve have to regularise it and put it in your schedule (points to "Change by Organising"). And you realise that since you’re doing this (points to "Promote or Produce", "Economise", and "Change by Organising") you have to deliver more, because by doing this (points to "Promote or Produce", "Economise", and "Change by Organising") you’re going to increase the volume and quality, and if it’s a product, the sales of the product. And you’re going to have to do this (points to "Stiffen Ethics"), because you might even need to hire more people, and they might want to start selling drugs, or something like that, or putting drugs in the milk, or something like that, so you want to stiffen the Ethics as well.

Now some of you may say: "Well, what about the environmental problem? Wouldn’t that production pollute the atmosphere more? You must apply it to the environment!" Well, if you’re working it against the dynamic basis that everybody wants to win in the game, your production (points to "Promote or Produce") is going to be of a better quality, and also, with more conservation in. You see, the "economise" (points to "Economise") is going to be to also economise – and the operating basis (points to "Change by Organising") is also going to be – on your waste products. In other words, you have to adopt a new viewpoint here: stiffen your Ethics (points to "Stiffen Ethics") on the environment, as well as deliver more (points to "Deliver More"), to actually help more dynamics.

Good. So if we looked at the environment, however, if you are a Green Party person, they’re actually doing this. They’re actually promoting (points to "Promote or Produce") what harm is coming to the environment and what should be done about it. They’re producing whatever products they can (points to "Promote or Produce"). They’re encouraging products of recycling and saving things and making different products out of the waste. They’re trying to tell people: "Don’t throw so much trash into the atmosphere (points to "Economise"), economise on all this pollution." They use very simple methods, like one little boat goes out and tries to stop the big warship that’s going to dump the nuclear waste into the ocean, you know? They go out, they get their pictures taken – good! – and all of you have seen it on television, right? They have a little bit of effort, a little money here and there, and they’ve got these little boats out there and the big boats with the billions of dollars, and all that, get very bad press!

And I know , because they are bring successful, that they must have changed their operating basis (points to "Change by Organising") from just TALKING about it and writing letters to their congressman or their government people to actually DOING something that would be an action, something worth filming, you see? That’s the change. And they prepare, always asking for contributions, and so on, to deliver MORE of this (points to "Deliver More"), and to let people know, and to demonstrate why it’s bad, and so on. And making people think green and buy recycled products, and all that. And all the people in there, they must have really told them: "Let’s keep very strong on these points here, and don’t go off and get bought off by the big companies, or something like that, and tell all these lies to people – let’s just keep together and stiffen our own Ethics (points to "Stiffen Ethics") – and stiffen the Ethics of other people in the environment". Now, they also tried to make you put your Ethics in on that.

So, yes, they did something like this formula (points to formula steps 1 through to 5), probably because they thought it out, or maybe they had to. They probably didn’t know the formula, but they did the right things. And now you’ll find in the last few years the awareness of what the Greens are saying, and what these environmentalists are saying, has not been less, it’s been MORE – right? (points to graph on board, showing how the downslope is corrected to start moving upwards again.) Right? I mean, don’t you hear more about the green and the conservation movement today than you did five years ago? Now, we happen to know some other inside information that ONE, amazingly enough, one of the companies supporting them is the Rockefeller Foundation. They were the same guys that did the Valdez thing, up in Alaska, you know, let all the oil come out on the beach and everything, so you might say: "Hey, what’s going on here? Why are they, those guys, who are just interested in the money, in the bucks off the oil, why are they supporting the Greens?"

Now you’re seeing how the interference works. That’s why you’ve really got to stiffen the Ethics (points to "Stiffen Ethics"), and know the game (points to board). Because the reason nobody discovered this formula, except LRH, was because every group that tried to do the right thing got taken over. Now we just have to see, when the takeover is complete, what are they going to use them for? Because you see, when you take over a group like this, you can use it from the interference side for several things. Back in the old days, as we saw, they used to take them over just to destroy them and rip them off. But today they’re much smarter about that. They may use it to wipe out the competition. In other words, all the companies that they feel are competition to them that are not in with the interference people. In other words, they use their influence with the Greens to get laws passed that are so restrictive and so expensive, that nobody can actually afford to comply with them except the Rockefeller companies. So those companies crash on the stock market, and Rockefeller buys them.

Another reason they could do it is very important. In the politics of Germany in the last few years, and other countries too, the two major parties were within a few percent of each other, were 52 — 48, or both 48, 49 – nobody had the real majority, say. No, that’s too much... both were below 50. Neither had a majority. But the Green Party had two or three percent. So whichever way they were told to go, to vote with this party, or with that party, could make the difference between whether a law is passed or not.

Now, a GREAT way to control the entire future lawmaking of a country, without spending a lot of money to take over the entire political system, is to just control the guys who hold the balance vote! You could decide, if you controlled that small percentage that made the majority of whatever side... you could say, don’t vote with either of them, and neither of them would get their laws in! So you would have the possibility of going for this side, or that side, or neither. Then having both of the major parties coming to you and saying: "How much do you want for the Greens? We will need them for our vote!" Now, you see, those are some of the more clever control scenarios that are being played.

But why was this? It all goes back to when somehow the Greens happened to apply a condition correctly (points to formula steps 1 to 5). A real condition in the game, and it was noticed right away by the interference, and right away they had to get their hands on that. I give you this example, because when YOU apply these conditions, you will also become successful. But you don’t know what yet might happen. This is just the beginning of this scenario on the Greens. You don’t know what may happen in the next few years, and there’s some horrible things that could happen on the lower conditions to them. Okay – we’ll go into that.

Now this (points to "Emergency" and formula steps 1 to 5) is what you were supposed to learn in this universe. At least this one. Because, once you did this, you would also come to the realisation that life was spread throughout the whole universe, that even the planet, even the matter, energy space and time, even the fifth dynamic, animals, plants, things like that, all had a relationship to the whole game. It wasn’t just a game for human beings. They had all the dynamics, and if you were very good at it, you could get to the point where you could get in good communication with your car, and it would last a long, long time. And you have stories not only just from Scientologists, but from people who talk to their plants, and they’re much healthier than other plants. Because they talk to them.

Now, if this is all done correctly (points to formula steps 1 to 5), and this is the real condition that is spotted (points to "Emergency") – because, I want to tell you, not all the conditions are this any more, the game has gone on and got messed up too much – you would move into a state above this, which is called NORMAL, which requires a lot less effort, and things just keep going well.

Now, before we take you on the underground trip, I will show you the Normal one, just so you have a stable point there: (writes on board)


If you did that formula right on whatever area you saw that needed it, after a while – and it could take anywhere from several weeks to maybe a year or so – but after a while, by keeping doing that formula exactly as it was laid out, you would arrive into a state of Normal Operation. (draws graph on board of a gradual upslope.)

And (points to graph) improvement, time, it’s always getting better and better and better and better, at least on a nice gradient. In a business you’d be making more and more money each year, you’d be making better and better products, having more and more customers, on an environmental basis the air would be getting cleaner, there would be less pollution, more recycled products. So, you would say, one of the things is that you want that to continue, because it’s easy! Once you’ve got this going now, this new operating basis and the emergency thing all done right! Things are going well! And you don’t want to change that, do you? Your 2D’s going better, your children are doing better in school... oh, man! You don’t want to change that, do you?

Funnily enough, the formula that LRH worked out for this, is: (writes on board)



Hahahaha! That’s number one. You know, you have your children operating well in school, and they’re doing better in school, and somebody comes along with a plan of: "Oh, I got this wonderful stuff from America, they're called sleep tapes. They make you learn twice as fast, you just put the headphones on the little kid’s ears, and it gives him all kinds of data all night long, and..." If you did this formula, Emergency, and got the kids doing better in school, you'd better not accept that at all. Just say: "Get the hell out of here, I don’t need that." But, LRH realised a lot of people wouldn’t know why it was not a good idea to take the sleep tapes. So he put in a little handling for that kind of thing too. Somebody that despite all their good intentions, they changed it anyway. (writes on board)





Okay. Now: Don’t change anything! But, life will throw changes at you. So you INSPECT. It may not throw them at you, it may throw them at somebody in your organisation or in the school or something. So you inspect. You keep watching, make sure everything’s going right, you see? Just like a mother looking, a mother hen looking out over the little chicks. Or the farmer looking at the weather, looking at how the condition of his stock is, and his fields. If the area goes down, that means it starts to go back into Emergency. Find why, and it says: "on the change-date coincidence". What that means is, usually look just for what was the time when it started to go down, and you find the change that was put in right there, and handle it! Get it out of there! You see what I mean?

You have the students studying better at school. The brother-in-law of the mayor, of the Burgermeister, happens to run a lighting business. And he convinces the mayor that the mayor ought to pass a law to put these new lights into the school. You see? So on a certain day, or on the weekend, maybe, they come and put all these fluorescent lights where all the children before had their little lamps on the desk. And the mayor says: "Oh, great, modernisation of the school." Except you’re the parent, and you go in there and you wonder why your kid is not learning so much any more. And you find the date-coincidence (points to board) with him starting to do worse in school – they put in these new lights, and now you go and inspect this, and you see that the glare from these fluorescent lights is bouncing off the pages and the children can’t really read, and they miss words, and they don’t study as much any more. But before, they used to adjust their little lamp to where the light was bouncing away from them so it wouldn’t get in their eyes. So you have to form a parents’ committee, you know, and... "Get the lights out of there! And put back the other ones!" By that time half the kids are being fitted with glasses at the optician – and he’s the cousin of the mayor – so to handle this one, you’ve got to elect a new mayor!

But I tell you, sometimes the handling, just to keep the Normal Operation continuing, can get a little severe. Because, remember this: all the time that you’re improving (points to graph of gradual upslope), if you’re doing it on a financial basis, all the time the guys running the government are trying to inflate the money, so you don’t get as much. You have to keep this curve against the inflation curve! (draws dotted line on graph at a slightly steeper gradient than the gradual upslope, and labels it "inflation". The original gradual upslope line is labelled "income".) That is really Emergency right here (points to graph of both lines relative to one another). Because if this is how your money is depreciating in value (points to the steeper line), then you’re actually making less. If you brought this down level (points to the steeper line), this would be down, you see! (points to the gradual upslope line.)

So this is income (points to the gradual upslope line), and that’s inflation (points to the steeper line). Now, this is actually Emergency. So therefore, you have to make that inflation, what is the buying power of your money (points to the gradual upslope line), and make that – your Normal – above that (points to the steeper line). You see? Now that means that, when you see this, you’ve got to apply the Emergency formula again, maybe find the new product, new promotion, a new way to make income, and produce enough more to keep above inflation.

Now, I’ll tell you this: everyone who IS successful either works in opposition to the game, and they won’t be successful long, in not many areas, because they’re going against dynamics. Most of them have terrible health problems – we’ll come to that later, where that comes in the conditions – but everybody else that is successful, HAS somehow realised they had to do that. They may not know why, and they may not know the right formula – it’s just a matter of simple mathematics (points to graph on board) – and I’ll prove to you that that is happening right now in that large canton to the north of you, because most of the Germans there, whether you know it or not, are doing black work on the side. Either the wife does it, or the husband does it when he comes home, or they have a little side business, personal, operating out of the house.

You know how that was proved, several years ago? The government put out a thing to the press and television, if they’re going to make a law so that Germans wouldn’t have to pay the taxes of those who were doing black work, they were going to ask all the Germans who knew of anybody doing black work to report them to the government. But it backfired on them. That was Kohl’s party, and they almost lost their entire government right there, over the weekend. I mean, they cancelled the whole idea on Monday. Officially, on television, and in the news, and everything.

I know why that happened. It’s because they gathered the statistics, and they found out that... Wow! The German economy is 45% BLACK work. So they thought there were 55% of people who were very honest, and doing normal labour, and paying taxes, and over here was 45% black work going on, and they could get the 55% guys to report on the 45% guys. But that’s where they didn't do enough inspection, because 90% of the 55% were the SAME GUYS doing the black work that were doing the honest work. It was really only 10% people ONLY doing black work. So over that weekend, there were incredible letters and everything sent to Bonn, to the Bundestag, saying: "This is just like the Gestapo, we’ve got to report on our friends, and all this stuff. And if you don’t do this, we’re not going to vote for you guys any more," and all... Hahahaha! Boy, they stopped it right away. Because one of the worst things you can do to the Bonn government is accuse them of being just like the Nazis, you know? Oh, they’re really touchy about that! Hahaha! So, you see, you see, that was a scenario that didn’t come off.

So there are people out there, doing some right things. When it came to their personal finance, they knew exactly the button to hit. They actually found the "Why" already (points to step 2 on board). They said they’re acting like the Gestapo, and they handled it right away, so they could keep it Normal. It might not even have been the right Why, but it sure worked! Hahaha! So it was the right Why for that situation – you see what I mean? I mean, they could have carried that right forward into, "Why do you tax us so much anyway? That’s why we do the black work, it’s because you over-tax us!" They didn’t say that. In other words, they hadn’t seen the whole scenario of the gradual increase of the taxes every year and all this and different things, but they did see that instant thing and they said "Ach, that’s just like the Gestapo!" and Bam! That scared them. So you understand that! How to keep it Normal. Hahaha!

Okay. Now, the other side of that is, the area could go UP! In other words, it could have just automatically gone up like this, while you did the Emergency formula. You’ve been watching everything, and now, listen, it just starts going up higher than the inflation rate, and even better (points to graph). Well, you’ve got to find why again – date-coincidence – and reinforce it! (points to step 3 on board.) You see? Maybe the milk you're selling suddenly got very popular in Zurich, and all of a sudden they’re ordering all this milk from the canton you’re in, to go to Zurich, because it’s better than the milk they have there. And people even started to drive all the way to your canton to buy it and they told their friends about it, you see, word of mouth, they told their friends and helped you promote! And you didn’t even know it. You see, that helps do the Emergency formula for you, and you were getting help on that and you didn’t even know it.

All of a sudden your income goes way up (points to graph). You have to find why, and reinforce it. So you get one of your salesmen to go around, and say, "Hey, do you stock this milk? All of the Zurich people are buying it!" "What? I didn’t know that!" So he orders it, too. You see? Or in the case of the school, maybe some other parents heard about it: "Hey, that’s a good school over there, I want to put my children over there, because they’re actually learning something!" Because they found that every day their little girl was getting help from one of the other girls that was in that good school, and that’s how she was getting better in her school, because she was getting help from the other little girl. So the next thing you know, it starts spreading, you see? IMPROVEMENT goes up (points to graph). Faster and faster.

Now, in this condition, however, since it is fairly stable and it’s going up anyway, you have LIGHT ETHICS (points to step 4 on board). Something must be being done right by most everybody in your club, your group, your... whatever, or yourself – therefore don’t try to hammer it down, just... EASY. Right? Instead of firing a guy for breaking milk bottles in your factory, you just tell him, "Look, come in here a minute, the more bottles you break, the harder it is for us to make a profit, and we’re going to have to cut your salary, do you understand? So here, wear some rubber gloves with the little things on them so you don’t drop the bottles any more." I mean, simple. Simple things like that. You hat them, more or less, but with a little bit of Ethics presence so that they don’t do it again. Okay? So that’s Normal.

Now, I want to tell you that the great number of businesses in the world do not apply the Emergency formula correctly. You remember, here we had Promote or Produce, and then Economise (points to Emergency formula on board). Do some more. It says here: Promote, or Produce more. Here it is, "Prepare to Deliver More" (points to board). They do just the opposite. Not quite the opposite. They do number two, and they do this less.

All the management experts I’ve ever heard of, they go in and say: "Oh, the company’s failing, so let’s economise. Cut down five of the plants, fire twenty-five of the employees – or two hundred and fifty thousand of the employees – and let’s cut down our production and build it back up later, you know." And they always fail! They end up being bankrupt or something like that... I mean, it’s a ridiculous formula! Very good for the big insiders, though, because they usually end up buying the company at a very cheap rate on the stock market.

Well, now that you know what Normal is, we’ll go higher than that, all the way up to the top, later on, but I want to start bringing you down now to start seeing where some of these guys have got to in the game. (writes on board)


Okay, Danger. It’s more than just an emergency, it’s really... Danger (draws graph of steep downslope). Improvement, time... a STEEP DROP. You know, it’s the kind of thing which always shocks people: "Oh God, I lost my job today!" You know. Or: "I made some bad investments on the stock market, and I just lost a hundred thousand Swiss Francs or something". Or, in a higher business sense, Donald Trump, you know: "I couldn’t pay my million dollars interest a day any more, you know, and now they’re going to bankrupt me." Hahaha! Whoa! That’s very serious. And that happens a lot in this game, I tell you! How many businesses go bankrupt every year? Woo! A lot! And how many organisations make a severe mistake, either in investing in the wrong thing, taking the wrong technology, taking the wrong product to sell, and all that? And they go pffft... out.

So, let’s see, where are we? We’re going backwards here (leafing through the paper in the board). Ah, here. Okay, so now! In this case, there’s something very seriously wrong. So, Ron told us the first thing to do is: (writes on board)



By-pass and handle the situation – directly. Now, realise at this point, you were doing well, or you got whatever it was you were doing, going well. Therefore, you were part of whatever was keeping it going. You were there all the time, to make it go right, and maybe you got to Normal and you let other people do more things, or maybe in Emergency you needed some more people to help you. (writes on board)

Now, we call that Phase One and Phase Two. Phase One is when you’re doing the work yourself, and most of the handling, and you’re sort of directing them right there on the scene. You know, like you train a baby. Phase One. You’re there all the time. You don’t trust anybody, almost.

Above Danger, you’re in Phase Two, which means you can give somebody something to do and they’ll do it. See? Pretty much they’ll do it. You see what I mean – so the Phase Two shifts to a Phase One right here at Danger. It’s the same thing if the ship you’re on is sinking, or something. On any good ship, they’ll certainly get the captain out there and he will give direct orders to everybody right away. In other words, the juniors, the people on the ship, will recognise the danger and go: "Captain, we need the Captain here right away because he’s got to by-pass us all and handle it, we don’t know how to deal with this!" But, in a land organisation, they don’t usually see it that way. And you’ll see reported some businesses going really badly, in the stock market or something, and the directors are going to some bank somewhere to talk about a loan, I mean, they’re NOT EVEN THERE!

Now, the other part of this is very important, because you have to handle THE situation – not just anything (points to step 1 on board). Remember what we talked about... sequences? You know, you have a condition, and you have sequences. Well, the same thing must have happened here (points to graph of steep downslope) – a sequence came up, that messed up your whole production, or your income, or your child’s work in school, or the environment, or something. THAT is the situation (points to step 1 on board). Whether it’s the broken machine that’s now cracking all the milk bottles before they go out, or whether it’s a disgruntled or disappointed or ARC broken employee that’s going around telling everybody you put all these chemical additives in your milk. Maybe it’s a competitor! Maybe the Zurich milk company is coming around to all the stores in Zurich and saying "Hey, you know, those guys out in that canton, you know, they put cowshit in the milk." So all the stores stopped ordering your milk, you see.

So you do have to apply a little logic there to find out what IS the real situation. You have to go through your entire cycle of what you built there, and the entire production line, the entire sequence of what you did, to find out where it went wrong! You see? It’d be the same thing if we were here and we didn’t get a video of this lecture. You’d have to go back to the camera, through the camera operator, through all the electric wires, find out where the hell did it stop? What went wrong with it? We could find the exact point by playing what tape we have, and finding out where it stopped. Right? We could do that.

Okay. So that’s what it means. BY-PASS (points to step 1 on board) – in other words, don’t accept anybody else’s explanation. Go down there and look for yourself and see where the hell this thing is going wrong. But, if you’re not the top guy, if you’re not the boss, you’re an employee and you see something really going badly, you should report it IMMEDIATELY to the top guy and say: "Hey, look, something’s going really badly here, it’s in Danger." Okay, so BY-PASS AND HANDLE THE SITUATION, and we can add here (writes on board)


You see, that occurs in normal business in a lot of countries, because of strikes. Suddenly all the employees just stop working, and of course the income of the place and the production goes fooooom! – right down. Boy, you'd better find the real reason for that. And handle it. You might find that the union has been taken over by the Mafioso or something, you know, and they said: "Let’s get this guy under control. Don’t work in this place any more." Well, boy, you better handle it with the right Ethics because, if you don’t go to the police now, you’ll be under those guys’ direction for the rest of your life. That’s why the next part is: (writes on board)


There are many companies that got under the control of the Mafia, or the big insiders and all that, because they never applied justice at the right time when they first showed up on their lines. Okay? So you do have to do something. It’s more than just Ethics, it’s JUSTICE. (writes on board)


You organise the area of danger. In other words, with the machine that was breaking the milk bottles, you've either got to repair it or get a new one, very very quickly. And the justice may have to be applied on the guy who was supposed to maintain it, and didn’t. Or on the company that supplied it, who didn’t live up to their guarantee, or whatever.

And, the last step is: (writes on board)


You see, if you don’t do THAT, it could all happen again. Once you get it built up again, it could happen AGAIN. So you might have to hire a new guy who has the job of Qual Inspector. He goes around and makes sure the machines are good every day and he checks that all the parts are working, and so on. He just does that. And you figured out that the salary you pay him is much less than the money you lost (points to graph of steep downslope) by having this danger.

Okay? So this is one way that policy can come into your organisation (points to step 4 on board). See, you have an organisation, and you put some policy in, at the start, with the purpose of it being to give good quality milk to the canton. Another policy might be to have clean hygienic workers and equipment. Actually, that’s a purpose, but you write it as a policy. You say: "All workers will wash their hands every day, take a shower, wear clean clothes, you know, all that, and the bottles will be washed very well." Those are the policies you lay out to make that purpose. See, all the trucks will be cleaned out every day before they’re used.

You see, those are policies. You just put in what you’re going to do, but these are policies that come in because of things that happened and you don’t want to happen again (points to step 4 on board). Now, we have, in the Free Zone, we have policies of both types. They’re given in the Tech Briefings 1, 2 and 3, and in the book Teegeeack, if you want to know more policies of what we do in the Free Zone. And those were very well evaluated, and found because of situations that occurred in the earlier Church (points to step 1: "By-pass and Handle the Situation and any Danger in it"). We didn’t want those to repeat.

Okay. So, that is a Danger condition, and how you’ve got to handle it. Now, there’s one other example I want to give you. It’s where you don’t actually run the organisation yourself. You run into Danger in another organisation. In other words, you’re trying to get some purpose done in one of your dynamics, and make it successful or improve yourself. You’ve all had this experience, I’m sure, in trying to get some paperwork done or some "okay to do something" from the administrative side or the bureaucratic side of a government, and the guy you’re dealing with in the bureaucracy just stops you. He just tries to stop you, he won’t give you the stamp, or the paper, or tell you how to do it, or anything. In fact, they usually tell you: "No, you can’t do that." But you need that paper, so that you can drive your truck, or your car, or do your business, so it’s cutting right across your policy or your purpose.

Now, the same thing applies. The first step is exactly the same (points to step 1: "By-pass and Handle the Situation and any Danger in it"). DON’T WASTE TIME WITH THIS GUY. BY-PASS HIM. You either go to another clerk, or you go to the higher guy in the organisation, his senior, or you go to the higher one than that – I mean, you just keep going. Until you can handle the situation (points to step 1). Notice the reversed flow here. This guy is stopping you down IN the organisation, and before you were the senior and you had to come DOWN in there and handle it. Right? But now, you’re just a CUSTOMER. You’re just a public, at the BOTTOM of the organisation. So you’re right down at the bottom. You have to start by-passing UPWARDS.

Now you see, not enough people do that. They just say: "Oh. All right, I'll come back later." Now, that’s one way to by-pass, you can start going up the organisation to this senior, to that senior, to that senior, till you finally have to write a letter to the president of the whole company, or even to the leader of the whole country! Now that’s a Phase One on you being down at the bottom of the danger, and trying to get an org to do something, but there’s a Phase Two on it, too. So you can get your OWN little organisation together, that can do a more effective by-pass if you get stopped in by-passing the organisation yourself! That can be done by the game of getting a lawyer to help work with you. Who can go in and handle that. Or, a judge or a person in the law, who can force that bureaucracy to do what they’re supposed to do.

There are such things. I have used them in America under LRH’s direction, and they work fantastically. However, the laws regarding that are usually hidden from the public so they never know about them! They may have this law in every country, I don’t know. In America it’s called the Writ of Mandamus. Mandamus – which is a Latin word, and it means "mandatory or obligatory obligation". It is a purpose of that law to make a government official, or a bureaucracy, do its job. And believe me, I had to go to a Law Library to find that law. LRH said, "There should be a law about that, go and find it." It’s a great law in America, because all you have to do is take your complaint to a judge.

See, you’re having trouble with the Bureau of Records, or something. They keep records on all the properties and titles, and all that. And they won’t give you data that you’re entitled to have about this property you want to buy, or something. So all you have to do is have a proper Writ of Mandamus drawn up by your lawyer, and give it to the judge. The local judge. And the judge is required by law, if he sees one of these – and he won’t see many because they hide this from the public, this law, by the way – to make an official order on your behalf to the Bureau of Records to do its job within 48 hours, or the persons responsible will lose their status.

In bureaucracies, you know, they work so many years and they get extra pay and extra status and extra pay, extra status, a very Markabian system, but you know, they move up in pay and rise in status the longer they stay in the bureaucracy. Yeah! Let me tell you, when that writ hits those guys, they move FAST! I mean, two things, status and money, Oh my God, they don’t want to lose that. They're the nicest people you ever want to see when you walk in the next day. But remember, those kinds of laws are probably put in there by some well-meaning players in the game in the past of your country, but they're probably well-hidden. Mmhm. That's one way. And you could of course use influence. You could find a person that knows a politician that can put influence on the bureaucracy – for instance.

Now, of course, in some countries you get less and less successful at this where you have a dictatorship – it gets hard to do this. There you have to know the brother of the king or something like that to get your licence to drive your truck. But in that case you probably wouldn't have been in a higher condition ever anyway, and if you were, you were probably breaking the law over there. You should have evaluated your position, and maybe moved to another country if you could. And, of course, the people behind the Iron Curtain couldn’t do that for many years. But now they can. Very shortly in Russia, even, they're going to allow people to travel. So, you may see a lot of Russians coming over here to try and set up business in Switzerland. Hahaha! They're applying a real Danger condition on Russia, right – anyway, we'll see.

But, you understand you can do this two ways. You can by-pass another organisation, or you can by-pass in your own organisation. Both times you've got to handle the danger and the situation (points to step 1: "By-pass and Handle the Situation and any Danger in it"). And, to do it right, so nobody else in the game gets stuck like that, you ought to do the rest of the steps as well! With that lawyer you got in Phase Two, or the judge or whatever, you ought to insist that they handle in some way, to get justice in (points to step 2: "Apply Justice"). And to reorganise that area so it works better (points to step 3: "Re-organise Area of Danger"). And, to put in a policy so that it doesn’t happen again (points to step 4: "Get in Firm Policy to Prevent a Re-occurrence of this Danger").

Now, if you want to know a quick way to get known to the insiders as a real trouble maker, that's one of them! Hahahaha! You start advising the government on how to do things right... Next thing they'll be saying: "Who is this guy?" What I'm telling you here is some of the ways that you can be OT in life, and do things that are impossible – because you know the underlying conditions of the game. They WORK!

Now, another thing you ought to be aware of – we'll only do one more tonight – but another thing you ought to be aware of about the Danger condition: sometimes you must also recognise the condition when YOU are being by-passed. You see? Sometimes, you, in your business, or as a person, somehow in your life on some of your dynamics, you're being by-passed! You want to know a very simple example of that?

Your wife, or husband, is sleeping with somebody else. Now, I'm not saying that's easy to handle. Everybody knows about that one. So, what do you do? Well, let's go back to that (points to Danger formula on board). Many people do this one wrong, right? You do have to by-pass and handle the situation and any danger in it (points to step 1). But that does not mean that you walk into the bedroom and catch them and go Bam! Bam! And shoot them. That ends up with you being in a jail for the rest of your life! No.

No, I would say that a better way to do that would be to pull the withholds from both of them, and sit down and start handling: "Okay, this is the situation, there is danger in it, how are we going to handle this, how are we going to apply the justice to it, how are we going to reorganise it, how are we going to get in firm policy to prevent the re-occurrence? (points to steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.) Now, you may realise that it is time to either end that cycle, so you don’t get by-passed any more, and let them go off together, or your partner may realise, "Hey, this guy knows more about the game than the other guy, so I'm going to stay with him!"

But you also realise that your partner, now that you're getting more complicated, it's on a different dynamic, your partner is also being by-passed. They ALLOWED the by-pass – the one who was being unfaithful. So if they do stay with you, they have to find the REASON, the reason for the situation. They have to find WHY they allowed danger to come into the relationship (points to step 1). And there has to be some justice, there has to be reorganisation, and there has to be a POLICY to prevent that from re-occurring in that person (points to numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Now, you can put it any way you want, but if you don't do all the steps, it may happen again. You know? That's the horrible part of it. You think you've handled it by: "Okay, let's confront this, like grown-up people, and adults, and I know you're sleeping with you, and this is a by-pass on my marriage, and blablabla, and let's settle it out," and "Okay, okay, yes, it's Danger, okay, and we won’t do that again," and then you find out next week they're doing it again! Didn't do this, didn’t do that, and didn’t do that (points to numbers 2, 3 and 4). Don’t be surprised if it happens again. You didn’t apply the full formula to get out of it.

By the time you do apply the whole thing, you'll know whether that is a stable 2D or not. And then you can apply this cycle of action – Handle, Complete, whatever you want to do with it (points to the Cycle of Action in the Game: "Start, Handle and Complete"). Remember, we gave that here, when you have two people or more people agreeing on things like this you start to Handle, Complete, and one wants to complete here, and one wants to complete here – well, you can bring that to a conclusion if you want to. Now, what we are talking about here is WINNING IN THE GAME. We're not talking about carrying on long-term disagreements and jealousy and hate and recriminations, we're talking about winning in the game. We're talking about keeping yourself improving in the game. Okay. So. Yes? (responds to question)

She asked: "What is the justice application in the second dynamic?" Well, it could be anything from the Divorce Court to some kind of justice restriction on your partner, you know? You say, you've got to wash my socks every day, or you've got to do this kind of scenario for me every night, I've got to have food like this, and I've got to have you prepared for the bed like this, you know, get in some policy there, and... or, as they used to say in the South, keep 'em barefoot and pregnant. So, they couldn’t run away, you see? That's the way they used to keep their wives in the South, the policy they always applied and the justice they had by keeping them barefoot and pregnant. See, first of all they're pregnant, so they're not appealing to other men. Second of all, they've got so much attention on the children, they don’t have any time for other men. Third of all, they don’t have any shoes, so they can't run away. Hahahaha! (everyone is laughing.)

These are TRADITIONAL handlings! As I say, they may not have done it through the Danger condition, but there are those little solutions in folklore! Anyway. (From the audience: "That's their policy".) That is their Policy. It's also their Ethics, their Justice. Anyway, yeah, you can work that out at the time, what would be the proper amends, or proper actions to take to reassure the other partner that nothing like that will happen again. If they don’t want to do that, well then what are you married to an out-ethics person for anyway – go into the cycle of handling, and finish it off. We're talking about life here. I mean, there's always the solution of getting them up the Bridge a little more so they can be more stable, but I'm talking about in life. How can you do this? Okay?

One other thing before we go, very quickly: (writes on board)


The Non-Existence Condition, below Danger. Now, this means, this is the state where you haven't yet started to produce. I mean, you just may be a kid, you grew up and you're just out of school, now you don’t know what to do, or you don’t have any relationship in the game with anybody else, because you haven't started yet. Or, you just went bankrupt in another business and you want to start over. Or, you just had a great idea and you want to start something. So, it's for any of those starting points you want to do. Or, maybe you're a new employee in a company. Okay, it's very simple: (writes on board)



I've got to add that (points to "in that area") because I've seen some people do this very stupidly. And then: (writes on board)


Now, that sounds very simple, but it's actually correct. Because, see, you're not known to anybody, as a musician. You studied music for five years, but nobody knows you. Now, if you don’t find out what is needed and wanted, from musicians of your type, and you want to just DO YOUR OWN THING, well, you may be doing your own thing and never get any exchange for it, ever, and nobody ever listens to you. See, that would be doing step two without doing step one (points to steps 1 and 2 on board). So, that is why you have people who paint, all by themselves, for all their lives, and nobody ever sees their pictures.

Now I'm not saying they have to pervert their art! They have to FIND a place where that kind of art is NEEDED AND WANTED! Otherwise they won’t be communicating with other players in the game, and they won’t be getting any exchange. Okay? Now this is simply done by ASKING (points to step 1): "Find out what is Needed and Wanted"). So one of the requirements for this would be the Comm Course, so you can TALK to other people. You see?

So if you're an unemployed truck driver, you have to go around and find out where they need truck drivers! (points to step 1.) And where they WANT truck drivers. Well, in the East Block, they need a lot of them right now. I'll tell you that! Then, you do it or produce it (points to step 2). And you might run into all this stuff in the Danger condition, getting the papers right, you know, from your government and their government, and all that, and have to by-pass their organisations and move it up to Emergency. You might have to do all of that, and you'll end up being very successful.

Remember what I told you about the pollution – let's bring it back to that level. A hundred years ago, nobody had much data comparing everything around the planet, and they might have not liked the smell of exhaust gas from the old automobiles, but they didn’t say anything about it. Maybe they complained a little bit locally. They didn’t REALISE it was causing an effect on the whole planet. So the important thing here, and probably what the Green guys did, is they surveyed: (writes on board)


You know, to find out how many people were sick from pollution, for instance. And immediately they put out those figures, they get all the support of all these people that are suffering from that. So it doesn't have to be your JOB that you're doing this in. You can do it on any dynamic.

I'll tell you one that's very appropriate – we've all had experience with this – our old friend the second dynamic again. How many of you went into a relationship without finding out what your partner needed and wanted? (points to step 1.) And on the other hand, how many of you went into a relationship without your finding out what YOU needed and wanted? In your second dynamic relationship. And how many have got to the point where both sides are doing it or producing it, and it's all happening? (points to step 2.) Dead silence. No laughter! Hahaha! Come on! If you haven’t done that, you'd better do it!

There's a great programme on English TV. It's called Alien Nation. Do you see it here? A quarter of a million aliens – slaves, they were slaves on an slave ship – and they landed in the Mojave Desert, and they all became residents of Los Angeles. The ship had a breakdown or something. They were on some other vector, they were going to take these slaves and sell them in some other place and then the ship landed and all of the slave keepers disguised themselves as slaves and came off and said, we're slaves, we want to... you see? They used to keep the slaves under heavy drugs so the slaves never really knew who the bosses were. While they were on the trip, you see. So now you have this whole series going on, week after week, you know, where the slaves' culture – they did it really well, they have different sexual customs and they have different religious customs, and everything is different.

They don’t have any hair on their heads, they have funny little patterns on their head, very big bald heads. They have two hearts, and pink blood. They like things like raw entrails of animals and things like that, very weird food that people wouldn’t eat. And they get drunk on sour milk. I mean, it's really funny! And the humans that work with them, you know, I mean they've tried to integrate them into Los Angeles society. They work together, you know, and they can hardly go to lunch together because of one guy's sour milk, and the guy going uuuuuh, you know, and the other side is saying, wow, your body smells funny, you know... and they get turned on in the second dynamic by doing humming. You know, like: Mmmmmmmmm.... like that. They do it down the back, you see, down the backbones. And call it humming. And it really turns them on, you know. Mmmmmmmmm... Hahaha! It really is a great, great story about two different cultures getting together, showing how each side really doesn’t understand the culture of the other side, you know?

Well, that's an example of what I was trying to tell you, with the 2D, you see? You know what you like, but how do you know what the other person likes? Totally different player, different individual in the game, different track, different body org. Yeah! So, this formula's very necessary, before marriage, of course. And if not, you'd better do it! (points to the Non-Existence formula on board.) Then all the other conditions can go very smoothly.

Okay. So, any questions to this point? These are the most usual conditions, the first ones LRH brought out. Tomorrow, we will go to the ones below this – there are several below – and the ones above Normal. And I think you'll be really amazed on those. Okay? Thank you very much! End of Part Two. (Applause...)

* * * * *

Welcome – Willkommen! – Part Three of Improving Conditions in Life. Teil Drei... Yes. Okay? Good.

I just want to start off by saying I've made an album – which is called Aesthetica Ethica. It's music based on the waves and flows of the ninth and tenth dynamics. So it's Aesthetics and Ethics waves, and there are alternate songs, and the purpose of those is to get people to start being aware of those wavelengths, especially in the light of this lecture. Let me see, I'll just play this tiny bit of something...

(plays music...)

Okay? (Applause...) If you wait, in the break, here, they'll be on sale for fifty francs. And as part of the Emergency formula – promotion – for all the different albums that I've made, that are available on order. You can order these.

Okay. Now, as we start today, we did cover yesterday the Emergency, Normal, Danger and Non-Existence Conditions, and there's just one more thing I wanted to say about the Non-Existence one. Remember I had written there: find out what is needed and wanted in the area of your own interest, your own production, that you're applying the formula to. I have seen it misapplied back in the Sea Org days, where a new person on post would write to the senior and say: "What is needed and wanted, sir?" and maybe this guy was on post as a file clerk, or maybe a new auditor or something, you see – and the senior would write back, says: "I need my car washed!" Hahaha! And the stupid guy would go and wash his car! Hahaha! That had nothing to do with his job, you see.

So it can be misapplied – the senior didn't even know the difference, I mean...! So that's one of the reasons that these conditions got a bad name – because they were totally, just misapplied! You see, if the guy was an auditor, and the senior had said, well, I'd like my other staff audited, then maybe something could have happened and the guy would have expanded right away, and gotten very well known as a very good auditor: he helped these people get this whole division here, this part under this senior is now all working very well, because they all had their cases handled. You see? But it does nothing for the guy to go and wash the car. So, they have been very badly misapplied in the past, and of course if you misapply, then you go and think, "Well, it's no use, it doesn’t work, blablabla." Well, now is the time to make them work right, because you do have a planet and civilisation that is in a bit of, shall we say, uncertainty and confusion, and the better you can do this the better you will expand, prosper, flourish and become viable.

Okay. So let's go now – I promised you we'd go down, take a trip to the underground, and see where these lower conditions are. Let's start off here with Minus Three: (writes on board)


It's called Liability. Below Non-Existence, is Liability. Now, remember we were showing the graphs of improvement versus time, and we were trying to make them go up, right? Now we're into some of the conditions that apply to individuals and groups that are actually the real reasons for those graphs to go down. It can be from just no training, or stupidity, or clumsiness, or as we go down further it can be from real evil intention – an intention to DESTROY whatever you are making. But you know what a liability is – that is something that is dragging you down, it's sort of, you've got to take care of it but it's... or it's a minus in your bank account, you know? It's something that you have to pay. Or the stone around your neck, as they say, in English. You have to carry it around all the time, you see. So that would be something that appears to be just something that damaged the viability or the survival of whatever area you are working in.

Now to give you some reality on an example, let's take a second dynamic. Your mother-in-law comes to live with you. And you don’t have a spare bedroom. So now you have the big liability problem of your 2D, you're trying to apply good conditions to it, you know, everything we talked about before, applying Non-Existence and working on up. So you're trying to be nice to your mother-in-law and you say: "Well, okay, you can use our bedroom, we'll sleep on the couch in the living room." But every time you start to get romantic, the mother-in-law's coming out, and going through to the kitchen. You know, she has night problems, she has to get a hot glass of milk before she goes to bed.

Now this is a very easily understandable Liability to a marriage or a second dynamic, you see. In this case, remember, you or your wife may have been the one that invited her there. Now in the same thing, we talked about that it could be a debt, you see, or a minus on the bank account – I mean one of your solutions to this Liability condition that's suddenly appeared is that you might have to rent her a nice hotel room somewhere else so that you can get on with your second dynamic, and now you have to pay for the hotel room as well.

But what we are really looking at here is that the mother-in-law has not realised any of what may be happening, and is just sort of demanding your hospitality. You see, so that is what the real Liability is. That thetan, or that person, is not aware of changing any conditions, or doing anything to any conditions, in your life. Now, the difference would be if the mother-in-law was on the Bridge somewhere and she was very aware of these things, and she'd come in and say: "Oh, I see you have no place that I could be comfortable because you want to continue your 2D, so I will go over to Uncle Joe's place and live there." Then she wouldn’t be a Liability to you. Maybe Uncle John doesn’t want her, but... or maybe he's a bachelor, maybe he does want her, because he's unmarried. But anyway, you see what I mean. A Liability can appear on any dynamic.

So, what is the formula to get that Liability handled with? (writes on board)



You get the person that is doing that, to MAKE UP THE DAMAGE. Now, you understand, THIS MAKES THEM AWARE OF WHAT THEY DID! In other words, we're saying, don't just put her in a hotel or send her to Uncle Joe, but get her to understand, "Look, you're interfering with the second dynamic, I think as an exchange for that, you ought to pay for me and my wife to go out to a hotel and have dinner tonight. We'll stay away, you can stay in the house, and you can pay for it." Pretty soon, she'll get the idea of, "Hey, I'm interfering, I'm getting out of making an exchange for that, now I have to pay for it to keep their second dynamic going."

You see, make up the damage. If you don’t get them aware of that, they'll never rise out of those conditions. See, she doesn’t even have to be audited. You just have to sit down and explain what the damage is, and how she can make it up, and do the right exchange. You don’t even have to audit her. You can do that in life. And the next time she comes, she'll realise, "Oh, I'm still interfering with the second dynamic, why don’t you guys go out to the hotel, I just have to stay over one night, and I'll pay for your hotel again." So she would do the thing exactly like a person who was audited and could be aware of it, because you applied the formula with her.

Now, that comes into the second point, which is: (writes on board)


Now, what would be the enemy in this case? Well, it might be her own considerations that it's okay to just go over there, and walk in, and demand all of this hospitality from the two people. It may be that she can't manage her own finances, and she's spent all of her pension money and therefore she didn't have a place to stay, or didn't pay the rent in her place. So, it could be her ignorance of finance and how to handle it, and therefore she could strike a blow to that by studying how to handle her finances.

In other words, we're looking at what is the counter-intention which caused this whole situation to occur. So, we looked at it as if it could be a mental state, or it could be some inability in handling affairs in life, but right away you're going to get to hat her on that or direct her to some place where she can get hatting on that. (writes on board)


And then when she does that, she will feel like she's done the proper thing now, and you have a terminal there that can request to be back in the group. Now, if she's really made up the damage (points to step 1), and handled her ignorance on finance so that she doesn’t get thrown out of her apartment any more (points to step 2), then you say: "Yeah! You can be part of the family again." Now, that may seem a little harsh, but look what you're doing – you're putting self-determinism back into the hands of the old lady maybe who was just going around and being a sort of victim. She will start being more causative. She may get up to Non-Existence, and then ask you: "Well, what is needed and wanted from me?" You're helping to hat another player in the game.

So, most of this stuff is never handled (points to the Liability formula on the board), because people cover it up with social valences: "Oh, my mother was here, I had to take care of her, oh it was terrible, two weeks, ahhhhhhh... but now she's gone!" See, that leaves by-passed charge in there, ARC breaks, and all kinds of bad feelings and so on. And really, the mother hat is just a genetic accident. She's really another player in the game, and if you get her interested in actually handling her life, she may even want to get on the Bridge and get prepared for her next lifetime, or whatever, and continue the game. So, you can do it all without auditing, you see. You can just apply the correct Ethics in life.

Okay? But there is the chance that she will not respond to this. So we have a Minus Four condition – we go on down: (writes on board)


Now, this is where, no matter what you tried to do here, she just wouldn't recognise it: "Oh no, you have to do this, I'm your mother. I think it's terrible the way you're treating me." Now, you understand, you get in Doubt about where's this person coming from, they have no respect for other people's feelings or other people's dynamic. So you get these question marks coming: "Is this person really a person, or is she somebody operating on total other-determinism?" You see? You know, "Is she being monitored by someone? Is she an automatic person?" Well now, you try to approach this using the formula of Doubt. You find out what the other side of this is, see, all the statements she's making about why you should do this and why what she's doing is right, and all that. And you bring that to her, you sort of analyse what the other side of it is. But if she's willing, she will help out, to examine both sides for results, products and improvements: (writes on board)



In an organisation that would be statistics. But you have to add this little thing here: (writes on board)


Because somebody – either you, or the person doing the formula – has to find the other side. What is the other side? What are they using to appear to be an enemy to you, or to appear to contract what you're doing? She might have seen it on television, on a talk show, with a doctor or a psychiatrist. You know, it's a whole fixed idea that came into her life that "When I get old, my children must support me." Or, "When I get old, I will be helpless and poor, and I have to take charity from other people." Now, there are ways to handle this, and children should be responsible to some degree for other people in the family. I mean, on your second dynamic, you should look at what do other people in the family need. Because, remember, it is sex and family. You have an extended family there, so you can also look at it from your own second dynamic of "What should we do for the rest of the family?" if we're in better condition than they are.

We'll cover those on the higher conditions. What you could do if you were in a better condition. But in this case, we're just dealing with an individual who you're in Doubt about – you don’t know whether they're against you, or, what. Sometimes they seem with you, and sometimes they're against you. You know, they might cook you something nice to eat, but then they sit up and sort of take over your bedroom and use all of your things in the house and break things and all that, at the same time. So, there's just two steps here. Examine Both Sides for Results, Products and Improvement, and then: (writes on board)


You see, so if they're examining your family (points to step 1) against what this doctor was talking about on the television, they might find out that they might have to go and examine, what are the doctor's results? How many people has he gotten back together in the family? They might find that many of them have committed suicide, and many of them are in institutions, and all that, and their stats are not too good. The good part about this is that if you can get her to use some game logic, some inherent self-determined logic, in examining and deciding. Then if she does come through to decide that you are her friend (points to step 2), she will also have rehabilitated her logic of playing the game, and you can get her up the conditions. Because now you can then move her up to do this one again (points to Liability formula on board), and say, "Well, now will you make up the damage, and handle this belief and all these other viewpoints that you have from the television, and come back into the group?"

And if she DOESN'T, if she decides that her friends are really the authorities on the television, then you can tell her: "Okay, what do they recommend? They recommend that you go to this Home over here, so you go to the Home." And maybe she will then complete the formula there (points to steps 1 and 2), and see how terrible she feels over there, and maybe want to come back and do the formula here (points to Liability formula on board). Now, that's only if you're in a good condition. If you're in a really bad condition, maybe the Home is better for her than staying at your house. Or better than staying in your family.

But what we're talking about here is trying to get the thetan, or the person themselves, back to being logical about what they're doing. And remember, as opposed to what was dramatised in various organisations, and in the Sea Org, there's not a lot of force attached to this – a lot of this is very logical analysis that you try to get them to do (points to steps 1 and 2).

But remember, in an organisation there is some justification for the extra work and routine they used to make them do to make up the damage (points to Liability formula step 1), because in an organisation it isn’t just a matter of using the bedroom, it's a matter of that they may have lost the company half a million Swiss Francs, or something. So these (points to the Liability and Doubt formulas) can get very heavy. There can be heavier consequences, in these conditions, as you get into a more important post in a bigger organisation. What about the diplomat who makes a faux pas, a mistake in his communication to some Arab country, and starts a war with them, you know? Well, that's covered too, because we have even lower conditions: (writes on board)


An ENEMY. Somebody who's actually operating against what you're trying to do. That means that they may have taken on the valence of the beingness of the interference in the game, and they're going against your dynamics. And it occurs in more than one area. I mean, they're just totally other-determined against what you're doing. Now, the formula is quite simple: (writes on board)



You see, what we're saying here – the game has been interfered with, so people could drift over to the other side, just by... as I told you before, the guy wants to make more money, so he starts to sell drugs. So, he has actually gone and taken a valence, or a "who", a beingness, in the interference side of the game. He's now selling drugs to help interfere in the game, thinking that with that, he's going to handle his dynamics, and his finances.

So with a person like this, you have to get with him and say, "Look, what do you really want out of life, what are you trying to accomplish, who are you in terms of the rest of all of these things like yourself, your family, your groups, your nation, mankind, the plant life, the animal life, the whole universe, spiritual things, and so on?" You just say: "Who are you in this part of the game? What is your intention in this game?" Suddenly the guy may realise that it's very inconsistent with what he wants. See, he wanted this money to get a better house, and have a bigger family, and to have more importance in the community, and maybe to do some good things for the Green Party or whatever, and yet when he does this, he finds out that "Hey, selling drugs is not the right way to do this, I understand it now, yes, I'm really a good person and I want to help everybody."

So you see what I mean? You CAN get them to not get on the vector of the enemy where they start to destroy everything and control everything and give them drugs and betray everyone and so on... well, betrayal comes a little lower... but, in other words, they're not just AGAINST everything. They can realise "Hey, I have a part in this too, and that one thing I'm doing there to make money, that's illogical, that's crazy, I shouldn’t be doing that." Many people that happened to find themselves, or you happened to find them, in this condition, they would need a lot of hatting on what the real game is, like a Dynamics Lecture or something.

But if they can't do this one, then there is a lower one maybe they can do: (writes on board)


In other words, if they come up with anything, and say "No, that's the way to do it, I must sell drugs, I must do this, that's the way to do it, make money any kind of way you can, screw everybody, it's an animal world, you have to survive and kill everybody else, and think of number one only," and all that. Now, all of these are a lot of false datums, because even animals don’t behave this way. Can you imagine that little dog there going out and killing all the other dogs, you know? He's probably been very friendly to cats! Animals don’t behave that way! Okay, so they bought a lot of these interference ideas, you see, which get them totally against the game. So really, the guy is not in the game, is he? He's working in the interference area. So the formula is again very simple: (writes on board)



Find out THAT YOU ARE in the real game! Again, you have to lay out what the game really is, and before LRH came out with the dynamics, nobody really knew much what the real game was! You see, if the person is OUTSIDE of the game, they don't have a BEINGNESS in the game, they don't have a ROLE, a HAT. And if they go into the game, then they can have a purpose, and a hat, and a beingness, and relate with other dynamics.

Now, this can apply also to a country. I talked about the politician, remember, who made the mistake with the Arabs and they started a war. Now, this would be the condition where the guy was actually working for the Arabs in the first place – he was being paid a lot of money to start this war. So the government gathered more data on what this guy did; first they thought maybe he was just a liability as a politician or a diplomat, but then they would start to have doubts about him, and then they would say: "Maybe he's an enemy to us", and then they would maybe cognite that "Hey, maybe he's in TREASON, he is working FOR THE OTHER GUYS! And they want to have a war, so they can raise the oil prices." And then they find his secret Swiss bank account number, and they prove it.

So they're not going to keep him in the diplomatic corps. For sure, they're not. In the old days, of course, that was execution, right away – pfffft! Off with his head, that's it, finish. In modern days, they get this guy, and then they say, "Okay, we caught you now, and we want you to work for us too, and you go in there and do this, otherwise we'll kill your wife and children," or something. In other words, in the intelligence community, they treat these lower conditions quite differently: they put pressure on the guy and then they get him to work for them, and be in treason to the other guys! Hahaha! Then the guy's in really bad condition because he's in DOUBLE Treason, you know!

Yeah. However, we're talking about the real game here, not the game of the interference and implanting groups, who are trying to subvert governments, and people, and so on like that. That's where all that happens... the grey and black world of international intrigues. I mean, you want to read about what that does to a person's game-playing logic. Because you don't maybe not have that much experience with it here in Switzerland. You read some of the post-Vietnam war books written by the veterans of the Vietnam war, and what they were asked to do.

You know, they were told when they joined the army, or the military: "We're fighting for the rights of these people to a democratic government, we want them to live the American way of life, the war is one of national interest so that the people of that country can be free." And the young soldiers, eighteen years old, go: "Oh, yeah! That's a good idea!" Then they get over there. And one of the first orders they get, when they're out in the jungle is: "Okay, we need a higher kill count to send back to Washington, so line up those women and children over there and shoot 'em with the AK-47s." Or they tell the pilots of the airplanes: "Look, we're testing out these new super-napalm bombs and all that, we wanna wipe out all of the people in that community there and burn all the trees down so nothing will ever grow in that area again."

And those soldiers went absolutely nuts. Because you read the books, and they say, "Man, I thought we were over here to help free these people, and here we are destroying them, wiping out the women, the children, their farms, all their trees, making sure nothing ever grows there again, I mean, we're doing a war of annihilation, in other words, total wipe-out!" And they get the feeling that they’re in Treason to their own country, because that's why they were told they were going there, and now they're in Treason to that. And they're in Treason to the people there who they're killing, and bombing, because they're on the fourth dynamic, of course, but they're not freeing them, they're killing them! But when they write their books, they don't usually look at whether they're in Treason, because there is one lower condition that they fell into, because of their indoctrination: (writes on board)


They go into total Confusion. So these are some of the results that this interference-type lying, and covert wars, can bring on. This condition is very low: Confusion. That means the guy's logic is just totally shot, and he's very confused. He mistakes one situation for another. You've heard their stories – they go home and they hear a car backfiring and they dive into the bushes because they think the Vietnamese are coming to get them, while they're in America. Some of them are so confused, to resolve that they go BACK to Vietnam, even though the other side is still there, and they try to get in and marry a girl there to try and repopulate some of the area that they destroyed.

In other words, you read the post-Vietnam war books, and you'll find that soldiers have done all of this. Some of them go back and try to help the Vietnamese. In other words, they do anything to get out of that confusion. And some of them will go back home and go into politics, and defend: "Oh, what we did was right, we had to do it" and so on. They jump to the other side, you see? They block off the other thoughts they had about being in Treason. And many of them have ended up in mental hospitals. So you see, some of the other dynamic impingements on the normal soldier can cause him not only to risk his life for his country, he wants to do that, he doesn’t mind that, but when they totally betray him, and they get the Treason computation going of "Who am I in Treason to?" He goes into Confusion. And there is a simple formula there too: (writes on board)



Now you notice that in some of these examples I told you, they DID do that. Some of them decided that where they were was in Vietnam, and some decided that where they were was in America – DEFENDING our actions. Hahaha! You see, they really have what we call not-ised, or suppressed, all of the other data that they thought about. When they've made that decision, they didn’t really move up and CONFRONT the other half, the other part of the Treason formula. They mainly miss this point (points to "In the Real Game" on board): IN THE REAL GAME. But some of them – very few – have accidentally realised that the government itself was betraying them.

In another example, you remember the UFO video – there was that man, William Cooper, who was an intelligence officer in the Navy, and he thought the government was betraying the country about the data about UFOs, and he came out and spoke out about it. So there are many different offshoots of people getting into Confusion and how they got out of it. But one of the things they've always usually missed in their application is that they never found what the real game is.

And of course, I did that myself. I did this (points to Confusion formula on board) in relationship to the fourth dynamic, myself – over many years, not in a war, though, and you see the result in the Sector 9 book. That's what I found out: that there ARE many governments that are in Treason to their citizens. That was based on the observation that the government was trying to suppress the truth about the game. That started off on just a little observation that I couldn’t find any of L. Ron Hubbard's books in the libraries or in the universities. I knew that there were very workable things in there, and I couldn't find them. I knew that this man had developed these very workable technologies about how you could really improve yourself in life. So why would the government suppress it?

It took me a long time to finally come to all of the data you see in the Sector 9 book. But you see, I was looking at this from the basis of having experienced some of the improvement (points to "In the Real Game" on board) IN THE REAL GAME! And I realised that we were prevented in our education, in the press, and by the government, from seeing what the real game was. Anyway, I know that probably many of you have experienced the same thing, on the fourth dynamic analysis of condition there. Entirely too much destruction in this game, and too much lying and betrayal.

Now, there is a condition lower than this. There is another way to get out of Confusion, you see? There is another way. You can go lower. Remember the soldier? He's thinking about: "Who did I really betray? Did I betray my country, or did I betray Vietnam?" Well, they can get out of that another way, by just saying: "None of it really matters, there is no such thing as betrayal." And we get into a low, very low condition here of: (writes on board)

-8) NO CONDITION (no reality on any condition)

That means really, no reality on any – ANY – conditions. Now you get a perfect automaton, a perfect guy who will go and do anything good, bad, or indifferent, blow up Pan Am jets, or anything like that – they have no conditions attached. Not only that, they will do it for anybody! They have NO loyalties whatsoever. You've all read stories about these guys. They call them professional assassins, or professional terrorists, or MERCENARIES. Or in the Mafia, they call him the hit man. They're totally independent, by the way. Some of these hit men are not in the families. They just pay them the money and they kill anybody. Whether it's from another family or not, doesn’t matter.

Now realise, that mostly not all their dynamics are gone. They usually do have a little tiny first dynamic somewhere. You know, they like to keep their weapons very nice, and so on... Hahaha! They want to improve their weapons, you know, and they're always working on the better improvement of their weapons. But they have NO other responsibilities on any dynamic!

Now funnily enough, LRH discovered that this condition of No Condition – no awareness, no reality on any condition – is also SOMETIMES prevalent in children. Have you ever heard about somebody's child, you know, that just was totally irresponsible, and they broke things, and they ran away, and they cried all the time, and they did this and they did that, and they just totally had no stable point that you could bring them to any kind of improvement? This is very puzzling to the parents, because they don’t know how to handle this child! They just have no awareness of any kind of condition of improvement or anything, and it's very destructive. Well, just as in the case of the professional assassin, you have to find something that the child wants to improve on, or wants to survive with. You know, he may have a favourite toy, or he may have some little area he likes... he likes to sit in the closet and sulk, or something, so that's his favourite area.

So how do you handle this condition on somebody? By the way, we're talking now about lower conditions that persons can’t handle themselves – they need help. So, the formula for that is: (writes on board)



Or, reconnect THEM to their dynamics in the real game. So you've got to find some place they ARE connected and work from there and build it up. You realise that many of those children may be the reincarnation of some of these Vietnam veterans who were in Confusion. See? They went from Confusion (points to "Confusion" on board) and went lower to get out of it, and they came in in a baby body and now they are in No Condition. They don't want to be aware of ANY of that stuff and now they're just totally haphazard and irresponsible, destructive. So they need to be reconnected. They're unconnected, they're just totally unconnected with the game.

See, these guys up here (referring to higher conditions), they haven’t QUITE got out of it, they just have to find out WHERE they are, WHAT they are, THAT they are, and WHO they are in the game. In these upper conditions, they can still orient in the game. But not here (points to "No Condition" on board). But you CAN find a little tiny connection. They did come back and take another body in the game, didn't they? So, you may have to work on a tiny little bit of the first dynamic, you know? Find something they like about that, and something they will accept – maybe another toy that they like, maybe get them a little AK-47, you know? Hahaha! Then all of a sudden they realise that you are okay, and they start to have a second dynamic, you see? Even though they use the little AK-47 to go around and murder all the cats and dogs and other children in the house and so on! You know... "Fall over! You're supposed to be dead! Pow!"

So, you can start there, anyway. At least now you're a terminal and you can start doing little drills with them, or some type of basic 8-C and assists and so on, and get them back out of that very low condition of No Condition – no awareness of the conditions at all. You see, most people can FEEL conditions, even if they don't recognise them. Or most people can even be aware of them and say, "Hey! That person's betraying me." But they don’t know the formula, and they don’t apply it. So it doesn’t resolve, and they're out of communication with that person forever.

So, we have the whole thing: there's not only the recognition of the condition, but how to handle it. Now, we don't have to go and handle it immediately, but you know when they do come and they need your help, you can handle it. But if it's a member of your family, like a little child or something, you want to do something about it right now. So, you can apply some of the handling, and do the handlings up the conditions to make your FAMILY more viable, and improve your family life.

Okay? So this could be done (points to No Condition formula on board): reconnect to your dynamics in the real game, and it could be done by finding where there is the tiniest bit of connection and working it from there up the dynamics. If you need help in something like that you could always ask C/S advice, and so on like that. Now, that is the fate – all we’ve looked at here, in the lower conditions – that can happen to a person that was IN THE ORIGINAL GAME.

You see, they got betrayed, or they got stuck in the interference side and they didn’t recognise their dynamics any more. But it could have been on a very long via, like the guy who was briefed on what the Americans should do in Vietnam. You know, it might have been on the television, or by someone in the army, his sergeant, or his lieutenant, telling him what he's going to fight for. But that guy himself wasn't part of the interference – he was just repeating what he was told. So you could say that all of the above conditions that we’ve talked about could be done by clever use of mind control and manipulation of media and education systems and so on. But now we get into the ones who are directly connected to the interference. And the first one is: (writes on board)


Now, this is what you found out if you know a little bit of Tech: it's called a roller-coaster case (draws diagram of roller-coaster on board). Now, this guy is wavering between doing the dynamics game and doing the interference game into the dynamics, trying to defeat the dynamics game, and being in it, and being out of it, being in it, being out of it, but not OUT of it – being on the implanter side, you might say, or the interference side, so he's on one side and then the other, then one side and then the other. And the reason that he's below No Condition is because he's: (writes on board)


If he's in association with you, or some good people, he will start to come uptone. But he's NOT DOING IT SELF-DETERMINEDLY! He's only like somebody standing near a candle or a flame, and he's getting warm because of it. And you put him next to an ice cube, and he gets cold. But he never DECIDES to stay with the candle or with the ice cube. So he goes next to a source of interference in the game, or what we call suppression, and he goes down.

There's a technical reason that he's below the condition here of No Condition. Because, remember, in No Condition you can do a little auditing, like a process, to find the dynamic and connect him up, and 8-C, and different things, get him aware of other people – you could DO AUDITING and it would WORK! In other words, doing the formulas of these conditions, with or WITHOUT auditing, but just doing it in life, WOULD produce improvement and a raising of condition.

But in this PTS condition, it doesn’t work that way. You can audit them, and they will go UP, and then they go out in life and connect up to the suppressive source, and they will go DOWN (points to diagram of roller-coaster on board). In other words, they're other-determined by YOU, trying to do good, AND by the suppressive, trying to do bad. So the other-determinism, whether good or bad, they're still the effect of it (points to "Totally Other-Determined" on board). They cannot make a decision to stay on this flow or that flow. Therefore, we all know in the technical area, do not audit a person like this, because the higher you make them go, the more able they are to cause damage – and trouble.

You see, this is where they cause the trouble, where they're going down here (points to the downslope part of the roller-coaster diagram). So the higher you bring them up here, the more trouble they can cause going down. More ABLE to cause trouble! Luckily, Ron did find an answer to that. You can audit them on only one thing: and that is to locate the source of this down part. Okay? That's the only thing. Those things we call the PTS Rundown, or Search and Discovery, and there are certain processes that will help locate what the source of this destructive downturn in the person's life is. What most auditors do not realise, and they break their HOPE on these people, is because they don't realise that their auditing, or their trying to improve the person, is being accepted as other-determinism (points to "Totally Other-Determined" on board).

You might say they're like a chameleon. You put them next to any person in any valence and they will become that valence. If you put them next to a person in Treason, they will become treasonous. If you put them next to a person who is in Normal and is going well, they will go Normal and go well – until they go back and connect with somebody else! That's why you can spot what it is. They do well here, but over here they just totally throw away all of their gains and maybe even destroy what they created over here. Now, the interesting thing – and another reason this is far down on here – a lot of times this cannot be handled without auditing, because they could be PTS to something, or some being, on the track – in other words not visible in this lifetime. And there's a simple handling. Of course, as I say, if it's not in this life, it has to be done with auditing and handled wherever it occurred on the track. (writes on board)



And then you have two possibilities after that, which are:


Now we mostly try to do this (points to "Handle") unless the person is not at the cause level to do it, in which case he can disconnect until he IS able to handle it. But that is an option that is up to the C/S: whether we have to bring him more up the Bridge and up the conditions better, before he can actually handle the person and realise he is stably in the game now, and doesn’t roller-coaster. So you might say the gradient really is "disconnect for a while until you get strong enough to handle it". Although the preference is to work for that (points to "Handle"). But it may be necessary to do a disconnect first (points to "Disconnect") just so the person gets more gains and gets more stable, and then do the handling afterwards.

As I say, you need expert advice on some of these, because this comes into the area of technical handlings, as well... or ethical, technical handlings. Okay? Now. So you realise this guy cannot have a stable cognition. He's below Confusion, he's below No Condition, so even though he says: "Oh Yes, that's wonderful", he doesn't really HOLD that stable datum in his logic. As soon as he gets near somebody else that's on the other vector (points to the downslope part of the roller-coaster diagram), he will then buy their computations.

Now, don't think you're at this lower condition just because when you're in the presence of some suppressive influence, you feel a little bad. I mean, you see one of these Vietnam movies and you start to feel, "Yucchh, that was sick, you know, what they did." Remember, what you are doing in that case is you're logically looking at the EFFECT of that film or that story or that person being in your area, and you're seeing, you're feeling, the REALITY of what it is to go downtone on that awareness. So you're AWARE of it and you can EVALUATE it because you say "Boy, I'm glad to be out of that, that was a bad film", or "I didn’t like being around those people".

See, you handled it right away. Because you did this: you located the connected SP (points to step 1). You saw it right there. And you were glad to get out of there (points to the "Disconnect" part of step 2). So, you see what I mean? Because you were AWARE of it – you may have felt "Wow, I roller-coastered a little in there" – doesn't mean you're STUCK in this lower condition. We're talking about here, number Minus Nine. A guy's stuck in this, he's NOT AWARE, he's not aware of any of that – he's like the clapper in a bell: ding, dong, ding, dong, he goes from one side to the other and he just FULLY takes on the valence of the people who are doing good, the people who are doing bad! He's NOT aware of any of it. He's not aware of it! Stuck in it. But as I say, totally other-determined. He can’t decide to go in and come out of that area.

You find this in auditing when the guy has had apparently a wonderful session, and he comes in the next day and says, "I'm sick." The auditor, after a little of this, goes, "Ooh, wow, this guy's a really tough case." No, he's here (points to roller-coaster diagram) ... stuck there. That's why LRH gave also GRADIENTS of PTSness. Type one, type two, type three. Yeah, this (points to roller-coaster diagram) is down around two and a half to three. The other ones can always easily spot him. They'll come in and say, "Hey! I felt good yesterday, but somehow today I feel not so good."

The other guy, type one, he'll just say: "Wow, I felt good after session yesterday but I saw a horrible movie about Vietnam last night and now I feel not so good about that, but I know that's the reason." He can spot it. The second guy, he sort of spots his FEELINGS but he can’t quite spot WHY. And the third guy, he only tells you what it is in PT. "I feel good. I feel bad. I feel good. I feel bad." That's it. He doesn't know why – nothing. He doesn’t even know he felt good before! YOU can observe it. That's why you need technical advice for handling this type three PTS type of thing. (writes on board)


Now, we're getting towards the bottom here. Now we get the guys who are ACTUALLY interfering in the game, or in the VALENCE of those who are interfering in the game. Suppressive. SP, Suppressive Person. Now, this is what can CAUSE the roller-coaster of the other guy. This is what he's locating, you see? And if he doesn’t ever locate it he might get pushed farther and farther down and become in the valence of one of these guys. Now, in this case, the handling of an SP is just that: (writes on board)



That's what HE'S got to do. It's just the second part of it. In other words, THAT PERSON who is an SP has to handle HIMSELF – you've got to get him to realise he is doing suppression, again you have to say: "This is the game. That's the game you're in, you handle that, or you disconnect from the valence that you're in as an SP." Now, as the person is doing this disconnect part from the valence he was in (points to the "Disconnect" part of the formula), he may start to roller-coaster! See, you spotted it in auditing, or maybe in life, as a VALENCE. "Hey! You're being just like Adolf Hitler, or Genghis Khan, or something like that."

And he says, "Oh yeah, yeah, oh wow, that's right, that's bad", and he starts coming out of it. But he starts to roller coaster, he goes in and out, in and out, in and out. So he moves up condition, actually, and you can handle him as a PTS now, and then you have to audit him and find out EXACTLY what were the O/Ws – the overts and withholds – and the various connections he had with Genghis Khan, or with Hitler. So, the person is, or in the valence of, interference in the game, or implanters, which are the main interference in the game. (writes on board)


Now, we do have some technical handlings for these guys, and if you want to do a lot of auditing on them, you certainly can, if you learn how to do it. But usually, if they ARE one of these guys, they usually resist auditing and you have to do some very powerful stuff to handle them. We do have the processes, and we can do it. It's just a matter of whether you want to spend the time in doing it, or whether you want to bring some more able people up the Bridge and get them out of being at effect of these guys. You see, because the only POWER these people have is because other people are PTS to them. Okay, somebody had a question? It got answered already. Good.

Okay, now, we can handle those. On upper levels we handle a lot of these guys. Actually, from Excalibur on up we handle quite a few! So it is possible. But remember, I told you again, the full handling of these... you don't want to try it just from being a Nice Guy valence: "I'm a Nice Guy, so I'm going to handle this SP." You'd better know your TECH, to do this! There was a guy in Australia that heard a little bit about Excalibur, you see, so he decided that he would give it a try to see it if was really there. He didn’t really believe it, you see, so he decided to do a little 2-way comm session to see if he could locate an implanter. By the way, that is NOT the way to handle them.

But, see, he was in DOUBT about this whole stuff, and he wasn't trained. Well, he wrote me a letter – he could not sleep alone any more, he had to have two guards outside his room, and whenever he touched the doorknob he got an electric shock. He was sure they were going to come and kill him any night. So much for handling implanters with ARC! Hahaha! No, see, what they had was suppressive intention (draws large arrow on board, pointing downwards, to illustrate the vector of the intention). Suppressive! So you try to use ARC... (draws tiny little arrow on board, pointing upwards to oppose the large arrow, to illustrate the vector of the ARC. Laughter from audience.) No.

You've got to use an intention that is equal or bigger THAN theirs... (draws another large arrow on board, this time pointing upwards, to illustrate the size of the intention needed to oppose the suppressive vector) to get anywhere. Remember, their intention is to destroy the game, or to take it over, and to control you (points to the large arrow pointing downwards). You try to use a little ARC triangle with that (points to tiny ARC triangle pointing upwards), and they're going to try and turn it around so that you are now with THEM! (draws another tiny ARC triangle now turned around and aligned with the large arrow pointing downwards.) Or afraid of them! They'll give you THEIR reality! And THEIR communication and THEIR affinity! And if you don’t watch out, you play around with ARC like that, with an implanter you will be in ARC with the implanters! Hahahaha!

Now, you'll find out what intention is necessary there when we go to the higher conditions (points to the large arrow pointing upwards to oppose the suppressive vector), because you have to have a very high condition as an auditor before you can handle these guys. I will tell you it involves A VERY LARGE CERTAINTY. And A VERY LARGE INTENTION. Okay! So we're almost down the bottom now. But there's one more. Aha...! (writes on board)

-11) THIRD PARTY (with suppressive intention)

This is a condition that LRH located in the seventies. And that guy is already lower than Suppressive. He IS a Suppressive – but – THIRD PARTY WITH A SUPPRESSIVE INTENTION. This is a more, shall we say, ABLE suppressive. He's MORE destructive than a suppressive. I'd better put that here... WITH SP INTENTION. Now, why is this lower than just Suppressive Person? Because a Suppressive is working to make others PTS, make them roller-coaster and eventually get them to come on the down spiral only (draws diagram of a suppressive causing an effect on several other thetans, causing them each to roller-coaster and go into an eventual decline).

Remember, these people that get influenced like this are already in pretty much of a low condition. They maybe came down through Doubt, Enemy, Treason and Confusion and No Condition and finally they thought: "Woop, that's the way to do it, you know, just become a suppressive." BUT, a Third Party does THIS number. He tries to get two very able people to fight each other – by indicating to number one that number two is the SP, and indicating to number two that number one is the SP (draws diagram of a third party causing an effect on each of two other thetans simultaneously, resulting in a ridge between the two who are at effect. The three form a triangle, with the third party above the other two).

THEREFORE, he's more than double the effect of just single suppression. Because he's getting very ABLE people to locate ANOTHER able person as an SP. And he remains hidden. So they can’t locate him. Now, this person is able and that person is able (points to the two thetans at effect with the ridge between them) – higher conditions – so what's going to happen here when they fight? It's going to be terrible! Much more force, much more destruction than could happen from just an SP influencing roller-coasters. This produces a GIANT ridge and a GIANT lot of destruction on both sides.

Ron wrote a whole policy about this, talking about civilisations, and countries, why they tend to fight each other and how they've destroyed each other's civilisations. You might say this is a suppressive that's working on more than one suppressive dynamic. The dynamics of destruction. He's getting very able thetans to fight each other. Okay. Now, you people who have been doing this, trying to help, this also this requires a Scientological handling. They can never spot it themselves, usually. LRH gave the handling as you're supposed to get these two people who are able, and somehow get them to sit down, and spot who told them what, and who this and that, and spot and IDENTIFY the third party: (writes on board)



In this case, you HAVE to use ARC and KRC, because you're not dealing with suppressives here. They're only operating against each other suppressively. You have to use ARC and KRC to sit them down, and help them to identify THIS (points to third party thetan in diagram of the three thetans in a triangle). And then you have to tell them afterwards, "Hey, just remain unconnected to that source of the Third Party, and DON'T CONNECT UP WITH IT ANY MORE!" (writes on board)



So it's really: HELP THEM SPOT AND IDENTIFY THE THIRD PARTY. Because they can’t do it themselves, obviously, because they're fighting each other. Help the two people fighting. Stop it. And then say: "Remain unconnected to it, because it's now cooled down, and don’t connect up with it again!"

Now, this is not just between two people here – this could be two countries, and when they go back to their office, the two heads of the country go back to their office, they find a letter from somebody this guy has made write from this side to this side and giving a lot of the same criticisms. Now, the guy shouldn't connect up with it again, he should just crumple up the letter and throw it away. And this guy should do the same if he gets a letter from this side APPARENTLY or from somebody over here who's PTS to this side, so they just start throwing away all the entheta, and everything's fine.

So, you see, the handler of the Third Party (draws a fourth thetan on the board, who has ARC and KRC lines to the two able thetans who are at the effect of the third party) has to be somebody trained in this, trained in conditions and so on. And he HAS to have OPEN comm lines, not hidden ones. He has to get this person (pointing to the two able thetans at the effect of the third party) to tell what data he received, and this guy the data he received which made him think this guy was bad, and the data he received which made him think this guy was bad, and so on. And start looking for: "Who did that data originate from? Where did it come from? What is the SOURCE if it?" Okay?

And they may have a whole network of little SPs which are planted in these two organisations or countries (points to the two able thetans at the effect of the third party, now regarding them as terminals which could be organisations or countries), which are being used as vias for this Third Party (points to the hidden third party thetan who is the third terminal in the triangle). Now, this is a very normal circumstance on this planet! Don't you realise, I mean, you could have an agent in Israel and say: "The Arabs are going to attack you tomorrow", and have an agent over in with the Arabs and say: "The Israelis are going to do a surprise attack on you tonight." And those agents may have been sent by one of the major oil companies, who knows? Hahaha!

If you're going to be Superman, and try to handle that, you've got to go to them and say: "Where did you get this data? Let's trace it back, and find out where it really came from," and they find out "Hey, wait! It didn’t really come from this guy, it came from the agent that just went in there last week," and so on, and then: "Wait a minute! Who does he work for? Ahhh! The oil company!" Usually the end result of this is WAR, on a large scale, if it's done on countries – and now, you know what war does to the dynamics of the game! Everything from nerve gas, to biological weapons, to chemical weapons, to atomic weapons. And Agent Orange, which was used in Vietnam to defoliate and kill all the trees.

Now, I told you I would take you on a trip of the lower conditions. And I hope you realise that the ones below Non-Existence need a helping hand. They need somebody to help them, because they're mostly getting into the band of other-determinism, and "out of the game". You can see that those formulas are very rarely applied, and the people just get stuck in them and stay there – OR, keep going down. You see, there's always a way to get out of a condition – by going to a LOWER one. If you don’t know the formula and you don’t apply it, you will drop to the LOWER one.

This is one of the major reasons why Ethics is a very personal and logical thing to apply. Because the same thing can happen if someone assigns you a condition – or you assign another a condition – and it's not right. And yet the other person believes it, and he takes on that condition. It's like giving a wrong item to a pc. He will then start falling down the conditions, lower and lower and lower and lower. And remember, there are always the SPs down at the bottom, and the Third Parties, to pick him up and recruit him. So it's important that you KNOW the conditions very well – and the HANDLINGS – so that one, you can keep yourself doing well on them, AND two, you can handle other people on your dynamics.

In the next part of the lecture after lunch, we're going to go into the upper conditions, some of them which have never before been seen, but are in the games. Because nobody has ever really... well, a few people maybe have made them, reached them, but maybe even they don’t know the formulas. So we will find those out after lunch, and you will see some of the higher conditions that people need to REALLY be able to handle the lower ones.

Okay? Any questions? No. We'll wait till after lunch anyway, if there are, but now enjoy a good lunch, and be ready for going up the conditions. (Applause...)

* * * * *

Welcome to Part Four of Improving Conditions in Life. I hope you had a nice lunch!

Now, we'll take you on a trip through the upper conditions, some of which have never before been reached – in this game, and certainly not on this planet by the normal people of this planet. And you will see why.

So remember, yesterday, at the end of the second part, we had moved to Normal there, so you could at least find a place of stability, and that's where the graph was going up like this, remember? (draws graph on board of a line going gradually upwards) Improvement, time – and we said DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING, just watch for things going worse, and handle, and if they're going better, improve it or reinforce it. But be careful of the economic scenarios, so you keep this above inflation. Okay.

Now, so what happens if suddenly, as we said about the milk company yesterday, they get this whole new area opened up, and they get a very vast improvement of statistic (draws graph on board of a line first going gradually upwards, and then suddenly climbing steeply). We had the milk company that was in Emergency, and then they got into Normal and then suddenly this whole new area in Zurich opened up and BANG, maybe their income, and their delivery of milk, went very high – all of a sudden. That's called an AFFLUENCE. That means that suddenly, everything went very right for you. So, we have that as: (writes on board)


Now, many companies on this planet, and many individuals, have actually reached this state – at one time or another. Perhaps not the families in Ethiopia or Biafra, but many families in the western world, or many companies, have had sudden rises of income, or rises of production, which were exchanged for, and they went into Affluence. Maybe even individuals have had what could be considered an Affluence, although maybe they didn't even work for it – they might have got an inheritance from a person who died in the family. Or maybe they won at the Lotto, or the football pools.

Now the problem with those people, and all of the people that got the Affluence, is that they didn't know the formula. And there's nothing more disappointing than to have an Affluence crash back down, even further below the Normal and the Emergency that preceded it. So what we can hope to do is bring the general statistic into a higher range, by doing the formula correctly (draws a continuation of the steep line so that it becomes less steep again and then continues to increase gradually). This would be called here, NORMAL OF AFFLUENCE.

So you can raise the range – in other words, the expansion. Either gradually, through long, continued Normals, or taking advantage of a sudden Affluence and applying the right formula immediately. All right?

You will see why in the next condition I give you that it is very difficult to keep an Affluence going forever (points to the steeply climbing part of the graph). The amount of expansion required to do that just sort of overwhelms the ability of keeping the MEST and the expansion of the actual production at the same rate. Remember, we got to this by doing a good Emergency and Normal formula, and the people were all trusted and hatted, Ethics was light, and things were going very well. That might have taken six months to a year or so to get it really done right. Remember, all the milk trucks were cleaned every day, and all that.

So suddenly, you get the whole Zurich area starting to buy your milk (points to the steeply climbing part of the graph). And you wonder if you should just set up or buy another dairy in Zurich area, and keep supplying them directly from there. But remember, it will be a brand new plant, they won't know how to wash the trucks out, the employees may be in lower conditions, and they're not to be trusted – perhaps. You need new managers over there that are just as good as the ones you have here, but you don't want to take them off the place you already HAVE going. So, at this point, the best you can hope to do – at the moment, unless you know some more conditions, or higher ones – is to make a STEP upwards (points to the steeply climbing part of the graph) and keep it up at that range now (points to the final part of the graph where the line increases gradually again). And by a series of such steps, you can accomplish an expansion over a period of time.

Now, let's first of all see why people can’t even make the step. They just get to here, and then it crashes. The first step to do in Affluence is the one that most people did in Emergency. The business consultants of this planet do an Emergency formula which is the WRONG one – but it's the right one for this one, which is ECONOMISE. Now, in this, the word here means: (writes on board)



It doesn't mean cut down on what you are already doing. It means, don’t just go off and blow all your money. That's what happened to many people with the football pools and the inheritances – they just took the money and spent it right away. And this is why. Because number two is: (writes on board)


Now, that's why you first of all wait. Don’t spend all the money yet. Add up all the things you have to pay, and pay them. Now that means that you then come out from under the control of any banks or any lenders that you borrowed money from: (writes on board)


If you owed some personal money to somebody, and they weren't really pressing you, now is the time to pay that off. Because as you get bigger and bigger, they are going to come with lawyers to try and get the money from you. You see, you know you're expanding already, but they don’t know it fully, yet. So you had better pay them off now and have them sign the thing that (points to step 2) states that you don’t owe them any more money.

And remember the scenarios I told you about? As these guys did the formulas correctly, and came up to either Normal, or something like that, they're really become looked at for taking over by the interference in the game. Now, one of the easiest ways to take over somebody is by a loan they have to pay.

Do you know that what they call "paper", or "debt paper", in banking circles, is purchasable? Your favourite Suppressive, or Enemy, when he sees that you're in Affluence, and he wants to start getting control of your company, or stop you, he can go to whatever bank you owe the money to and he can buy the loan from them? Mortgages, and any business loans, can all be purchased. In other words, they pay them off to the bank, and pay them some small interest, and then they have the loan now, and you owe the money to them. Now, they can cause trouble for you. A lot of people don’t know that. But debt paper is for sale from most banks. Mmhm. That's a favourite way for the scenario boys to get into control of a business.

Now comes the most important step here. Once you do that, by the way, you see how much you have left, you see. So the "economise" is only until you've done the next couple of steps. The first one is to pay off the debts, so you see what you REALLY made out of the Affluence. And the next step is: (writes on board)


First, you've got to be smart enough to discover the real cause of this Affluence. In the milk company, remember, it was because the word of mouth of the people started getting to Zurich, and they started wanting your good milk – so you might reinforce it by putting an advertising campaign into Zurich, or going around and sending your salesmen to the other stores to get more milk into Zurich. You might have to use some of the money here to reinforce that campaign by getting some more milk trucks, and making them clean, and so on, and more bottles. Now, if done well, you will keep the statistic of the income of the company at that new level (points to the final part of the graph where the line increases gradually again). If you do the last step as well, which is: (writes on board)


In other words, you found out that this reinforcement, or this Affluence, was caused by opening up a new area in Zurich. So of the people who did that, maybe a few of your delivery men, and a few of your truck drivers, and so on, and some of the public, you don’t listen to anything bad said about them. Now you would protect them with Ethics, and you may even give them a bonus, you know? Show them you APPRECIATE that expansion. If somebody else comes up and says, "Nya nya nya nya nya, that guy's no good, he shouldn’t have got the bonus, I should have got the bonus", then you investigate the guy who's talking, not the one he's talking about. If you don’t do that, remember the old third party stuff, remember the old out-of-valence and roller-coaster guys, and all the old stuff of how the SPs operate. They will turn on their activities and crash this thing for you right away (points to the steeply climbing part of the graph). Okay?

So if you want to maintain this, you have to economise right away, on any new expenditures (points to step 1), pay all debts (points to step 2), discover the cause of the Affluence, and reinforce IT! (points to step 3) Then protect IT – that area – with Ethics (points to step 4). And many people and companies who have gotten into Affluence – and countries – have not done this formula. Therefore, very shortly, the debts are coming in (points to step 2), they've spent all their money on other things now – a yacht, and three new cars for the executives, and so on (points to step 1). Nothing to do with them keeping the area going to reinforce the Affluence (points to step 3), nothing to do with protecting it (points to step 4).

Now you might ask: "What about this guy that won the Lotto, I mean how the hell can he reinforce that? Does he have to now spend his extra money on Lotto tickets?" No. That guy had better economise, and pay all his debts, yes. BUT – what was the real cause of the Affluence for this guy? It wasn’t buying Lotto tickets. He wanted that money for something. He wanted to win some money for something. The cause of that Affluence is what he wanted. He might have wanted to start his own business. He might have wanted to become independent of having to work for somebody else. He might have wanted to get a better house. Well, by golly, then he can do it – if he has enough left over, see? He can START – and then apply the other conditions to carry on.

So on one of those, where it comes in unexpectedly, like from a dead relative, or something, it doesn't mean you go around now and kill all the rest of your relatives! That would be very suppressive. No, he has to look at what did he do, in his life, that made the other relative leave him something in the will. I mean, it might have been that he was a good terminal for the person – good communication. Or, perhaps he helped him with certain things around the house, or in his garden, or whatever. Or maybe, he gave him some good interesting books to read.

So what he has to discover is the cause of why it happened such that the other person exchanged with him like that. And that he can reinforce it. He could even make a whole business of it, you see, renting out books to people who need answers – or a gardening service, whatever it was, a communication service about your problems with elderly people or something like that, he could become a consultant! So you see, he would have considered it just a sort of a normal thing. Now he realises: "Wow! I can get exchange for that." So maybe he can discover himself a whole new business. Okay? So discovering the cause of the Affluence also has to be a cause that is, shall we say, improvement and survival and viability on the rest of his dynamics. Then he will be successful.

Okay. So, now if people were able, like some big companies are able to start expanding and keep going for a while, let's see what else they might arrive at, in the next higher condition. If they don't do this one, they will break the Affluence and crash. Because we're talking now about the guy who does succeed in keeping at this new range (points to the final part of the graph where the line increases gradually again), or even continues the Affluence (points to the steep part of the graph). That moves into a condition which has got to be applied right away: (writes on board)


Now, this is based on the policy in which LRH says that when you expand, and the FASTER you expand, the more holes you find in your organisation. In a person, it would be the less time he has to do anything else. You know, the dairy would not have enough milk trucks, they don't have enough drivers, they don’t have enough managers, they don't have enough MILK! You get a lot of personal Affluence and you buy a new house. Now you've got a lot of time to take care of the house, and new possessions, and all that and you don't have time to do your normal work any more!

I guarantee, this shows up in your life whether you realise it or not. Maybe when you were a kid, a teenager, and you had a lot of time, you would buy an old car, and then you would work on it for a lot of time to fix it up and drive it. But now you get into older life, and you're making good money, you get a sudden Affluence, and you buy a NEW car. But now you've got a job, a family, and a house to take care of, obligations to go to business meetings and so, so you end up taking the car down to the garage and getting it serviced there. See? IF you tried to do all the things you did as a teenager, with the car, you wouldn't have the time to do the rest of your jobs and you would end up going down in income. So the first point is: (writes on board)



Now that applies to YOUR area of Affluence. It's not just the Tech of auditing, or anything – we're talking about the tech of whatever your business is, or whatever the area is, the second dynamic tech, or whatever you were doing in whatever area you got the Affluence in. It's the Ethics, Tech and Admin of that area, so that expansion won’t find any weaknesses. And two, just to reinforce the Admin part: (writes on board)


Now this may require: (writes on board)


It MIGHT require that. Sometimes you can be very clever and reduce the admin and get all the backlog handled, and set up a better filing system, or a better way to note it down, like a computer, or something. But the big important one is this (points to step 1 — Get in Ethics, Tech and Admin so that Expansion won't find any Weaknesses). Let's say you had done the Affluence formula and thought everything was handled. Then you come to the Security condition, right? Because you keep doing the Affluence – you say "Wow! I'd better do the next formula."

Now this is one people don't know. They don’t know this one. You start going through your old papers, and your old files, and making sure everything is filed correctly, and so on. And you find another fifty thousand Swiss Francs worth of bills you didn't pay. Whoaaaa! And you also find some letters in those files. The secretary who left last week didn’t tell you about these letters where they were threatening to go to court. But she wasn't being evil, she was being nice. She said, "Well, he's having such a wonderful win on getting all of Zurich handled with milk, I don't want to give him this bad news." See – very nice people. But they think they're doing the right thing.

But now you've found them, and you know that if you left this formula not done (points to step 1 — Get in Ethics, Tech and Admin so that Expansion won't find any Weaknesses), that out-admin there, and that backlog of bills to pay, could have wiped out your entire expansion and your entire Affluence. Why? Because if they had gone to court, they would have said, "Look, they're expanding, I demand a lot of interest on these unpaid bills", and there could have become newspaper stories, and the next thing you know people won't be buying your milk any more because they think you're going bankrupt. They don't want to do business with a company that's not paying its bills.

Because they figure that if they're cheap on that, they may be cheap on the milk, and the bottles, and the trucks, and all that stuff which you tried so hard to make good quality. That's what you find a lot of times when you look through a backlog! (points to step 2 — Handle all Backlogged Areas.) Remember the backlog we talked about of the machine maintenance, in the dairy? You know, the machine breaks, and then it cracks all your bottles. And the backlog of paperwork from the secretary, where you find the debts, and the threats of legal action in there.

So it's not just finding it – it's HANDLING it (points to step 2 — Handle all Backlogged Areas). So you'd better take whatever's left of that Affluence and pay off those debts – and get the signed paper that says "You don't owe me any money any more". And as for the Ethics (points to step 1 — Get in Ethics, Tech and Admin so that Expansion won't find any Weaknesses), you might have a letter in there from the wife of an employee who got hurt in the plant – you know, he got an injury – and she says: "It's terrible about my husband, and I've talked to a lawyer, and a doctor, and they can sue you now for half a million Swiss Francs."

You didn’t even know about this, you see, because it was handled down in the factory, and the guy originally said that he would settle the whole thing, the doctor's bills and everything, and a little bit of money for his time off, all for ten thousand francs – and nobody ever sent it to you. But now nobody answered him, so he talked it over with his wife, and he got more and more angry, more and more angry, and pretty soon they went to a lawyer, and went to the doctor, and said: "Ah, we can get half a million. I mean, look at those guys – they're supplying all of Zurich with milk."

So BECAUSE of the Affluence, you always get this phenomenon of everybody wanting to grab on to the coattails of the people who are moving up. And get something for nothing. Or more than they are really owed. If you don’t do this formula, once you have attained an Affluence, and done the formula of Affluence, you will find all kinds of people trying to suck away your money from you.

This happens even among the best of people. When I worked in the Sea Org, and I expanded Europe, nobody cared anything about Europe, because they were only making a couple of thousand US dollars per month. Within six months I had them up to twenty thousand dollars a week! All of a sudden, all the people who didn’t care about Europe any more were all clamouring to get in there and get control of that money. I mean, I had to devote nearly a quarter of my time to handling all that. That's another story! You see, that was part of the same organisation – I mean, it wasn't even an Enemy trying to come in, it was people in my own organisation trying to rip me off. I was trying to do the Affluence formula and reinforce the orgs, and train more auditors, and get more materials for them, and these other people just wanted to come in and take the money, take the money, take the money – I mean, they didn't want to give any kind of reinforcement!

So, if you get an Affluence, or you have a company in Affluence, or an area in Affluence, in your life, and it stays there, get the Security formula in, so it WILL stay there! That (points to step 1 — Get in Ethics, Tech and Admin so that Expansion won't find any Weaknesses) also means that since you're continuing in the Affluence band, you're going to start building up reserves. And that (points again to step 1) also means that you have to have security on those reserves. So you'd better choose a good bank to keep it in, or a profit-making investment, or if it's in cash or gold, you'd better hire some security guards to protect it (points to step 1). Because normally criminals don’t go around and rob the poor people. They will go after the people in Affluence.

Now, there's an interesting alternative formula that people have almost by chance, or by necessity, come to in the modern world. They don’t really know this formula, but they do know that they have to secure the Affluence. So the big deal now – and you've noticed it, it's in life – is that they try to HIDE the Affluence. Do you remember that twenty years ago, people wearing blue jeans and sweatshirts and funny clothes and all, would not be allowed in certain restaurants, or beach clubs, or tourist places. Or in the first class hotels. But nowadays, they don't know, man – the guy that walks in with the modern blue jeans with the holes in the knees and everything like that, wearing a grimy T-shirt, he may be a millionaire!

Even the clerks in the banks, and in some of the big offices in the cities any more, they don't wear ties. So their idea of security these days is to HIDE the fact of Affluence, you see. They have two Mercedes and a Ferrari in the garage, but they drive to work in a Fiat. Hahaha! True, you see it all the time! So, Security... this is the real formula! (points to steps 1, 2 and 3.) The world has gone to a sort of: "If you get to that, boy, you better hide!" Okay. I mean, you can do that too! I'm just saying, you can do whatever additive thing you want, but remember to do the REAL formula. Okay? (question from audience)

Third point, she didn't get it. EXPANSION OF YOUR ORGANISATION ALSO. That means that you might have to hire security guards, or new drivers, and new trucks... or people to handle these backlogs, or a lawyer to go and handle the claims... you know. More organisation might be needed. This is not necessary if it's a small organisation... with an area of Affluence, say in the 2D – you're not going to hire another wife! Or it's a small business where you can just put better locks on the doors, you know. Or make a better filing system in your computer – I mean, that would handle it, without expanding the org. So that's optional. But in a big company, yes, you would need to get a bigger organisation.

Now, the next condition – see, we're saying that the guy has obtained this Affluence and he's really got expansion going now, and the next thing you know other milk companies want to come under his dairy system, put all the quality control and all in different cities all the way to Geneva: (writes on board)


So, VALUE OR USEFULNESS is the next thing you will find yourself in. You're becoming of VALUE to more and more people. More people want to drink your milk. More people VALUE your milk. So, there's a very simple formula for this. If you find the expansion is getting so big there that it's really becoming a valuable thing, and you've done the other formulas – remember, this is coming now as a realisation AFTER you did the Affluence and Security formulas: (writes on board)



It has something to do with the Non-Existence formula as well, but on a higher causative level. You see, you've been getting this expansion. Now, you want to really make sure that you don't break it. So you want to get or deliver more of what is really needed and wanted. You're becoming of value to a lot of people. As they say in the trade – a household name. BUT – if don’t do this formula, you can mess up again. And that means, yes, you want to do that, but SURVEY IT FIRST: (writes on board)


Because – I can tell you now several examples of large companies that didn’t do that and ALMOST lost their whole thing. One of the most obvious ones was the Coca-Cola company. They almost blew it two times. Oh, some twenty or thirty years ago – you wouldn’t maybe know about it – but the first thing they had NOT surveyed (points to step 2 — Survey it First), and found out about, when they were selling lots and lots of Coca-Cola in America, and even starting overseas, they did not survey and find out that most people ordered it NOT by calling it Coca-Cola, but by calling it Coke! They would say: "Give me a Coke."

One of their smart executives found out that some small bottling company in America was going to market a cola product called Coke! Suddenly they really started understanding what might happen. They would lose all the customers that ordered Coke. So they immediately sent a dozen lawyers to Washington and copyrighted the name Coke. Trademark. Phew! Just in time. After that, the bottles also say, Coca-Cola on this side, and on the back side they say Coke, or they say Coca-Cola, Coke – BOTH registered trademarks. They almost lost it, and they didn’t survey (points to step 2 — Survey it First) why people liked Coca-Cola, and what did they call it, and what did they like about it, and all that.

See, they were in a big Affluence and they had tried to do their security thing, or whatever... I mean, they didn’t even move their headquarters. That was good, they kept themselves right in Atlanta, Georgia, and didn't move to New York, where they could get crashed out by bigger businesses or by extra expenses in New York – it's a very expensive city. So, they had done most of the right things. Then they realised it's getting so valuable now and everybody's asking for it by a slang name, an abbreviated name (points to step 1 — Get or deliver more of what is really Needed and Wanted). And they almost lost it. you see, they didn’t know the formulas. They still didn't do a survey. They just thought, "Oh, that guy was smart. He told us about this." They didn't do a survey on what people liked about Coca-Cola, or now, Coke.

And the other thing that they almost did, a couple of years later, was that they went and changed the bottle design. You know, the Flasche, or Coke bottles, like this (draws picture of Coke bottle on board). Sorry, like that. It's got a curve in it. Okay? Now, the guy who developed that – I mean, he was dead by now, but in the early 1900s, in the early part of the century, he developed this design. He DELIBERATELY based it on the 1920s women's clothes at that time, which had that shape, so that when a guy would take a Coke it would be like holding a woman. It had these little things, that were like the skirts, you know, skirts coming down, and this was the bosom up here. You see? You know, with the big white blouse, and the skirt that comes down like that. That guy who did that was very smart.

The modern managers of the 1960s and 70s had forgotten all about this, you see. So they DID change the bottles, and they put it in cans and things like that. They dropped the bottle design. They dropped it right out. And their sales went Whooom! Like that. Plummeted. They were mystified. They didn’t know why this was. They were going modern, you know, aluminium, recyclable cans, and all that kind of stuff. So let's say they had sales figures here (draws graph which suddenly drops steeply). All of a sudden they went Puuuum! Down to that level. So, they didn’t do a survey. They found out only afterwards.

I'm not sure of this, but I think they hired a big New York agency to find out why their sales went down. And they DID do a survey. They found out they had just lost ALL of their older public who liked to hold the bottle. They were losing that much money every day (points to graph) out of the total of millions they were making. It's quite a lot – I don't know, it was twenty, thirty, a hundred million dollars a day they were losing. They said: "That's the reason." So they immediately put the bottles back in, and they recaptured those sales (adds to graph, showing the line now climbing steeply back up to the level it was at initially). Whoof! So, they weren't clever by doing the formula (points to steps 1 and 2), they had to find out by experience of losing millions of dollars a day and try to do something about it to actually find the right reason.

Let's go back to the Normal graph. It went below Normal, you see? (points to graph.) Don’t change anything, in Normal. Remember? Don’t change anything. They changed. They could add the cans, and maybe the young people didn't mind that it was in a can. That would be okay. But the older folk, they liked to see through the bottle, they liked to hold the bottle, and you know, it reminded them of something. Haha! And to the company, that amounted to millions of dollars lost, and for a while, they went below Normal, maybe for a month or so (points to graph). And then they finally handled it. That is why today, you can still buy Coke in a bottle. Although most of the other companies have gone to cans, and plastic bottles, and things like that.

Does that give you an idea of what happens if you don't know your formulas of the upper conditions? So, it's very simple, but they never surveyed it (points to step 2). They were doing this (points to step 1)... they wanted to deliver more, but all of a sudden, people were demanding LESS! But they didn’t really know what it was that the people really needed and wanted! And what was valuable and useful to those people. They didn’t survey, and they didn't find it out (points to step 2).

So, as I said, there is a big corporation we can look at, from our viewpoint, that didn’t really know their technology of Ethics. And they almost blew it, both with their name – the "Coke" nickname – and the shape of the bottle. And, remember, the PR firm they hired in New York charged them a few million too, remember. So the total losses they made in that period (points to graph) were enough, probably, to put all of us in Affluence for many many lifetimes! So when you expand, and do the formulas right, don’t make those mistakes.

Now, when you've got that done right, you not only become valuable and useful, you become an ASSET: (writes on board)


In English, Asset means a more STABLE condition. An Asset is something that never loses its value, it's always there, it's always stable, like a gold ANTIQUE from the pyramids of Egypt or something. A very STABLE asset. What do call here a work of art – a Gauguin? A Renoir? Something that's very very very stable and valuable, or at least, goes up all the time? A STOREHOUSE OF WORTH. That fits. An Asset is something that stores the value, stores the worth. You become stably worth something.

Now this is where the scenario boys get really interested in this kind of company, or this kind of person. I mean, they will never even let them go bankrupt! If they are already controlled. I mean, just three years ago, take General Motors Company in America, one of the biggest companies... THE biggest company in America, I think – you know, they own a lot of Opel car, in Germany, and they make all the tanks and planes, and a lot of tanks and planes and guns and stuff for America, weapons, and some airplane parts, all kind of motors. They went bankrupt.

But the government stepped in and would not let anybody foreclose on them. Or take them to court. A bit anti-capitalistic. Because in there, you know, if somebody goes into debt they're supposed to go bankrupt, and then the other guys eat them up. But the government had them under scenario control and so they didn’t want them go out of business. They actually went so far as to close down the banks who threatened General Motors! Yes. They sent around FBI and Treasury agents and threatened the bank to be closed down if they didn't SHUT UP about General Motors. You see? So that's one company that to the American scenario was an Asset and they couldn't let it go. Everybody knew its name, and if it went down, then the stock market might crash, and the politicians might lose their jobs, and all that.

Okay, Now this is how you stay an ASSET. Not by letting the government take you over. That's not the way to do it! You see, that didn't help General Motors, really. They're still under control. So, it's just very simple: (writes on board)



Now, this is not the same as the Security formula. The Security formula is GET IN the Ethics, Tech and Admin, and handle backlogs. This is IMPROVEMENT OF QUALITY. Because if you were a target before, you are REALLY a target now, when you are at this condition. Do you remember the story, about a year or so ago? Some guy went around, and there was some big company he didn’t like. He went around, and he wrote them an anonymous letter, and said that he had injected some poison into some of their bottles on the shelves of the stores. And they had to pull millions of dollars worth of products off their shelves to protect their customers, and to protect their name, and their asset value. So that's how just one person can put a pinhole – a small action – and bring down a huge company.

There were also rumours around at that time that terrorists were injecting mercury into Israeli oranges. So don't buy Israeli oranges. There was a big rumour going around about that. And there are always the instances where the drug companies are putting out a product they haven’t really improved the quality of, you know, and it causes thalidomide babies, deformed birth, and so on like that, or some side-effect, and they get sued for BILLIONS.

I think it was Ford Motor Company this time in America, a few years back, that had positioned their gas tanks a little too far to the rear of the car, and a couple of rear end collisions with those cars and the cars had blown up. Whew! I mean, it cost them millions. They had to recall all those cars, and put new tanks underneath, back further with protection, and everything. Boy! They didn't improve the quality (points to step 1 — Improve the Quality of all Products, Services, and the Organisation, and its Ethics, Tech and Admin). It says 'All Products, Services, and the Organisation."

So, if you had a threatening letter in a backlog, back when you were in Security, imagine what would happen if that was backlogged in an Asset company. Whew! They wouldn’t sue you for a hundred thousand Swiss Francs, they'd sue you for TEN BILLION Swiss Francs. And there'd be press all over. Bad press about it. So: Improve the Quality of all Products, Services, and the Organisation, and its Ethics, Tech and Admin (points to step 1). Make it IMPREGNABLE.

See, the drug company's going to say this: "Hey, we're selling millions of more pills, let's get cheaper plastic bottles." But the cheaper ones are thinner. And the tops are easier to remove. So they didn’t improve the quality of the bottle. And somewhere, out there, some little child opened it up very easily and ate the drugs. Now they're in a hundred million dollar lawsuit because the child died. No, they should have improved the quality of the bottles. Made them thicker, harder to open for children, left hand threads, and all that. Wrong way to go.

See, we're talking now more about companies that are controlled by the scenario guys already, and they'll be there for a long time, but they still make all the mistakes – they don’t apply the formulas right, even if they're being protected by the taxpayer's money. So, if you get to be that big, and in any area you're evaluating, or doing, Improve the Quality of your Products, Services, and the Organisation, and its Ethics, Tech and Admin (points to step 1). You'll be better off. And remember, a lot of these big companies that you know the names of, they're not really at this level of condition. They're only there because they had the scenario support to wipe out the competition. They're probably at a lower condition, somewhere down there. That's another reason they make a lot of mistakes. Remember, you can’t really get to this condition unless you really do all the other ones.

Now why do you think, for instance, Japanese products are being sold all over the world and they can’t keep the balance of trade in the western favour any more – there are always more and more Japanese products? After the war, the Japanese first started putting out their little shoddy products, and they weren't much good, but they sold them – LOTS of them, because they were cheap. But, from then on, every year they improved the quality. And – I've seen it – they did surveys (points to Security formula step 2 — Survey it first). They maybe didn’t do ALL the formula, but they did enough of them to overwhelm everyone else's business, or come up ahead of them.

I've seen them over there, in America, at a place where motorcycle guys gather, you know, for a weekend to drink beer and stuff. And little Japanese guys would come round with clipboards: "What do you like about that machine?" It wasn't even a Japanese one, it was a Harley-Davidson, or something. American. "Why do you buy that machine and not that one?" People say, "Yeah, well, this, this, this, this..." You know? They take this data back to Japan. And within two years they come out with an exact copy of the Harley-Davidson. American motor cycle – Yamaha – you know, Easy Rider. But BETTER! IMPROVED quality (points to Asset formula step 1 — Improve the Quality of all Products, Services, and the Organisation, and its Ethics, Tech and Admin) – on the Harley-Davidson!

I mean, there are still a few that went to buy the Harley because they said "What's the NAME?" I mean, they were stuck on the name. But many, many, many, many, MANY others bought the Japanese models. There they were, getting a share of that market. So even by just doing two steps of all these formulas, they can wipe out the rest of the competition. They probably do a few more, but not knowingly. It's just their philosophy of business.

But they make mistakes too. There are products that the Japanese have produced that are not allowed to be sold in the west. You don’t think so? I can name at least two of them. One of them is a disk recorder – a laser disk recorder. It's already on the market in Singapore – you can’t buy it anywhere in Europe or America. The other is a three-dimensional television. You can’t buy it anywhere either. They've had those for five years. There's another one I was thinking of. But – it'll come to me. A REAL three-dimensional television. Beautiful.

Okay. Now, that's Asset. Let's see what's next.

(Someone asks a question from the audience. Silvie: "There's a question. It is because of an ethical reason, maybe they did something like not cleaning the comm lines or so, and this is why they can’t get out the products?")

Ah, no, it's mainly protectionism. The people who produce video disks and produce televisions in other parts of the world don’t want them in there yet. Their whole market would be wiped out. So they influence their own governments to prohibit them. Not from the firm, no. No, it's from the out-ethics of the governments in the west, who proclaim free enterprise but don’t actually want to let other people do it.

Yes. In other words, the Japanese would have to do a whole scenario handling, on a different dynamic, fourth dynamic scenarios, or third dynamic scenarios, before they could get their product in. Remember, I said these conditions can apply on any other dynamic as well, and then that dynamic they're in... they’re looked at as something of a Liability. See? They would have to analyse their condition in relationship to the government of that other country, and they're looked at as a Liability. Or maybe even lower. Maybe they're looked at as an Enemy, or in Treason to their local companies. They haven’t handled that one, on that dynamic.

So the next one here, going up, is CERTAINTY: (writes on board)


Now you have value and usefulness of your product, services, or your area of life, and you become an ASSET, like a brand name, or a well-known area, or, if you're in a 2D, "You're the best husband I ever had on the whole track!", you know that kind of thing – very close to the ideal scene, you see? Remember, we're trying to improve all these things, so this is becoming a very good improvement. Well, then you get to Certainty.

This means that you are certain, and the public or whatever area you're operating in – second dynamic, third dynamic, business, whatever – are also certain about you. So, you have a responsibility now to continue through time. You can put in a persistence, a permanence. You can become a stable datum throughout time. Now, to do that, you're going to have to ride over any bad times and still be there, still be there, and still be there. So, you have to build up reserves, resources, money, materiel, hatted able staff: (writes on board)



Okay? Now that enables you to persist. This is really building up reserves, not just keeping the 10% normal reserves you had for business. But in a business, it might be buying real estate. Or buying the areas in foreign countries where the raw materials are for your product. And different kinds of money, and gold and stuff in the bank. Extra stores of materiel to make your product so you can ride over any slump, or even a transportation strike.

AGAIN we find the Japanese here have hatted able staff – reserves of hatted able staff. Do you know, when you go to work for a Japanese company, your whole family goes to work for them? They give you a house, they educate your children, they make you believe in the team spirit of the company, and they encourage the children to come into the business as well, and they start training them very early to do this.

Now that might be part of their business philosophy over there, but it happens to be one of the steps of a higher level condition as well (points to step 1). In America, you probably know that any family or any worker or any manager, if you offer him another five or ten thousand dollars over here, he'll quit the job here and go over there. They even have a saying, you know: "Everybody's for sale, it's just at what price?" In Japan, that's not true. They have loyalty. To the company. They happen to be doing the first step of the formula (points to step 1). Just think how powerful they'd be if they knew ALL of the formulas. And knew how to evaluate.

Okay, so you build up reserves (points to step 1), and what do you do here, next? (writes on board)


So plan them. Now – you understand, if you're building up these reserves, and you want to be able to persist, you can’t depend on operating in just one country, or one area – you have to have a new area to expand into. A lot of the European Markabian companies are planning expansion into the Eastern Block right now, into Russia. See, they're Certain about where they are in their country. They're supported mostly by the government, and they have fixed contracts every year, but now they want to ride over anything, and they want to open up over there too.

But if you have done all of this properly (points to step 1), you won’t need the government to support you. You see? In other words, most of the companies we're talking about, like Mercedes Benz and all these guys, they may have some reserves and so on, but not the enormous reserves they need. So they have deals with the government to finance them, using the taxpayers' money, if anything happens. And the same (points to step 1) could apply way down on the second dynamic or the first dynamic or whatever. You could still build up reserves in your first dynamic or second dynamic. Your hatted able staff could be your children!

Or, they could be some servants you have, you know, to cook the food and do the other things so you can have more 2D time, and you can then plan new expansion areas, you know? "Have you ever had sex on the beach in Waikiki? No? Let's go over there and do that!" We're talking now about much higher conditions above the idea of whether you divorce them or not, you understand? We're talking about "Hey, we have a good time together, so let's go and do it over there now!"

Now, once you get to this state of Certainty about this, this one is a hard one to name, but it's almost like... (writes on board)


It's hard to name because it would almost be like your supporters, or the people who are helping you. There's not really a word for it. In other words, by the time you got to this, you didn’t get there by yourself. You got there with a lot of help from people. A lot of loyalty, you see, has been generated while coming up these conditions. So now, after you get to Certainty that you are going to be there, and you are going to continue being there, you've got to do this: (writes on board)



Strengthen them! (writes on board)


In other words, you're applying the KRC triangle here. You were using ARC to find out what was really needed and wanted. And down really low on the implanters you had to use really strong intention on some, but as you come up you're now using KRC. So it's a condition of acknowledging and rewarding your supporters. Your LOYAL supporters.

That could be by promotion, by bonus, by better salary, by helping them to gain better a condition. Whenever you have a chance, you also say: "THESE people supported me, they're part of the team." And give them some more responsibility and control in the area you're handling. Now, everything starts to click into place as a very powerful organisation or group, or whatever area you are using to apply these conditions in. Okay? So that's the next step.

Then we have the next condition: (writes on board)


Now, since you've done that, you can now ALLOW others to use their own responsibility, knowledge and control: (writes on board)



Now, you've all heard the stories of businessmen who got very rich and everything and they never let anybody take any responsibility other than them. They died rich, but still without much more expansion and just still holding on to the lines. They usually died in their office, all bitter and everything like that because they couldn’t trust anybody: (writes on board)



Now, that's almost like a super-Normal formula because you're now starting to turn over some of this responsibility, but you're also backing them up as people, as individuals doing conditions on others: Backing them up when Successful, and Hatting or Correcting them when Unsuccessful. And make sure it's EFFECTIVE – that it's very workable. If you don't do it right, they could crash the whole thing you've made in that area that they're responsible for.

By the way, if you start to get through Affluence and start doing these rapidly, you can move very fast up into a very powerful organisation. Because now you move up to number nine – Plus Nine – you finally achieve: (writes on board)


Now the formula of STABILTY is very strong here: (writes on board)



Now, you see, there is an interesting thing here. Remember the Green Party we were talking about? Suppose you were a wealthy industrialist, but you hadn’t done the earlier formula on Number Five, ASSET. You hadn't done the Asset formula, so you didn't improve the quality of your plant, and you're still emitting pollutants. Well, at this level, if you didn’t do that right (points to step 1), or some of your organisation didn’t do it right, then at this level you would have the pickets out there saying: "The plant is producing deadly gas" and all that kind of stuff, and you'd have a lot of trouble like the nuclear plants do all around the world. You would find a lot of conflict going on. And the business thinks they're trying to protect their stability, and the other side thinks they're in Treason to the general public.

It's all because they didn’t do the earlier formulas right. Okay? Very simple. I told you, I'm telling you here stuff that is NOT known on this planet, at this time. Once you DO all the formulas right and you get to here (points to "Stability" on board), the only trouble you would have would be with the interference guys, the implanters and scenario guys, and you could handle them and no-one would care, because nobody likes them anyway. ENSURE PROPER RATES OF EXPANSION BY – get this now – CO-ORDINATION, PLANNING, AND PREDICTION. (writes on board)


Because NOW you're getting to what you wanted to do back there when you had the Asset and Stability conditions. These ones. You want to ensure it all continues on into the future, but NOW you're going to make sure that you DON’T make any mistakes on expansion. You don't over-expand or under-expand, you do it RIGHT.

Now you have usually a big organisation, so you have to co-ordinate it (points to step 2) with all the data and all the plans from all the other guys that are your Friends and Allies. You probably have also put in a sort of data gathering group, a sort of intelligence group, getting data, so you can do predictions, on what economics and the world situation are going to be, and so on. So the co-ordination (points to step 2) is going to be done with the Friends and Allies, and the prediction is going to be done by a very good data-gathering part of your organisation.

Do you see what's happening here? You're starting to take control of the time track to the future. You are becoming a stable datum. Or your company, or your area, is becoming a stable datum all the way into the future. Not only that, but you're predicting it (points to step 2), and controlling it. You know? If they cut off your comm lines, or there's a truck strike to market your Coca-Cola in Zambia, you have reserves enough to charter a whole fleet of airplanes and drop them Coca-Cola bombs, you know, with parachutes and all that... right down to the store! Haha! So that your customers always have it. See?

In other words, to those broken comm lines you apply a Danger formula to them, but you do it from a HIGH Stability state. See? We're getting into real OT type operations here. And there's more.

Now in this one, we start really looking into other areas: (writes on board)


That's the best word for it: Benevolence. Now, get this. This is an interesting one, because the formula is simply that after you've done the Stability formula, after you've got stable, throughout time, you can now: (writes on board)



Now that means, say, if you're the Coca-Cola company – and by the way, they did this – I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but they did decide to support rock music. In all their ads and everything, they promote the rock festivals, and they give donations to the rock music causes, and everything like that. I think that's probably because they surveyed somewhere along the line that the young people were very important customers for them. But since it's at their choice, they did do it. And it didn’t seem to affect their profits.

So, as I say, it is your decision at this level. You're very stable, you're predicting and handling the future, where you're in expansion. You can now improve conditions both inside and outside your areas of control at your choice (points to step 1). You can make a new school for the children of the employees. But, this is the step that will make that decision easier for you: (writes on board)


So again, we come to the decision about what is the real game and what is not. I'm not sure that Coca-Cola knows that, because rock music has quite a bit of implanting stuff in it. It might have been better if they chose to support the protection of the environment. We'll see what happens. But if you know the formula... you see, as I say, these people do it accidentally, they don't find out the formula, they just by accident happen to solve it this way, or somebody says: "This is a good idea, so we'll do it" – they don't KNOW the formula. That's why they're shaky – they're always worried.

So, sure, a big company might say: "Okay, we'll donate money to this art museum." Maybe it's okay. Another one says: "We'll put money into supporting the legalisation of drugs." And suddenly nobody wants their products because people are fed up with drugs now. So if you don’t know what the real game is (points to step 2), and you don't know what the dynamics are, you might make a mistake on this one. They don't do it because they're at the Benevolence level, either. They do it because somebody says: "It's a good tax break, you know, you get extra tax refund on that, and it's good PR, good public relations."

So, you see what I mean? They're real shaky. They haven’t done all the earlier conditions fully. But they happen to do some part of one of these upper ones, and they can make a wrong decision, because they don't know the whole formula. Now, when you can do that, you can go up to the next one. This is near the top, now: (writes on board)


Condition of SOURCE. (writes on board)



Now, in the Coca-Cola example again, they would have to go back to the guy who designed the bottle, probably, and say: "This is a great guy." In a RON'S Org we would make well known that Ron was the founder of the original technology and everything about the game. Now, we do that all the time anyway, but it's also a necessary part at this level of condition in a business, in an org, in a first dynamic, second dynamic, and so on like that. "How did you get up here?", in other words. Because these things are not known about in the game at this time.

I wouldn’t have known about them unless I had done all the training and study with LRH. It even goes back to the Axioms. So, at one point, in any of these upper conditions, as you go along you have to make well known the actual – ACTUAL – source of your success (points to step 1). Right? You've heard people do this, like movie actors and people like that, who said, "Well, I wouldn't have been successful unless my wife had backed me up", or "...unless I had studied with this guy", or something. That's doing that. (writes on board)

And in the Free Zone, in the RON'S Orgs, it's:



We are successful – and we are – so that's what we acknowledge. That's where it came from. When you can do that, you can finally arrive at a condition of POWER. This is why so few people have ever attained real Power – because they have never done all the intermediate condition steps.

Plus Twelve is actually the one you have been waiting for: (writes on board)

+12) POWER

If you analyse this, you find that it is always a shaky kind of Power, unless you've done all of those steps right. Again, this has a formula that LRH wrote down: (writes on board)



In other words, once you attain Power, don’t just run off. There's another condition, called Power Change, that we will talk about that allows you to "bow out". (writes on board)



So you see what happens here. You can't just disconnect (points to step 1). You have to write up and make known your lines and hats (points to step 2), at least to your Friends and Allies. And encourage them and others (points to step 3) to study all of these conditions, everything you did to do all of this and everything, and apply them so they can reach Power too. Then you have somebody to turn over to.

Now remember, when you're at this level, you're also handling continuously all these other conditions as they need to be handled, so it's not like you're just sitting there and being a beaming radiant Power, or something! You don’t want to rock the whole boat, so you've got to get others and encourage them to take over that job (points to step 3). The writing up of course could be by tape, by video, by movie, whatever, but somehow recording your lines and hats (points to step 2). Now you can see why not many people reach Power, real Power, because they didn’t do all the other conditions in between.

Now, Number Thirteen is called POWER CHANGE, and it's like that game is finished. (writes on board)


All of what you were doing on those dynamics, or in that game, or whatever you were doing there in that area, you can now say: "Okay, I can go off and do something else." So there is Power Change.

The interesting thing here is what Ron did, during his life, and during the time from the 1950s. He always moved up to the top Power position in an organisation, and then he made it occupiable by another and then moved off and started another organisation at a higher level (draws time track on board). 1950s, Dianetics. 1952, Scientology. 1957, Saint Hill, or a little later. And 1966, the Sea Org. So he did Dianetic auditing, and then he trained Dianetic auditors, and then he ran the Dianetic Foundation, and then he Power Changed off of that into Scientology, did Scientology auditing, trained Scientology auditors, and then put the organisations there, and then moved up to a higher organisation, the Briefing Course, Saint Hill, Power Processing, did the same thing there, moved up to the Sea Organisation, worldwide, fourth dynamic projects, out in the ocean. (writes on board)



You've got all the lines and hats and everything there.


In other words, somebody is there to do it, who is competent, and very able.


You do it that way so that everybody else knows, and there's no confusion. Now, if you want to, for instance, in this history of the Church (points to diagram of time track of the Church), you noticed that this part was done but there was another part that was not talked about, and was done here. Because the Church part was being taken over by these guys, they kept telling you they're coming, you know, and they love to keep things going into Power because they can then take them over, so they were taking over the Church. So Ron said: "The lines are HERE." All that was done to fool the takeover guys.

They thought (points to step 2): "Well, these guys have the Tech now, these guys have the buildings, and they have the money, so those are the guys we go after." So, there is another trick in this game, however, which is called "The Philosopher's Death". This is the old game of pretending that you have left the whole scene but are actually still running it. The implanters and the Markabians used this for a long time and they get their own doctors to bury an unknown "John Doe" body and the guy then takes another identity and retires somewhere and still runs everything secretly. But since they don't have any secrets of immortality yet, that soon is over too, and so that body dies. Then they have to pick up another body, or do something else.

Well, there's even a better trick than that, a better OT trick than that. That is to recognise that the thetan is not really the body anyway. And that the normal method of communication is directly by telepathy between thetans, so you can do a turnover on that level, and only the people that know spiritual affairs can recognise it. So, we can call it an OT Turnover Power Change: (writes on board)


So in this game, with the knowledge of what we're talking about now, we can do an OT Turnover, or Power Change, IF the interference side – remember the guys down at the bottom down there, the SPs and all that, they have a lot of influence on this planet still – if they are going to take over, or already have taken over, what you have built (points to step 3), you can do it outside, change over the power on a telepathic comm line, on a total theta line, and nobody will even see it.

And how will you recognise those guys that really took it over? Because they have all the formulas, all the Ethics, all the Tech, all the Admin. That's how you can recognise the guys who really took it over. And who the Power Change was really meant for. The others will only have whatever was left over of the buildings and the finance, and whatever was in written form. All the physical things. But that is NOT what was responsible for Condition Eleven. So no matter how far they go, they can never pass this one (points to "Source" on board).

The physical stuff is not the same as the spiritual. The source of your success was not money (points to Source formula step 1 — Make well known the Actual Source of your Success). It was either your product, or your people that were working for you, or whoever guided you to make that money. It was not buildings. It was maybe who gave you the building, or who sold you the building at a good price. But you see, it's always going to be a thetan. So, if you don't know what the source is, you won't be able to reach Power. The source is not the physical universe. The physical universe was created by the sourcES in the game. And so are all the other physical objects.

So, you can see that what you have here is the entire road map of Ethics from the worst interferers in the game, all the way up, to the Truth. And, that if you apply these things to whatever area of life you want to improve, and remembering what was said there about the interference possibilities and so on, and you do the formulas correctly, you WILL attain a state of Power. And you will be able to do a Power Change whichever way you like. All right?

Now, we have a few minutes for any questions.

(question from the audience:) Yes, there's a lot of data there! I hope it becomes almost a whole new subject for people who didn’t pay much attention to Ethics in the past. Ethics is necessary to handle the conditions in this life, in this game. And it's VERY important in this one particularly because it has a lot of interference in it. So to understand the dynamics, and what the real game is, so that you can apply the Ethics of the real game, these are two very important subjects. And the reason we have these is because of the Ethics, Tech and Admin of LRH (points to RON's Org Source formula step 1).

The reason that the Coca-Cola company, and Japan, and the big taken-over companies and large corporations are always a little bit worried, is because they don’t have it. They also have a bit of confusion about which game they're really in. But you shouldn’t have any confusion, and if you want to, people in this room that know the Dynamics Lecture, and this lecture, without any auditing at all you could probably go out and very soon be in control in management of this whole planet. Remember, if that was your purpose, and you wanted to go toward that improvement and that ideal scene, if you apply the conditions right, and you know what game it is, you would reach there.

Okay? So I hope that that has been of some interest to you, and I hope that you will use it and will apply it. Thank you very much! (Applause...)